Peugeot Egypt Dealer (Mantra Mansour)new peugeot 5008 gt line

M Sep 10, 2018

I am Mohamed Emara from Egypt, I have contacted you since I am not sure who should I contact, My complain against your dealer in Egypt (Mantra Mansour), I bought a new Peugeot 5008 GT Line 6 days ago, I have parked the car in front of my home in a gated compound in Cairo till I get the required import documents required for DMV since it's not registered yet.

While washing the car I found Perfect strait lines of deep scratches on the rear part of the car's roof, There was no way these scratches were done by trees (since it's perfect strait), I have shown those scratches to experts they told me those scratches took place during mishandling the car while loading or offloading the car to the truck.
There was no way you can see the scratches without standing on an object since they are on the top of the car. Moreover I took the car from the dealer at night (I have attached Photo of the scratch and receipt)

I have contacted the Local Dealer in Egypt (MANTRA MANSOUR) and they said we are not responsible you have accepted the car and it's in your custody now, They have just applied black permanent Marker used for white board on the scratches!!! Without offering a serious solution to fix this issue.

I would like either my car to be changed since it's brand new or at least on the worst case scenario to be seriously fixed by a polish or whatever needed to fix this issue.

new peugeot 5008 gt line
new peugeot 5008 gt line

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