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Consumer Complaints and Reviews | Page 8

AN & Associates / duplicate order

Kay McKinney on Jan 18, 2019

I ordered one set of knitting lights in Oct, 2018. It never arrived. I ordered another set in Dec. 2018. The first order arrived and I kept it. Then the second set finally came in January after weeks and weeks of waiting. It was from AN & Associates. I'd like to return this unused set and......

Oncor Electric Delivery Company / power outage

dingawing on Jan 18, 2019

Date 1/18/218 Time 9:05am We were sitting at home and all our power went out, I went and looked out back and there was a truck working on a transformer. Evidently at 7:00am a fuse blew and they were replacing it. It would have been nice to hear that they were going to shut down power. I was on a......

Motel 6 / Heater didn’t work

Goldie1553 on Jan 18, 2019

Ok well I checked it at the Motel 6 in Santa Clare California first thing in the day after Christmas, and yes is was really really Cold so I know Mote 6 because I stayed at some previously not at this one before but I figured that they are all good so I checked in room seamed nice but like......

Waranty service Emax Panasonic iron / Panasonic iron

Galym on Jan 18, 2019

Uae sharja Al wahda raid oppote city center sharjah I send my Panasonic iron to service center it's leaking water and electric some issue first time i send they send beck no any issue 2 nd time same problem I bring back after some days same issue and they send me report that i put perfume......

Haband / Bluestem Brands / I still don't receive my order of pair of shoes.

George Wannamaker on Jan 18, 2019

On Dec. 13, 2018 I have mailed you a $29.99 check for a pair of shoes, but I don't received it yet. Today is January 18, 2019, over 5 weeks now. What happened? Maybe it was lost or stolen??? My order of Dr. Scholl's shoes: D6 (D copper) Sale, Dr. Scholl's Leather Casuals for $29.99 from......

Bob's Discount Furniture / delivery

slapides on Jan 18, 2019

I ordered quite a few pieces of furniture on 12/10. I was told at the time of purchase that the couch was on back order and would be delivered on the 5th of Jan. That was satisfactory to me and I ordered the couch. (Kennedy gray sofa). Some of the furniture was delivered on 12/28 but prior......

Letgo Seller / Nordic Track Treadmill

Marion Hodges on Jan 18, 2019

I message Salman concerning the treadmill. I asked the condition of treadmill. He assured me it was in good shape. When we got it home and turned it on, it kept a loud noise. I contacted Salman of my concern he stated, "I never heard the noise before something happen to it during......

Canada Goose / Warranty on Kensington Parka

Marsha Jarvis on Jan 18, 2019

Bought a CG coat approximately 7 years ago. Sent this Kensington model parka for warranty since it was no longer providing warmth. The down in the sleeves was almost non existent. The fabric had faded and there was some wear around the cuffs. The fading and cuff wear were not big issue to......

Jeulia Store / customer service

Mari1956 on Jan 18, 2019

I have been trying to receive an rma number to return my ring. I am not experiencing the " Hassel" free policy. not only have I been emailing a minimum of 11 times I have sent pictures as per request... I am still waiting on an rma number. Tried calling the hot line and the message kept......

Leon's Furniture / GE Washing Machine

Paul Sands on Jan 18, 2019

My GE washing machine is making very loud squeaking noises. I purchased the washing machine on December 18, 2017, and it was delivered on December 22, 2017. My order number is 12187SCAUJD. I purchased the extended warranty. I contacted Leons, in Scarborough from where I purchased the......

Sumter SC Citi Trends/ Robbery / Clothing/ Your Manager and assitants stealing people stuff.

Candycowgirl on Jan 18, 2019

I Mrs. Benjamin always go to this store to shop for my family clothes. When i do i always spent 200 to 300 dollars. So, one time i went there for christmas and i shopped and bought my daughter a hat w/ stones on it but qhen i got home it was missing. So i went back to store and the manager......

bynsave / Service

Krispage on Jan 18, 2019

This company is a SCAM!!! They "create" a shipping label and charge you for your order. Then they never ship it. I have contacted them several times and they tell me they will contact their ups person. Then nothing. I email them again asking for a refund. Then I get an email saying it ha......

Comenity / Account activation

waykme on Jan 18, 2019

1/18/2019 I'm appalled at the lack of service the agents are able to provide. Instead of reading from a script and constantly apologizing RESOLVE THE ISSUE. I have a credit freeze on my credit history to prevent fraud. Usually when I apply for credit, I receive a cal to verify the......

HDFC BANK / Credit card Bills

Mahesh Baisla on Jan 18, 2019

As I was using a credit card that I lost today and I received a mail also of some 1180Rs outstanding amount without using card for last few months..My grievance is that when I was offered this card it was said from HDFC executive that it is free for Life time..Then how one can raise a bill......

Romwe / Windbreaker

morganpawlowski on Jan 18, 2019

I bought this cute windbreaker when it was on sale (i forget the price) but after wearing it once and washing it, the stings started to fray and after i washed it, it put my whole laundry load in a giant knot and the strings got ruined. Along with that I ordered a long sleeve shirt in my...... / Request REFUND from that sold us 4 non-existing VUELING Airtickets Zurich-Prague

von Atzigen on Jan 18, 2019 sold us 4 non-existing VUELING Airtickets Zurich-Prague 22 Dec 2018 with Booking 7055030, PNR-Code Pl2ZYX, first of a 3-city EU trip. I tried to check in online all 4 passengers within 24 hours of flight after receiving flight confirmation from but could not enter the......

LG Electronics / deplorable warranty repair scheduling service

Frustrated in Regina on Jan 18, 2019

I tried to set up an appointment for warranty repair on our 8 month old oven and ran into huge issues with your phone staff. I wanted an appointment on Friday the 18th (over two weeks away) so I could take (unpaid) time off work that best fit my schedule. I was told that they would make......

Next Door Application / Being locked out without due process

L.Ravenwalker Robison on Jan 18, 2019

I was handling a dispute as per their guidelines. Try to resolve the issue through Private Message. Which I did. The person who took my money for "supplies" took off and never came back. I called him, texted him for months, nothing. So yesterday they locked me out of my account for no......

Meetup / Can't find the info I need

Jude274 on Jan 18, 2019

New to Meetup, I created two groups but then, when I altered the contact email address, I couldn't see any of the messages I'd previously got. I thought there must be a separate account of mine to sign in to & find them again, so mistakenly deleted my profile. As things stand, I'm...... / all items i ordered and the system will not let me pay for

Leona Taylor on Jan 18, 2019

I am trying to place and order and when i go to the payment section, the system will not allow me to finish my order, .Earlier when I tried it came back asking for a copy of a bank statement showing a purchase, I don't have a recent one since as I said it has been a while, what do I do. It......

JustAnswer / advice online

Marta S Basile on Jan 18, 2019

I did sign on for the trial membership for $5 and asked 1 question in August 2018 . Before the end of the 30 day trial period, I cancelled the membership which is hard to online. They don't have a form, so I sent them a message. I have been billed $46 per month since September 2018! …. Buyer......

Dave & Buster’s / unauthrized credit card use

Matthew Pearsall on Jan 18, 2019

December 31st i attended a birthday party at your establishment in baybrooke mall in league city, Texas. after a fine time as usual i paid for my families portion of our time which included games and food. splitting the check between my wife and I for approx 20 dollars each. signing for......

New York Sports Club [NYSC] / Lack of Managers communication, aged/broken equipment and lacking basic sanitary supplies

Arthur Olivari on Jan 18, 2019

Hi my name is Arthur Olivari I have been affiliated with the Glendale NY facility for 7 yrs. Throughout this tenure several managers have passed thru, as of this date the inconsistency in management has risen to a new level. The current manager is a virtual unknown, I have submitted......

SafeLink Wireless / Dawn Baldwin

Dawn Baldwin on Jan 18, 2019

I was told on Jan 11th 2018 that i would receive a new phone on Jan 18th 2019. I called and the supervisor which i could not understand her name. Stated that i would not get a phone that i had to.use my broken broken. My sister heard the gentleman on my speaker phone that i would receive a......

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / Hiring Manager at Clarksville Tn location Mike

Shaunda86 on Jan 18, 2019

My daughter age 16 went to 3 interviews at this location. The 1st time she showed up after being called by Mike was that he wasn't in. After arriving her scheduled time. 2nd time she showed up the very next day they couldn't find her application. She was sent home told to reapply again......