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M Nov 20, 2018
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I contacted PDF Run several times by email. The last time I emailed them was on November 6, 2018. I did not get a reply to this email. PDF Run charged me 39.95 for 15 months. I cancelled the account and asked for a full refund in mid-October. I never authorized these transactions. I was told that I or someone that worked at my company, probably one of my student interns, made one copy of one form on or around June 12, 2017. According to PDF Run this copy was made at a cost of $1.95 as a trial offer. I never received an invoice or bill from them nor did I authorize a monthly payment. They claim that when the trial offer was used the credit card information was entered and this triggered a monthly recurring charge. Since my first contact with them, they refunded four months charges at 39.95. They do not contest that I never used their service, except for the copy of one page. My company has only one employee - me and at the time, had two student interns. I would never have a need for their services, especially on a recurring basis. I continue to dispute the remaining 11 months charges or $439.45. They refused to refund these charges for the following reason: "The Online Payment Processor (Merchant), who processed your online payment, only allows us to process refunds within 120 days from request - meaning, even if we would like to give you a refund beyond 120 days (counting backward since 08 Oct 2018), the system will not allow us to proceed." There is no argument that I did not want or use their service after the one-time trial offer. These transactions were not authorized and if they were, it was certainly without informed consent. Regardless of what the payment processors policies are, they can certainly issue me a full refund for services that I did not want or use through some other means. Please understand this unauthorized payment sooner, I assumed in error that it was a charge for a plug-in for my website.

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