Pai Showroom CMHDelayed / Non Delivery


My name is Vikram Rao and I made a purchase of the Samsung 26 Inch LCD on Sunday the 16th of August by making the full and complete payment at the Pai CMH Road showroom. We were advised by the person in charge Mr. Jain that the people from the showroom would call us the next day. The next day passed and they did not bother to call us. We then called them on Tuesday and were advised that we will get a call by the end of the day. Frustrated we went to the showroom on Wednesday and were told that Mr. Jain is on vacation and that they had no stock of televisions.

Today another day has passed and there is still no news or update on our product. This reflects very bad service and communication and not expected from a reputed company like Pai. Customers may need to be aware of this when reaching out to the Pai showroom in CMH Road in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

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