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Ordered Petipaw on internet but they added $35 shipping so I did not want it. I called while still on line and asked the man to cancel it. He tried to sell me other things. He tried to get me to buy with no shipping. I told him I did not feel good about his company and wanted to just cancel. He told me he would. Two days later they charged my credit card. I called again and the lady said she saw that I had called on 9/17/08 but that the guy didn't cancel my order but she would cancel it and would expedite my refund. Two more days later I got the Petipaws thing which I immediately wrote refused on the package and took to the post office. 10/16/08 still no refund to my account. I called again and was told that it shipped the day they were to cancel so they didn't cancel it. Imagine. I told her it was in their possession and I wanted my money back. You guessed it, she promised my money back right away... 7-10 business days. It only took them two to charge my card. I feel these people deal in a fraudulent manner and I will never do business with them. I will be lucky if I get my money back. Maybe they should go back home and do this to people in India instead of Americans.


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    Paul Oct 19, 2008

    I went through the online perchance (which I do all the time) and they do not process orders the same way as other online companies.

    They said that I had to wait till it came in the mail in order to change any charges that they did wrong. so I had them cancel the entire order and reordered ( my idea, not theirs) the product.

    Sorry to tell you poster above, but they are calling from India, not the US. (I asked)

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    caroline cabell Jan 06, 2009

    i was not credited for my return and it has been over 90 days

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