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Consumer Complaints and Reviews | Page 9

Swift Transportation Services / Driver Conduct/Disrespect

TaintedAngel on Dec 15, 2018

Driver Kevin Hatch (Truck # 181522) arrived at my guardhouse to pick up a trailer, not turning off his engine so I could hear any questions he might have, which he blamed me for when he didn't follow company policy while picking up a trailer. When he arrived again to take out an empty......

Avangate, Inc. / Account Charged--No order placed

Le Ann Frost on Dec 15, 2018

I called [protected] in regards to a charge on my credit card on 10-16-18 for $19.95. Avantgate could not locate an order for me. (Because I never placed an order). They stated they can't give me a refund unless they can locate the order. Since there is no order--at least no order I......

Google / Googleplus

Willowspirit on Dec 15, 2018

There's few people on Google plus are haters twisted liers two faced friends that love to twist things to do many couples splitting up on there couse of these sick twisted two faced friends that like to tell lies about someone they don't even know nothing about ...Google do nothing to stop......

Jasmyn Troncoso / Used unsubstantiated Online Defamation to ruin another less fortunate then herself.

May80 on Dec 15, 2018

Jasmyn Troncoso, enjoy some of your own medicine. In your line of work there is no excuse for what you have done when you joined in defamation against a person who has never committed fraud against anyone. A person who will walk back into a grocery store to pay for a can of peaches that wa......

Suddenlink Communications / Service call

Miguel Nava on Dec 15, 2018

I called because my modem was not agent told me there was a 60$ charge if a tech came out. But if it had to do with the wiring they wouldn't charge me anything. So he comes out and checks and his wiring is not working the power cord, not damaged or anything so he puts in a new......

Bojangles / Employment fraud

shackledlion5 on Dec 15, 2018

Someone filled out a job application at a bojangles in chattanooga tn. Thus was in the summer of 2017. It was a paper job application. I have never worked at a bojangles. This is employment fraud. I have complained to the ftc and as well. I would appreciate this websites help......

UPS Store Grimsby / Ups delivery service

Zvonko on Dec 15, 2018

Came to the Grimsy Ontario UPS Store to have a package sent to BC for next day delivery, they had no problem taking my money for this service but intentionally held on to the package till Friday before having it sent out. I only found this out by calling UPS directly and having their......

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / Treatmnrt of employees and customers

Wally McDonald on Dec 15, 2018

The manager Steve at UPS Croydon is an ignorant nasty belligerent thug that takes joy in slandering and belittling the workers. An arrogant narcissistic thug with a disgusting dishonest personality. He made a disgusting false accusation against me because I went to HQ to get my wages. He......

Cracker Barrel / Waiting in line

Letitia Cockerham on Dec 15, 2018

On December 15, 2018, my boyfriend and I was told that as soon as they clear a table we would be seated. We saw about 10 people leave and noticed the lady that took our names had a co-worker standing there doing nothing but talking for at least 20 minutes. We were seated around 30 minute......

CBS Interactive / S.W.A.T. (2017 TV series)

fredman9191 on Dec 15, 2018

Season 2 Episode 6 "... Character Christina "Chris" Alonsos contemplates an unorthodox proposition from the new woman she's dating: a triad relationship with her boyfriend. The American public has endured the insertion of homosexual relationships into almost every plot of almost every TV......

North Shore Agency / Guns & AMMO Magazine

alantompkins on Dec 15, 2018

I subscribed to this magazine for 1 year. At the end of that year I was sent a renewal notice. I'm 90 years old and no longer shooting so I did not renew my subscriotion. However, I continued to receive the magazine. When a bill woud be received I first called the subscription number and......

1981 / Not taking my money

ZoeA502 on Dec 15, 2018

I just left your speedway store here in Bowling Green KY. I wanted to get 2 packs of cigarettes, $20 in gas, and a mountain dew. I had a one hundred dollar bill. It is 10:30 am here and it just seems foolish to keep to me to turn away that money and make me go somewhere else. It's not like......

Hughes Network Systems / Unauthorized payment

Kclark79 on Dec 15, 2018

Just like the many MANY other customers, HughesNet also took an unauthorized payment from me. I canceled the very slow and terrible service when a serviceman came out to see what was wrong with my equipmentment and told me HughesNet does not work well for streaming Netflix. I told him......

Youtube / On-screen advertisements while watching YouTube content

Alejandro Guilmant on Dec 15, 2018

Hey, I do NOT mind an occasional add while watching my nightly dosage of news, they're informative, amusing and sometimes even funny, but having a BARRAGE of THE SAME ADD, every 4-5 minutes, having sometimes UP TO FIFTY REPETITIONS of the SAME add, it gets REAL annoying?!?!?!?! And the......

Emax / / Screen Damage Iphone X

Waqas Vohra on Dec 15, 2018

Dear Team, invoice No CCINV-[protected] Invoice Date 13-03-2018 Product iphone X Space grey to whom it may concern I Bought above mentioned product which is damage. I bought this product from mall of Emirates Dated 13-03-2018 bearing IMEI No [protected] i would request you to consider my......

Hoobly / Pugs for sale

scrbrk on Dec 15, 2018

Seller stated that she had pugs for sale for $400 dollars. She stated her name was Coutney Tipton using Zelle for $200 deposit which I sent to email name and using telephone number [protected] supposedly out of Macon, GA but it is a text mail subscriber number......

Ryanair / Flaunting euro caa

Gispylace on Dec 15, 2018

Today 15th Dec, I should be home starting to get ready for Christmas. I booked with RYANAIR and was given the option of checking in on line early but had to book a seat 7euros. Ok I'm traveling on my own, so it does not matter were I sit. I was to check in 2 hours before my flight on line......

Buykud / Falsely advertised shoes

Margaret Foley Murphey on Dec 15, 2018

Shoes advertised as Sperry Penny Loafers. Showed up jammed in a small, cheap bag, no shoe box, no name or size anywhere on shoes. NOT SPERRY's but a cheap, cheap knockoff. But worst part is their "Return Policy." I pay to return and then THEY DECIDE IF THEY"LL REFUND OR NOT. Horrible......

Lenscrafters / Employee/False Advertisement

Gracie West on Dec 15, 2018

On Saturday, December 15, 2018 approx.10:05 a.m. I called LensCrafters in Florence S.C. about the last appointment they had available. I spoke to Chelsey, I stated I would like to make an appointment for today? She said we are real busy for today and we don't have any appointments. I said......

The Outnet / Dresses

LauraTT on Dec 15, 2018

I bouth 2 dresses for Christmas parties with next day delivery. Not only they haven't arrived but they don't know when they will. I asked for a refund as I needed for this weekend and I've been told that the refund will be done once they will receive the shipment back as at the moment is lost somewhere in DHL hands. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE!...

Kids Foot Locker / Addidas sweat shirts pink, and black

Tamika Mckeel on Dec 15, 2018

I enter the kids footlocker in Almeda mall looked around for a while notice some Addidas on the sale table for $30 the color pink.. look around some more notice a sale rack of sweaters and shirts with a big red sign on it says sale, and prices above the signs say $9.99, 19.99 and $29.99......

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / Delivery

doctorross on Dec 15, 2018

Yesterday 12/14/2018 at 6:15 PM we were notified that a parcel was delivered by UPS. There was nothing on the porch, we were home at the time. This morning while driving out I noticed a parcel laying in the rain beside our driveway nearly in the main road. We have a half mile driveway in......

Family dollar store number 05751 / I am complaining about the behavior of the employees and condition of the store

Shirley Daniels on Dec 15, 2018

I wen to this store on Broadway and linden street in Brooklyn on 12/13/2018 at 11:12am. The store had boxes and large carts all over. As a customer we had to maneuver around and move things out of the way to shop. I was told to leave my cart at the end of the isle and work my way to the......

SegPay Corporation / Wtfpass

Gawin11 on Dec 15, 2018

I ve signed to wtfpass and there is o option to cancel membership. This is another scam. Stop charging the card 42467************87, owned by Wojciech Gawin valid until 05/22 because i am not interested in the service. Do something because i really dont want to pay for this. I have also......

Kids Foot Locker / Money

quannika white on Dec 15, 2018

I placed an order with you all yesterday for $160 an extra $80 was taken out of my account later that evening like 5hrs after my original purchase. I need it refunded no later than THIS EVENING or I'm filing a claim with a higher party. That's called stealing! How do you just take money......