SUBMIT A COMPLAINT exchange scam


Beware of scammers. I found them on a forum which made it seem as though they were legit. I sent them $100 to exchange and a message came up stating I would receive my money within an estimated time of 10 minutes. That was several days ago. After I sent payment I received absolutely nothing. No receipt, no email, nothing. So I waited a couple of days and then sent an email which was not a happy one. The guy told me wait til the weekend was over I said ok. Well the weekend has come and gone and now it's towards the end of the next week. I sent 2 more emails with nothing. No response. I think after this many days with unprofessionalism, no response and lies on top, it's safe to say this company is a total scam. Not to mention I did a deeper search on them and found they have indeed done this to others. You may find good comments on the web about them here and there but trust me when I tell you it's the company themselves whom are posting them. This company is a scam! Stay far away unless you want to give them charity.

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