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This is a review that has taken me ten years and four "fixes" to write. Ten years ago, I had a flood that began under my stairs and flooded my basement. I called Perma-Seal and hired them to fix the flooding issue. They dug a trench around the inside of my house and set up a "system" to catch the flood waters. The next big rain, I had water coming up from under my stairs, so I called again. Oh, I had to have them put in another part of the system, take out my slop sink, and have them relieve the hydro-static pressure under my stairs. So I paid for them to do that. When they drilled a hole in my floor, I questioned how that would help. I was told that it would give the pressure an escape area. I asked if they had connected it to the system. Nope. I was told that they worked for the company and knew what to do; I didn't. The next flood included a geyser with water shooting out of the hole in the ground. Six inches of water later, they had another fix and I had a crack in my basement floor. I could run an additional line out of the house and have it empty into the backyard. When I saw the pvc pipe that led to the outside, I asked why it was so narrow (1" diameter) and was told they knew what they were doing. So I paid again. You guessed it. I had another flood, and this time the pvc pipe broke in two places because it could not handle the pressure of the water. A manager came to the house with others to check it out. They had no idea how it could flood. Lots of "I don't know" and "call me if this happens again." I showed the "manager" a crack that the crew had left in the basement floor when they fixed the geyser hole, and he put some filler in the crack. It happened again. Water came up through the crack and from under the stairs with the last flood. So I called again. Sergio came out and told me what they would do. Create a slash from one end of the house to the other and connect it to the sump pump pit and fix the crack. I informed him I was absolutely DONE paying for the "fixes" and he agreed. Today the crew arrived and worked in the basement. When they were digging out the concrete, they found that the first system had a pipe that led nowhere but back under my stairs--not to the system. No wonder the water was still coming up from under my stairs. As they were packing to leave, I went downstairs to check out the work. THE CRACK WAS NOT FIXED! Turns out, Sergio forgot to tell the crew to fix it. REALLY?!? So we called. He admitted he didn't tell the crew. But he supposed that the new fix would take care of any water that might make it to the crack. WHAT? I have asked them to give me a copy of the report about the job to include the fact that the job is still not done correctly and that I asked for the crack to be repaired but it was a forgotten part of the job. Sergio said that he didn't remember the water coming in through the crack, but he had seen the pictures I had. I showed the pictures to the crew, but it was too late and they didn't have the materials to fix what was supposed to be done.Sergio told the crew to put sealant in the crack, but we've been there done that. I wanted to hear from a manager, but now I'm having to call back. I've included the pictures I've shown Sergio and the crew. TEN YEARS and I'm still having issues getting the fix done! This is unprofessional and ridiculous.

By the way, I have replaced floors and walls every time the basement floods. I've got mold again from this last flood. When I asked about Perma-Seal's responsibility, I was told they had none. I should call my homeowner's insurance. I have warped floors, drywall that will be replaced again, and even concrete walls that have mold and will need to be replaced. I won't replace the areas until this "fix" is proven to have taken.

My neighbor wanted to get an estimate from Perma-Seal but I told her what's been going on. She'll never use this company. I wish I hadn't either.

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