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Has anyone aside from my dumb a** signed up for this program scam? :(
My lawyer calls it "Puffing" I call it lying! :mad:
I paid $34.95 for this scam!

All it is, is that you pay for your junk mail and privacy stolen, with your permission.

Their roust, is that they promise you free stuff, CASH for surveying.
You pay $34.95 for their list of 600 vendors.
And they say all you have to do is fill out survey's or check out businesses, get free dinners for $250.00.
But what they don't say order for you to do this, you have to pay for a bunch of junk you don't need or care to ever have in your life ever!

The lowest paid item, was postage, that I had to pay in order to get to the next step, then the next step is to pay for something else!!
Crime School
Credit Cards
Online Credit Card
Grocery Coupons(you can't get)
Outback, Burger King, McDonald's and more
Video Professor is one of them!!!...and the Video guy tells you why you are there and how you got there!

Then the fraud thickens, when you get down to what you think is the final step, next to the next final step, they stick a telephone service in with your order(mandatory)!...that costs you $14.95 per month.Or a pre-paid card, you don't need. :eek:

This is the SCAMThey make it mandatory that you choose something to buy or else, but they say you don't have to, BUT YOU HAVE TOO!...
The last straw came when they sent me confirmation and that I had agree to a subcriptions to get more junk mail to receive more junk mail.

The list is numerous. Just imagin your "Junk or Bulk Mail" coming in at a rate of 50 per day! And you get nothing according to their terms if you drop the ball, by not buying something and going thru their 50 steps!...IT'S A SCAM


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      Jan 29, 2010

    I've gotten checks from the companies they list. I think I made something like $870 in my first 3 weeks of signing up with Paidforfree. I've been making about $3000-$4000 consistently since then.

    You don't have to sign up for those offers that you have to pay for. There are plenty of free ones that they have listed.

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