Petcohorrible customer service

P Aug 16, 2018

After spending thousands of dollars annually at this location. Asking for a little help with inventory because it wasnt on the shelf made the clerk, named christian so angry that he threw my product on the floor in front of me... It was so inconvenient for him to ring up our purchase, another mean female clerk took over and made us wait till she checked out 6 people lined up behind us, we spent an extra half an hour waiting for something that took 2 minutes to retrieve from the other words if you have a big purchase or a full basket of items they will put you last, this is horrible and improper customer service not to mention the mean attitude and the anger, I have never seen such unhappy mean employees, you observe the condition of the restroom, the attitude at the employee's and the complete lack of respect for their customers and you honestly think they're going to treat your pets with consideration and love? I would never take my pet they're to be groomed, after the abuse I suffered there tonight, I just wouldn't feel safe doing so. I will go out of my way to tell everyone I know at the dog park and in my community about our ungrateful unfriendly neighbors at our local petco

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