Pakistan International Airlines [PIA]claim of luggage

S Apr 24, 2019
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Saif Siddiqui

6:26 PM (7 minutes ago)

to care, hafizahsaan1973, info, hamza, Mohammad

Mr. Mohammad Yousuf.,

That's not my fault I don't need to so see the excuses of CAA or PIA for the flight delay

for Luggage / Bags (PIA informed and allowed me boxes/luggage of 28kgs each)

Then why should I leave this incident behind why should I leave it although its Pakistani cost around 25, 380Rs. When PIA allowed me 28 kgs throughout to my destination till Winnipeg than why your were informing me that in Canada 23kgs only and by the way for your kind information my 6 luggage bags of 28kgs each reached in Winnipeg via Air Canada on 14th April, 2019 so don't tell me this weight policy. ( I told you earlier in my email that Muqaddam has to check & confirm me this weightage policy of WestJet or he has to book my tickets with Air Canada if 28 is not allowed with WestJet its totally the fault of Muqaddam and PIA)

I want my amount back that's it.

I know my whole drastic day how your Canada team deal out with me kept waiting for 4 hours more at the Airport country manager of PIA don't know the status of bags whether they are in Toronto or in Winnipeg he just in a hurry to get back his home if you guys are loyal you have to contact or confirm with me that should I reach easily to my destination or not but there is no such thing happened.

Its a matter of realization your staff ruined my whole day.

As a national carrier you guys have to support the Pakistani nationals and you should compensate Pakistanis on priority.

please concerned this with your senior otherwise I thing I should take some serious steps.


Saif Siddiqui

TK No. [protected]
Saif Ullah Siddiqui

Dear Mr. Saif Ullah,
On behalf of Pakistan International Airlines, we tender a sincere apology for the unpleasant experience faced by you and your family at Toronto and thank you for being our loyal guests.
Rest assured that the matter was investigated and according to the concerned office, your flight PK 783/14 Apr 2019 delay departed by 34 minutes due to CAA air-condition trip.
Due late arrival and oversold domestic flights, you were booked on first available flight next day and provided hotel accommodation. Baggage restriction for all interior parts of Canada is at 23 Kgs not 28 hence you were asked to pay for the overweight. As they were boxes, you might have been charged oversize fee as they had to be sent down a different belt.
However, congratulations on your Immigration and hope and pray for your success.
Nevertheless, we hope you being our loyal passenger will leave this incident behind and would continue to patronize your National Carrier as we continue to improve our services.

Muhammad Yousuf
A/Assistant Manager Customer Relations
This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you are not an intended recipient, as indicated above, please notify us immediately and delete it from your system . Please note that any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the company.Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Customer Relations Officer

Mon, Apr 22, 7:23 AM (2 days ago)

to me

Dear Sir

This refers to your complaint of PK-783 dated 14th Apr, 2019 and we regret the inconvenience caused.
The matter is under investigation with the concerned department and we shall further communicate with you as soon as we receive their feedback.

Thank you for your patronage.

Kind regards

Customer Relations Team

-----khidwpk/KHI/Pakistan/PIAC wrote: -----

To: [email protected]
From: khidwpk/KHI/Pakistan/PIAC
Date: 04/22/2019 10:56AM
Subject: Fw: PIA CLAIM of 235$

-----Forwarded by khidwpk/KHI/Pakistan/PIAC on 04/22/2019 11:03AM -----

To: [email protected], [protected], [email protected]
From: Saif Siddiqui
Date: 04/21/2019 09:53AM
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: PIA CLAIM of 235$

Dear Hafiz sb./ and other Concerns,

My name is Saif Ullah Siddiqui and I'm a resident of Pakistan being Pakistani I always promote my Pakistan product all my care off told me not to book your flight with PIA but I'm fool I booked it from PIA.

On 14th April, 2019 I have flight from of PIA (PK 783) Karachi to Toronto then a connecting flight with Air Canada (AC 273) from Toronto to Winnipeg.

We have four person Tickets including my self PIA allow us two luggage bags of 28 kgs each and one hand carry of 7 kg with one passenger.

As per the timings flight has to dept. from Karachi share at 07:35am and reach to Toronto at 12:55pm but it dept.. late around 08:20am and reached to Toronto at 13:45pm.

This one hour delay gave me Psychological and Physical Stress to myself and my family as I reached to Canada for the very first time as an immigrant.

After all my necessary immigration process around 15:43pm I reached to AIR CANADA check-in counter to catch my flight AC273 but at that moment Air Canada staff didn't allow me to catch it as all the check-in is closed before 15mins earlier. as the flight is dept. on 15:55pm

I put my 6 six luggage on the belt of custom which is going in that flight at that moment I came in trouble a lot of tension that what happened with me I have to two small kids how can I go back and stay at the Airport along with my two kids.

I hurriedly came back to PIA office at Terminal-III and I contact their Mr. Muqaddam who is the country manager after 3 hours of wait he took me to the WestJet counter which is showing flight of 26th April, 2019 but he told me that we booked it in advance but you will fly today at 20:22pm when we both go to the check-in counter their system didn't show any of the seat available.

Then he check flights for tomorrow after some time he gave us the boarding passes of tomorrow Winnipeg flight which first go to Ottawa then it will come to Winnipeg WESTJET FLT/VOL 3464.

I asked him that what about my 6 luggage's whether they are here or at Winnipeg he told me that your bags are here you come tomorrow early and told the WESTJET staff they will directly collect from AIRCANADA and they will put it in their own flight.

Alas! then he hurriedly go back to his office and come up with a Hotel stay receipt.

We rush back to hotel then on the very next day 15th April, 2019 I came back to the Airport then I contact with WEST JET staff and they clearly told me that we could not do anything is this regard you yourself directly collect those bags from Air Canada and gave to us... I rush back to Terminal - I and contact to the Air Canada staff luggage department and they told me that you bags are in Winnipeg not here I again come to Terminal - III to get my check in with WestJet.

When I come to the counter they weight my 2 boxes which is 28kgs I told them that this is PIA arrangement flight as PIA allowed me that much kgs she don't listen anything told me that we have a policy of 23kg per luggage / box you have to pay 226$ right now other wise you will left that moment I came to PIA office and I found it closed no buddy is their.

On this circumstances I offer them to took this payment in cash and they refused they told me to get a credit card of 226$ otherwise we have no option then I go to the vanilla visa credit card counter they charge me 9$ for their fees. in total I pay 235$

After this WESTJET shared me a receipt of it which is PSGR TICKET [protected]

This is such a drastic situation for me if Muqaddam know about the WESTJET policy then why he didn't do all this arrangement for me being a county manager of PIA he also don't know about my 6-bags why I has to personally request the WESTJET staff for all this job.

if Westjet habe only a policy of 23kg then why he make my tickets of WestJet why not AirCanada.

In all this scenario myself and my family suffered a lot we sit at the Airport we rush back to Terminal I to III then III to I that you can not compensate it.

Here I claim of my 236$ amount which has to be made by PIA not me.

I already lost one day to reach in Winnipeg.

I hope I got my amount back along with the compensation which I beared in those two days as early as possible.

Saif Ullah Siddiqui
Contact # +[protected]
Account # [protected]


  • Ma
    Masood Sipra Jan 27, 2021
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    Verified customer

    Where is justice in pakistan???,
    imran khan niazi pm, why do not u take action against inefficient people in pia???
    Summary of complaint with pia
    Pia chairman is sleeping??? air marshal arshad mahmood malik

    1 I purchased pia return ticket # 214 [protected] vide reservation no. n43h03 and proceeded to london on 17th november, 2019 and my return was due on 25th april, 2020. however, on 24th march 2020, pia flights were suspended due to covd-19 but pia continued its operation through some special flights to bring back the stranded pakistanis.
    2 as per government of pakistan instructions, I got registered with pakistan high commission london (phcl) for returning to pakistan/karachi through pia special flights. the phcl forwarded my particulars and subsequent emails to pia management for accommodating me in the special flights
    3 however, pia re-issued ticket for special flight pk788 on 27th june, 2020, but the same was also cancelled and again on 4th july 2020 pia london re-issued ticket for flight no. pk786. however, on my email enquiry pia and was informed on 4th july, 2020 at 9.14am that pia flights operation has been suspended until further notice and advised me to contact [protected] for further information and I contacted pia again and again but no satisfactory reply was given by pia staff and were being hoax promises etc. and only told that european union has put ban on all pia foreign flights for 06 months and did not explain as to why this ban has been imposed.

    I requested pia flight management, if pia flights have been banned by european union for pia mis-management, inefficiency etc. then pia should arrange my return through any other airlines still operating against my paid pia return ticket, but pia remained silent, whereas it was the responsibility of pia.

    4 during the covid-19 pia used its policy of pick and choose passengers of its choice, and most the air plane used to fly mostly with empty seats and ignored the needy ones.
    5 I was constantly in contact with pakistan high commission, london (phc-l) through emails who use to send only auto-fed reply that my documents and other information has been forwarded to pia for special flights, but nothing was done till date. phc-l is working as a post office for forwarding documents to others only and do practically nothing for the pakistanis in uk.

    6 however, on the advice of phc-l, on the advice and assurance of phcl, I purchased turkish airlines ticket no. [protected]/1+2, flight # tk-1980 & tk-0708 dated 30th july, 2020 (london/istanbul/karachi) to avoid overstay in uk
    7 on account of pia mis-management and inefficiency due to which pia is constantly going in operational loss which is being met from the tax payer money, now, I hereby claim from pia management for the following loss/damages for not making alternate arrangements through ticketing from any other airline against my above said return ticket. for this purposes I have sent may emails to all available pia contacts but no satisfactory response was given and advised to contact at [email protected] aero; [email protected] aero or +[protected] which I did many times but no solution.

    8 description claim / rs.
    1 turkish airline ticket no. [protected]/1+2, flight # tk-1980 & tk-0708 dated 30th july, 2020 (london/istanbul/karachi) 108, 500/-
    2 telephone call to pia ho, karachi from london
    At +[protected] 1, 500/-
    3 extra stay/living expenses etc. @gbp80 daily from 25-04-2020 to [protected] days gbp7, 680 x rs. 219.59 and loss of important works at home.
    Compensation 1, 686, 451
    4 mental tension given by pia 200, 000
    total rs. 1, 996, 451
    Note: cost of delay @2% per week, if pia do not pay the above claim within 30 days
    9 I have sent may reminders to pia management to which pia is still silent on my complaint, and only acknowledge my email complaint through pia auto-fed computer email reply

    Yyy/mm/dd ticket # allotted by pia for reference remarks
    2020.06.25 tkt - 1481135 pia is silent
    2020.08.26 em-1755/20 pia is silent
    2020.09.02 em-1755/20 pia is silent
    2020.09.17 tkt-1489011 pia is silent
    2020.10.02 tkt-1491745 pia is silent
    2020.10.08 tkt-1492378 pia is silent
    2020.11.02 tkt-1494846 pia is silent
    2020.11.02 tkt-1494849 pia is silent
    2020.11.16 tkt-1507569 pia is silent
    2020.12.06 tkt-1509185 pia is silent
    2020.12.16 tkt-1511271 pia is silent
    2020.12.29 tkt-1513899 pia is silent
    2021.01.12 tkt-1516524 pia is silent
    2021.01.25 tkt-1519025 pia is silent

    10 general format of pia computer auto-fed reply/acknowledge email is like this one - as a sample quoted – every time pia give this report and nothing more, because pia have mis-management/inefficiency etc.

    From: pia awards +plus
    Date: mon, nov 16, 2020 at 5:27 pm
    Subject: acknowledgement from pia awards plus team!!

    Dear member,

    We have received your request dated 16-nov-2020 regarding "fwd: claim on pia for loss/damage - m masood sipra" and it is currently under process. based on the severity of your request we shall communicate the status of your email within 72 hours of this message.

    Your ticket number is tkt-1507569, please use this number for future reference.

    Please be assured that your request is of meaningful value to us and we are highly obliged to assist our elite members. we trust your patience and cooperation in this regard.

    For further assistance please call +[protected]

    Note: this is an auto generated message.


    Your pia awards +plus team
    11 further pia is black-mailing the general public/customer as is evident from pia email sent to me as mention in the disclaimer

    Muhammad yousuf
    Am/customer relations, pia

    This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. if you are not an intended recipient, as indicated above, please notify us immediately and delete it from your system.
    Please note that any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the company.

    13 emails sent to pia, phc-l, pcaa, pmdu, mofa, but all are silent on the complaints of pakistanis in uk/overseas
    Pia, lontopk,
    silent on complaitns

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  • Complainant20091 Apr 27, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To the author Saif Ullah Siddiqui
    143 Kingsclear, Dr, Canada

    In general, this is not the Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] air carrier site, but the site for the private complaints and the related views.
    So, all and the PIA reference numbers can not be accessable by anyone: they do not exist.

    Your public complaint does not show
    a) primary e-ticket
    b) each boarding pass
    c) receipt of 226 CAD$ and 235 CA$

    The Canadian regulations do not forsee compensation for such unidentified cases, but the Canadian bills foresee getting the compensation via the court.
    You can expect CA$ 400 + additional moral compnsation, if you hire the lawyer for such types of PIA acts .

    We can assist you in the preparation of the complaint to the Candain county court, if you need, for fee of 300CA$.
    But you need to apper before the judge by yourself in time, without delay always.
    There is nothing difficult .
    + Canadian filing fee ~100CAD$, processing tine : 60 days.
    So, you can expect award of up CA$ 800-1200 total for such type small case total in about 90 days.

    Oleg G
    Sr manager for ICAO irregulations matters (Europe and Asia)
    Aryan enginners ltd
    email address for request along with documents: aryan{at}

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