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Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / bad service, bad food for how much I have spent.

Anne Marie Boager on Oct 19, 2017
Between two orders of 30 some dollars of chicken and 30 something of sides I am amazed and unhappy with this location. I was treated so rudely. My sides where places on the counter and I waited for the chicken for 40 mins. My sides were not completely put together. They were cold and I wa......

Ambassador stores w.l.l p.o box : 237 manana / seiko kinetic watch - sportura - gen1pcs

John joshua on Oct 19, 2017
John Joshua on oct 19, 2017 My complain is about my ambassador watch store's i buy one watch in 28/09/2017.Watch prizesis 150 diner now the watchcolor is going. Still not i m not use the watch.but they are say i use some chemicals on ot that's why color change.allh promise still i don't......

Light In The Box / shipping

Sandie80 on Oct 19, 2017
I ordered my package on the 27Th of September, I received an email that said it would be here October 10Th. It is now October 19Th and I have still not received it. I have tried emailing light in the box and have gotten no responses. I paid around 46$ and if it's not here soon I want a......

FashionNova / order #8565905

Natalie S Lockhart Wells on Oct 19, 2017
I placed an order at 6:30 am EST on Monday 16 Oct 17.It was for $122.00 I paid for next day shipping. I needed the clothes for Howard Homecoming Weekend this weekend that is why I paid for next day delivery. I have sent email after email with no real I formation. My status is still showing......

Nike / customize option

Justin Batts on Oct 19, 2017
I am unhappy with the customize option because yall do not add new shoes to customize and some shoes don't have enough colors to choose from, you should put more colors in for all shoes and make more shoes customizable, including jordan's. there are more than one of the same shoe that have......

Lincare / waiting for feeding tube supplement

linbil on Oct 19, 2017
We are waiting for a supplement order for my father. He has been home from hospital for over a week. I have called several times. One says they have sent emails to the center it gets shipped from and they haven't replied. They finally gave me the number to that center and I ended up......

Capital Resorts Group / complaint resolution

Brice Dimond on Oct 19, 2017
You repeatedly claim to have resolved complaints. However, you have in fact done absolutely nothing. What the public needs to know is that whenever there is a complaint, you may initiate a call (like the numerous cold-call telemarketers who we despise and therefore do not pick up their......

Honda Financial Services / customer service is horribly rude, honda financial is crooked and steals money from the pockets of loyal honda customers

user1746692 on Oct 19, 2017
We have been loyal honda customers since 2003, we have owned 2 honda civics, 2 honda accords, and a honda element. When calling in with questions about the recent $1700.00 lease turn in bill we were given, customer service is rude, raises their voices and becomes combative. We are being......

Dollar Tree / manager

Niki7860 on Oct 19, 2017
I shop at dollar tree 3 days a week in gateway in Beaumont Tx.I love the store but the Manger andrea Raquel is horrible!!! She curses her customers an is so rude to employees when they interven. I witness her litererly going toe to toe with a customer. And told her keep her kids on a......

US Bank / fha case number

Mike0062 on Oct 19, 2017
I am doing a refinance on my home and I told Lauren treat A month ago that I was going with a different lender She still continued On as if I never said anything to her and I have it in text message ...Now the lender I am getting my refi through needs them to release the FHA case number......

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / giving incorrect information

nz0 on Oct 19, 2017
Hi End of September when it was time to pay for my multichoice account. I phoned their office and requested the lady to check what I need to pay. She checked whilst I waited on my cellphone and my own airtime going, she then informed me that I have to pay 800+ and I decided to pay 900......

Rent-A-Center / customer service

Melissa Nochole Knight on Oct 19, 2017
I'm extremely insulted by the attitude of a store associate named Anna at your Greenville store on Laurens Rd. I came in to see about using my in store credit to make a purchase, and she was very rude. She didn't try to look my file up at all, and when asked if I could use my credit to buy......

United Bank (Pakistan) / debit mastercard not working in wish.com (why)

Salman Ahsan on Oct 19, 2017
My UBL Wiz Internet Prepaid Debit MasterCard works perfectly for every website and I'm using this UBL Debit MasterCard for Apple Pay also but in wish.com i am unable us my UBL Prepaid Debit MasterCard for Online shopping? Does this website support prepaid cards for payments or not? Or i......

Playtika / slotomania

Steven Todd on Oct 19, 2017
I have sent 4 emails now without one reply from toddylad29@yahoo.com and also on hold twice for around 15 minutes each and then got cut off and was calling from the UK... Please resolve my queries and reply please... Check WSOP and Slotomania and see how much I foolishly spend with you......

Lincare Oxygen Company / bi-pap machine

terremarie on Oct 19, 2017
Lincare of Bozeman, MT. Has the WORSE, care. I have to have this machine for health reasons. The Dr. is in Billings, MT and I need this for LIFE because my brain is not receiving enough oxygen. The Bipap machine that was sent is the wrong one and Julie of the Bozeman Office said I should......

Green Dot / my prepaid card

angela132 on Oct 19, 2017
my card is already registered but I can use it to pay a bill and make purchases. I bought this prepaid card registered it and it says that my information is not appearing and I want to know what is the hold up for me to start using my card I bought it to pay a bill and now I can not pay......

Wizz Air / charging for hand luggage

Emilya1 on Oct 19, 2017
On our way out the man tried to say our bag was too big and as it looks like a hard case but when we put it in measuring thing it fit because we can squash the case and he agreed and did not charge us. On the way back same problem, but when we showed him it does fit he was so rude and said......

VIP Readers Service / magazine purchase

Disappointed II on Oct 19, 2017
After listening to the pitch and be promised entry for a prize drawing in a moment of weakness and good conversation I agreed to purchase some magazines. They kept having to repeat back and re-record confirmation of the order because the amounts and payment schedule was confusing. I'm sure......

Crown Food Carts / service and cart

Jimmy De on Oct 19, 2017
i order a cart back in June it did not get shipped so i called and sent emails they never answered. they finally shipped it 60 odd days later and sent me an email saying i should take down my complaint now. when it arrived. It was not as agreed. did not have my logo, did not have umberlla......

Safecart / payment to safecart via paypal credit/unauthorized charges.

CherylFolmar on Oct 19, 2017
Date Transaction ID Invoice ID 6/16 2MEO7864C6641243G CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-VRMRZ 2.95 6/21 2AA65761HY2619815 CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW7K2AQ 24.95 7/21 7WK24040HB901683W CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-MU3EC 24.95 8/21 7ST20221DB1885530 CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-VCGQ7 24.95 9/21 OD369070PS229324C......

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / the treatment of, workers and quality of, the food

Brandon Segal on Oct 19, 2017
My friend works at this store along with a few co workers and they all have the same story the management there sucks they take way to many smoke breaks and most of them take it to get out of doing there daily routines they don't like to do which is causing other workers to have to pick up......

Dollar Tree / 924 westchester ave the dollar tree

Yarinel Knight on Oct 19, 2017
I went to the store to buy food for my kids, I pay with my food stamp, I told the girl the card don't swipe, she told me I do it for u, she swiping the card and I told her the card don't swipe, she come and told me then you can't get your food, I say excuse me can I talk to......

Lincare / lincare poor service

Jim Meyeres on Oct 19, 2017
Lincare is a VERY VERY poorly run company. They have tried to install a new system that has MAJOR system bugs and in the mean time the customer are the ones that are suffering. Here you have a 88 year old man that they are telling him to call to schedule his delivery and the telling him he......

Agoda Company / howard plaza - the fern agoda booking id: 230909277 billing discrepancy

Emerald Starr on Oct 19, 2017
On Oct 19, 2017, Emerald Starr checked out of Howard Plaza - The Fern hotel in Agra. I asked for a copy of the room bill and they said they didn't have it and I had to get it from Agoda. I was told by the front desk staff that the total room charge including taxes is Rs.5, 137/night x 3......

Furniture7 / credit card charge then get cancelled.

tynisa_37 on Oct 19, 2017
This company has taken money from my account, the last payment today which would have been the 6th payment to get my items delivered, they cancelled my account. I called and they have reps with broken English on the phone, hardly can understand them, they will not contact you back, they......
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