Paradise PrintAwful Customer Service!!!


Upon arriving to paradise print we were impressed with the designs that were displayed, and the fact Deepa, owner of Paradise Print stated you can customize in any colour you choose! So with that we figured this would be ideal to purchase our wedding invites... and were we ever going to regret that decision. So upon choosing the card that was right for us we had asked numerous times can this be made in pink as the sample was green she confirmed with us yes she could no problem, so we went ahead placed the order and paid her the mandatory deposit no questions asked in all faith she would get this done ASAP as we had limited time which we stressed to her prior to placing the order as my wedding was only a few months away. She said no problem it usually takes a month to process the order but dont worry ill get it done sooner, so at that point I was so excited and hopeful I'd get them sooner and was I ever wrong! So it started with Deepa requesting we send her a rough draft of what we would like written on the invite which we sent that very same night. 2 days go by and we dont hear from her we called again and she profusely apologized and advised us to come in to look at the sample. We went in and she claimed to have another appointment and rushed through the draft which was black and white and we were told we must return this paper with her design on it at the time of picking up the invites so we agreed and again reminded her we need them as quickly as possible. 1 month later we dont hear from her and I had to call her to remind her its been a month! She said come in tomorrow at this point my weddings in 2 month's and she did not follow through on her promise to get them done asap obviously. So I go to pick up my invitations and to my surprise they were GREEN!!! It boggled my mind at this point the first question I had asked was can we make these in pink?!?!? She again apologized profusely and said I can make you the pink ones but it will take 1 week!!! So now that she had messed up she can get them done in a week!? But prior it would take a month?! So I told her yes I want the correct colour and will be back in a week. A day before the week mark I call her to let her know I will be coming in and she abruptly cuts me off says a week would be the day after tomorrow not tomorrow and she will call me back. Finally long story short I picked up the correct coloured invites and asked her for some compensation for the time it took to get this done her response "im not making money off of you as it is ill refund you the money and leave the cards" WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! If I had more time you'd bet I'd have demanded a refund and walked out but at that point I needed my cards. So with that being said i'd NEVER RECCOMEND PARADISE PRINT TO ANYONE UNLESS YOU ENJOY THE RUN AROUND AND HAVE TIME TO WASTE CHASING AFTER THE OWNER! STAY AWAY!!!

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