Pension Prague Citypension prague city

C Sep 11, 2018

Around 6 months ago (winter 2018) I booked a room at this hotel & paid with the debit card in advance. When arrived, the Administration of the Hotel said that I have to prove that the payment was made by me, for that I have to show my card. Unfortunately, several months ago I changed the debit card so I couldn't show it to them. Though, I could show them my status, and my passports to prove that the booking was made by me and for me. They insisted that the card is needed, otherwise I have to pay again, but "don't worry, if the payment was made by you earlier, we will refund you these money in a week". Ok, I paid. 1 month passed, I still didn't get my money back. When I tried to clarify the picture why didn't I get the refund, they banned me at without any explanations! I should have read these horrible complaints here before booking! Maybe I would have save my money.

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