Papersonoji.coma4 copy paper

A Sep 02, 2018

I contacted for A4 copy papers, which they told me their price is $0.9/ream. I request for a sample of 100 reams of double A papers, which was $190 but to my surprise after they've confirmed my payment, they started telling me that they've never send a product to Nigeria and the cost of sending is very high compared to what they budget for the transport. They said I should send more money so that they would be able to send the sample or I should add more money to buy a container, which I objected that if they can not send the sample I can't trust them with a whole container. So I request for a refund, and since then they have been telling me that :
" It is not easy to do refund my friend.
It will take much longer..because the insurance need to approve it and the government need to refund the tax that has been cut from your payment so be patient.
We shall update you once your refund is ready
That is their reply as at August 15, 2018 and today being Sep. 03, 2018. There as being no update on the refund.

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