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I contacted them in Oct. 2008 to file personal bankruptcy. They were recommended by Care One Credit Counseling.

They took $1500 which I could ill afford, and told me my court date would be Jan. 09. It's now mid March, and I can't get any information from them about my case. If you are lucky enough to get someone on the phone, they can never answer any questions and always say that someone will get back to you. They never do.

I have to start all over now with a local attorney.

Persels and Associates has been a nightmare to deal with, and I have absolutely nothing to show for the fees I paid them, except for countless runarounds.


  • Ba
    BassetLover Jan 20, 2016

    I had a positive experience with Persels. I tried to negotiate with my creditors on my own, initially, but no one was willing to negotiate (I had lost my job). I signed up with Care One who referred me to Persels. They did everything that they said they would but it does take time (4 years and everything paid off!!). However, now that Persels is closed, I have read that they sent out an email saying they were closing their doors as of 11/30/15 but clients could access a website for all their information until the end of March 2016. I didn't get the email or a letter and I am searching for this information as one of the debts that was settled has been assigned to another collection agency that won't take the settlement letter Persels sent to me as proof of payment...they want copies of the checks. Does anyone have the website that former clients can access???

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  • Le
    LegalBeagle67 Jun 28, 2013

    I'm sorry to see so many negative comments. I am a former P & A attorney. Yes, we are all attorneys and Care One merely takes care of the administrative tasks. P & A attorneys are contract attorneys and not employees. I cannot speak for other attorneys, but I contacted my clients; gave them updates; and helped the best I could. Some clients don't pay or won't return calls/emails. When they don't pay their monthly fee, there's no money in escrow. Per the retainer, you must have at least 45% of the debt in escrow to start settlement because a lot of companies won't accept anything less than that. Your attorney should have explained all this in the initial consultation.

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  • Li
    Linda I. Nov 06, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Bad Company

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  • Bu
    BUM-FUZZELED IN TEXAS Aug 05, 2011

    I've been with P&A for almost 3 years now and up until last night I was happy with them because it seemed that they were doing what they had been retained to do. Last night, one of my creditors called me and said that they had not recieved their final payment of $416 (of an orignal amount of $7, 000) and when she called P&A to find out what happened they gave her the run around. When she finally got through to them she was told that they hadn't heard anything from me for 2 months! My payments are made by bank draft once a month when I get paid, so I KNOW the money was there for them to make the payment with (or at least my statements showed that it was). I wonder what they were doing with my money that made it to where the payment couldn't be made on time. This creditor is now telling me that if they don't receive that $416 within the next week that the $7, 000 that has already been paid is null and void and I will have to start over. I called P&A and am being told that they've already started another settlement agreement and that I will have to send them $35 more dollars because there's not enough money in my escrow account to pay them. In my mind the settlement should never have been made with the new creditor unless the past obligation was taken care of first. The deal was made and it should have been paid as long as I was keeping up with my end of the agreement. CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG...

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  • Pi
    P in Washington Dec 18, 2010

    We joined CareOne Credit Counseling in 2008. After months on the program, we spoke to one of the counselors and they suggested that we go into debt settlement. they referred us to Persels. We have been paying Persels for the past 16 months. Three of our smaller accounts have settled, but three of the larger accounts we have been served with lawsuits. One of those accounts has gone to court and the creditor (3rd party blood sucking collector attorney) got a judgment against us and now we are being garnished. When we were first served with the 1st lawsuit, we were extremely worried, our attorney that was assigned to us through Persels said that typically 1 out of 10 creditors may file lawsuits, but it is very rare for more than that. Well two more lawsuits have been filed. When we received court papers for this first lawsuit, our attorney advised us that we did not need to show up in court. We think that this was misleading advice. After judgement was entered against us, we asked Persels to set up an agreement with this creditor. There was a tentative agreement set up but it needed to be finalized within two weeks. Persels dropped the ball on this creditor and decided to use our escrow money to pay off another debt. One that we were not being sued over! Since then this creditor that has a judgment has gone back to court and is now garnishing our wages. Do all of you know that there has been a law passed in October that states, for profit debt settlement companies cannot collect there legal fees up front anymore. Has Persels still been collecting your fees? It is against the law. Also Persels changed their program back in March ( we were never notified) but it states on their web site that they will only collect $50 per month for your legal fees until you debts are settled, we have been paying them $458 per month for the past 11 months. they never offered us this option. We have since canceled our agreement with Persels and are awaiting a refund from our escrow money and legal fees that should not have been collected. I have filed complaints with our states Attorney Generals Office and also with the Federal Trade Commission. You should research FTC's website on the final ruling on for profit debt settlement companies. Know your rights! Long story short we have to to file bankruptcy after paying over $8000 in legal fees for one phone call a month to an attorney for 5 min to review your account and a couple of documents on how to answer our lawsuits. I hardly think that they did $8000 in legal work. This has been a nightmare. But I am sure that all of you, as us, were scared and didn't know where to turn, these companies prey on that fear. And once you get in, you think that if you quit, where will you be? You haven't paid your credit cards for months, what else can you do at this point but file bankruptcy. Good luck. You are not alone! Also check out their BBB rating. It is a C-. Not good. Pam

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  • Jb
    JBREX1 Aug 22, 2010

    I have to say there are troubles with Persels and Associates, I believe it has to do with the lawyer you get. I had a credit card they came to terms with but said they couldn't reach me and because of that I found myself in court. The had my home phone, cell phone and e-mail, they could have got ahold of me had they tryed. My lawyer is a very cold person with no personality that gives little to no information. so I complained and will say that with in days they actually settled on the card that took me to court and won, for less than have the balance and settled on a another card a week later so I'm not thriled but I feel they will get me through this. I have only been with them 5 to 6 months and they have settled two cards.

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  • Al
    Almost out of debt Aug 08, 2010

    I have been with them for 19 months just finished paying my "legal fees" or whatever you call them, I started out with 16...YES...16 creditors here we are 19 months later down to 5 creditors left, they are doing thier job for us, granted I have 2 out of the 5 refusing to settle for anything but what is owed BUT they did send a settlement offer right before the hearing but it was out of control for payments wanted so already went to court to "pick up where we left off" but in time will have enough saved up to maybe settle for an amount

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  • Di
    Dissatisfied Customer2010 Aug 03, 2010

    Like many others, I went through Care One Credit and was referred to Persels and Associates. I've been with them for a year and 5 months. There will not be another month... After paying $157.00 for a year and 5 months, only one credit card was paid off. I still have two other cards totaling over $14K. Not to mention, my attorney rarely answers my emails or phone calls.

    Final outcome: after my "legal fees" were paid to Persels, I canceled their services, requested the money in my escrow account, and hired a bankruptcy attorney. If you can, go this route or don't to through Care One Credit or Persels and Associates. You'll save time, money, and aggravation.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Ashley Jun 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had negotiated with some of my creditors on my own: a $26, 000 balance was settled for $10, 000 and a $16, 000 balance was settled for $3, 400. I had stopped making payments to 3 other cards while I raised the money to pay the above...was planning to settle each of my debts in the same manner starting with the most expensive. But HSBC and Discover were less than patient and wouldn't settle for ANY they were full of I got scared and decided I needed professional help...that's when I called Care One and was turned over to Percels and Associated...BIG MISTAKE!! I have paid $249/month for 17 months...they have done NOTHING! The lawyers they assigned to me didn't return my calls...didn't type up answers to law suits for me to file in time. The last lawyer finally DID get an answer for Discover to me (3 WEEKS LATE). I filed it and thought it was ok...NOT! When I had to go to court I lost and judgement was given to Discover for the FULL amount...including late fees and extra interest! The judge said he would LIKE to have ruled for me...but he could not find a point of law since my ANSWER had been filed LATE! He said I probably had recourse against the law firm that mishandled my case and was late with my paperwork! Percels wouldn't even CALL me back when I was in trouble and had lawsuits pending and papers that needed they call ALL the time, because a few months ago I notified them to NOT withdraw money from my checking account for a few months while I caught up some other pressing things...they took their $175/month FEE for themselves OUT OF MY ESCROW ACCOUNT! What had been $479 in my escrow account (set up to PAY MY CREDITORS!) had dwindled to less than a hundred! NOW they want to TALK to me! Call me ALL the time with URGENT messages to CALL THEM regarding my account! The only interest I have EVER seen from any one at Percels is when they didn't have enough money in my escrow account to STEAL their fee! I'm not even sure it was LEGAL for them to take money out of my escrow account for their FEE! But I'm checking into it! I have asked for a REFUND of the $3, 000 I have paid to them for NO SERVICE...the call was transferred to the escalations department, but I was told the escalations department was SO BUSY (Imagine THAT!) that they would call me's been 3 days and STILL no call.

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  • Di
    disgusted and ready to scream Apr 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have $500 monthly drafted from my acount, and this has been taken out for at least a year now. I have had one acct for $703 settled to date, and now am having my 2nd summary judgement entered against me. I have all the patience in the world, but am wondering where all my money is going. Also I was just switched to my 3rd attorney and am now getting no response to my constant calls for HELP. I am just being told that my attorney or a senior staff attorney will get back to me, to no avail. I am in dire need of assistance and am getting none. Am ready to just throw in the towel, cause I am tired of paying for nothing.

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  • Or
    Orinda Apr 21, 2010

    Persels & Associates are complete scammers. They did not settle one debt while I was in consolidation. They negotiated with no one because I even got a judgment against me while I was paying them fees on top of fees to avoid that very outcome! When they did nothing but take my money and offer me nothing in return, I opted to file bankruptcy through one of their referred attorneys. After they took out the fees, the lawyer they put me in contact with decided to retire and drop my case. Then P & A dropped me as a client. Now they say my account is "settled", and they have no idea where my escrowed funds went. This was after they told me it would be 10 to 14 days for me to get my money back.

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Do not trust their BBB rating. For-profit credit counseling and debt consolidation companies are, without a doubt, COMPLETE CON ARTISTS. Persels & Associates is no exception. You will regret ever dealing with them. And you will be paying out your hard-earned money for nothing. You might as well take that money and file for bankruptcy right up front. You have been forewarned.

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  • Ni
    Nichole Kelly Apr 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Katie R and others,

    Good morning. As an employee of CareOne I want to apologize for any negative experiences you have had with Persels & Associates. Our relationship with Persels & Associates allows clients to have access to an attorney when seeking debt settlement representation. I would like to make sure that any complaints regarding CareOne or representation from Persels & Associates are addressed. The feedback in this post and in the comments section is very important to helping us continue to improve the services provided to clients.

    If you would like assistance in resolving your situation please send an email to [email protected] Please also provide this link in your email as I have asked for the complaint to be escalated once it is received and this will help them identify it. You can also call 866-939-PALAW and let them know that you are one of the posters on the Complaints Board.

    Debt Settlement can be a lengthy process depending on the number of creditors you have and how much debt you have accumulated. If you need help understanding how the process works, CareOne bloggers including Rob Taylor explain how the process works in these posts I highly recommend reading it and posting a comment if you have further questions and/or comments.

    In addition, based on client feedback we recently announced a new fee structure for new Persels & Associates clients that we hope will help clients begin to make settlements earlier. You can see the press release here

    I hope this was useful to you. Feel free to post within the CareOne community as well to hear other perspectives from clients directly.

    Nichole Kelly
    Director of Social Media
    CareOne Debt Relief Services

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  • Hu
    Huronlady0 Apr 13, 2010

    Let me just say, Persels and Associates took us for the run around, I WOULD NOT RECOMEND THEM TO ANYONE, i DID GET ALL MY MONEY BACK...BUT WASTED ALOT OF MY TIME. We should find out how to get them shut down, this day and age people need real help, not fake people on the phone who know NOTHING...Kara, Vicki, and who is Robert Sporney in Detroit who didnt return any calls...AND WHY IS CARE ONE CREDIT referring them to people when the rip people off!!! Glad I got all my money back!!!

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  • Na
    nancycasey Mar 28, 2010

    i have been totally ripped off by Persels and associates. i have just stopped working with them They did pay one credit card off but once that happened others began to demand payment. My wages have been garnished and another is waiting. the judge would n ot hear my side. My life has been destroyed because of persels and careone. learn from me if you are in debt and having a tough time call the credit card companys first and stay away from programs like this. Your credit problems do not go away. when you reach the point
    of garnish you either face bankrupty or court. Let me tell you the lawyer and Judge firmly tells you Persels and Associates are not Lawyers. I repeat they are not Lawyers that are Careone acting as Lawyers

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  • Re
    rehabmandy Mar 10, 2010

    I signed up with Persels and Associates a year ago with the thought that they could help me settle my debt. I WAS WRONG!!! WHAT A JOKE!!! They ripped me off. I paid in month after month and all I ever got from them were monthly statements stating the amount I had paid. No one ever contacted me by phone. When I called them I was advised by the clerk that all contact was to go through email. I still received numerous debt collector notices. Then came a court date, which Persels and Associates DID NOT SHOW UP!! He sent a packet of information with stuff I didnt understand. DONT DO IT!!!

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  • Ci
    cindy10 Mar 01, 2010

    has any body getting their money back it Persels an Associates, they took my daughter for a ride, and I am very, very piss off about it. I need to do some thing and they do not answer my calls. I NEED SOME ANSWER, is any body there can help.
    please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Sc
    scdream Jan 30, 2010

    I've been a customer of Persels and Assoc for almost 15 mths now for credit card settlement. Of the 10 cards in dispute, they have paid off 2 at about a 30% reduction. I was informed before contracting with them exactly what their fees would be and that those fees would be taken out in monthly payments only for the first 18 mths, in addition to the escrow used for settlement. They also inform you that most of your debt would probably not be settled until after that 18 mths was up.

    It's definitely not for the faint of heart, waiting so long for your debt to be resolved, while your credit score continues to plummet. I'm not sure I would use them again. But, in their defense, I have to say that they have handled my account EXACTLY as contracted. One of my debtors sent me a notice to appear in court and Persels sent me legal documents in answer to be mailed to the court and the debtor. All I had to do was sign it and mail and never had to make a court appearance. And once you sign with Persels, your debtors must immediately stop contact with you and stop harassing you. That greatly reduced my stress and allowed me to focus on other areas of my life. I was so stressed trying to make the cc payments that I had gotten behind on my mortgage, and once turning the ccards over to Persels, have been able to get caught up with that! Remember, there is no debtor's prison, but they can take your home away!

    Also, in Persel's defense, I've always gotten through to them immediately and have never had a problem getting any questions answered from them, and found them to be very professional and courteous. I've never had problems with debt before and felt completely unequipped to deal with the creditors. I needed to turn it over to the experts, and can't say they've done anything unfair or fraudulent. They just take FOREVER to do it!

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  • Mi
    Mikeydx Jan 26, 2010

    I have been with P & A for about 8 months now and they have settled roughly around 6 of my credit accounts. True, they are the smaller ones but I figure once all the smaller ones are out of the way more of my deposits can go to my bigger accounts ( and I have a few of those ). The verbal communication has been minute but I have received monthly updates on my accounts and I can't say they have not been doing the job I expected of them.

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  • Ku
    ku2005 Jan 12, 2010

    Persels was supposed to file bankruptcy for me over a year ago and never did. I get the run around from them all the time and did for the first 3 years they were supposed to help me consolidate my debt. Luckily due to statute of limitations my creditors can no longer sue me and I ended up getting out of owing my debt. However...Persels owes me over $2000 now! I beleive all those affected need to band together and start a lawsuit against them to stop them from doing this in the future!

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  • Fo
    Foofighter Dec 02, 2009

    is this picture you Margie?My dad is Lorenzo.Gil


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  • At
    atreides74 Nov 30, 2009

    Let me dispel some misunderstandings about Persels & Associates. PA operates out of all 50 states through field offices. So, for instance, if the main office in Michigan isn't doing what it's supposed to, that has nothing to do with the main office in Iowa who may be doing everything that they should. In addition, this may be why some people are having trouble getting answers. When you call the national HQ office, you end up getting routed to the field office for the state your case is in. So, if you're already having trouble with your field office, your complaints and concerns just end up getting sent to that same office.
    The issue I see is one of oversight. PA national HQ needs to practice stricter oversight over the individual field offices. But don't blame the entire legal staff of PA for what some members are (or aren't) doing. Most PA attorneys really are doing what they are hired to do and are genuinely trying to do their job to the best of their ability.

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  • Ad
    AdamPatrick83 Oct 21, 2009

    I have been using Persel' s for about 8 months now and still nothing has been paid or settled. I even sent them an extra 1, 000.00 4 months ago to get the ball rolling. I have been calling once a week and all I get is the run around. Most of my debts are under 1, 000.00 each as the full amount owed; and still nothing has been done. I send them 96.30 a month and sure they collect the fee but no action. I also just found out one creditior is trying to sue me, so I have decided to give Persels one week to cure the litigation or I will start handleing it myself. I may never get my 1, 000.00 back after I cancel, but if I dont I plan on calling the mo attorney general, the md attorney general, BBB, a lawyer of my own, and FCC. DO NOT USE PERSELS!!!

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  • Ma
    Margie T. Aug 26, 2009

    If you signed a contract, and they lied about anything, it's called "Fraud in the inducement, they are in violation of your States consumer protection laws. So it is illegal if they lied to you, to get you to get into a contract. There's other web sites for law information, also law is good...Margie T.

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  • Ma
    Margie T. Aug 26, 2009

    Gil I could be, I don't know my brothers from California. Are you from that state? Margie

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  • Ma
    Margie T. Aug 26, 2009

    I actually got my money back, after contacting a lawyer on line for information on what to do. Because they lied to me about their BBB rating, and I could not find a law office where they said they were supposed to be located in that state. You should all do the same, It's called "just answer.Law" You have to tell them your problem you are having with this company, and make sure and ask alot of questions on the law for your state, they can answer up to 5 questions on the same subject. It will cost you a little money like $15.00 or lower if you are having a hard time. I have contacted this place many times to ask legal questions and they really know the law. So good luck with your problem with this Company

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  • Fo
    Foofighter Jun 26, 2009

    Margie are you my sister?Gil

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  • Rh
    Rhona Fish Jun 18, 2009

    Persels and associates are theives and rip off specialists.

    What i cannot understand is why people like us do not go after their law licenses.

    Some ### named kara has been lying to me for months and has done close to no work at all.

    Is there really a Jimmy Persels?

    Who is Neal Ruther?

    Who is William Grafton?

    Let's find out who these people really are and take their law licenses away!!!

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  • Pe
    Peanut32 Jun 04, 2009

    My husband got into this credit management a year ago. He did research and thought Care One looked to be the best. It does have good reviews and the better business bureau gave them an A. However, as the statements began to come, I was a little uneasy. Out of the $181 they took out of his account, $76 went towards "Fee Disbursement-Legal Fee". I asked him about it, he wasn't concerned. Said they get paid first, and save up the rest until theirs enough to pay off the creditors. My husband is also under the impression that he only has to make payments for three years. Doing the math, less than $4000 is going towards his debts (which in reality are over $14000) and nearly $3000 is going towards "legal fees". This company has more than enough to start paying off his debts, but has yet to touch any of them. They also told him that if there are any disputes (which there are) he is responsible for taking care of them before Persels supposedly pays them off. Why hire these people if we're expected to do all the work ourselves anyway. With what has been given to their fees, our debts could have been settled, and no longer on his credit report. This place is nothing but a rip-off. I'm hoping we can get out now, before we lose more. Unfortunately, I have seen many complaints that once people realize and try to back out, all their money disappears (according to Persels, they finally paid something off, doubt it).

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  • So
    sora May 13, 2009

    im currently with persels and im really 50/50 on this. although there are probably success stories, which are not posted online because they have no complaints, with the right amount of time, i think settlement with cc companies can be on your own.
    there are few cc companies/collection agencies that dont deal with persels, and they will send you settlement letters directly. after 6 months on this program, i realzied that i could do this on my own. so i called up one of the collection agencies, firstsource advantage, and was able to negotiate down to 25% of what i owed (75% less than my original balance). with easy payments for 12 months.
    you do NOT need a large sum of money to settle everything, which is what persels tells you.
    WHen i contacted them they said that i would need to build up my escrow account before they do anything.
    if you have the patience, and time, id suggest that you hold off on a few payments, and waitfor settlement offers. if you continually pay, they will know that you can still make payments and wont be eager to make any settlements with you.
    save money and bring your debt down faster and work directly with the collection agencies/cc companies.
    so far amex was willing to negotiate, and i am going to call chase tomorrow.

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  • Co
    coffeebls Apr 22, 2009

    I'm having problems with them too. They QUICKLY cashed my $2, 000 check and even after I sent them everything, I have yet to have anyone contact me or have a lawyer call me back. Good luck everyone with Persels. I'm hoping that they aren't as bad as it seems. I can't afford to have spent $2, 000 in vain. If I could have, I wouldn't have filed for bankruptcy!


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  • Ma
    margie tinsley Apr 22, 2009


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  • Sh
    shel Apr 02, 2009

    Did you go to court? Did your assigned attorney show up with you? Are you just waiting for your discharge papers? It took over 3 months for my discharge papers to show up in the mail.

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