Perfect Locks HairRip=Off

I wouldnt buy hair from here if it was the last hair supplier on EARTH!
The customer service is TERRIBLE! Let me start off..I purchased two bags of machine wefted hair from these people, and got it put in about 23 days ago. Hmmm, its now 23 days later, and my hair is so thin that I cant even wear it down anymore...its shed SO bad, that I had to buy another pack-Yes ANOTHER pack. Because the representatiive "cant refund me" because she doesnt believe that it has shed that bad. So once I purchased the 3rd bag of hair from them, I paid to get it within 2 days, because I had an emergency appointment with my hairdresser in order to fix this crap on my head. My package was supposed to be here Wednesday, and since Perfect Locks didnt add my unit number...I have to go and pick up my package from a FedEx locations...After paying money to get it shipped to me. After calling this company, the representative told me: "what do you want me to do?" Are you kidding me? She had an attitude, and was rude-to a CUSTOMER...After all the issues ive had to endure with this company you would think she would have a better attitude.
Honestly, beware. I would NEVER buy anything else from this company, and I would recommend them to anyone. Spend your money else where...After I get this put in, I plan on getting a refund and if they refuse to do that-im going to small claims court.

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