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Consumer Complaints and Reviews | Page 8

Barbara Laufferty of Furrbcats / Selling sick kittens/brokering

Abe Honest on Sep 23, 2018

Barbara Laufferty of sold me a kitten with ringworm and the feline herpes virus. Her photos are altered by utilizing a computer program like photoshop. I have a friend who bought a Furrbcat kitten from Daniel Moraetes of in Georgia, and was told he......

Walton County DFCS (Division of Family and Children Services) / Case workers

Sara Watson on Sep 23, 2018

Walton county defacs is a joke . I filed a report against someone who Is a danger to her grandchildren using and selling drugs in their presence . Falling asleep with lit cigarettes in the bed with them and living in a motel room with 2 beds and hiding her son out in the same room who is a......

First Gulf Bank [FGB] / Credit Card

Muhammad Majid on Sep 23, 2018

I have given my documents for credit card to one of agent sent by bank after showing lead on FGB website. Yet there is no response from bank or the guy who collected form and documents from me as I tried to trace my application but bank staff confirmed this is not received. Can you please......

LongHorn Steakhouse / Wait time

Judithaburns on Sep 23, 2018

We went to longhorns in covington, Ga. for my birthday dinner (71) last night 9/22. We had checked on our app to make sure there was no wait as it was 8 pm. The app said no wait. The hostesses had never heard of the reservation app. They told us the wait would be half an hour. So we got......

Qatar Airways / Customer service

Mrs Abdia Mohamed on Sep 23, 2018

We are mistreated, disrespected, humiliated infront of huge crowd and threatened that I will not board the flight. All this by just asking a simple question to verify why I was charged more than what I was told originally! We purchased round trip business class US to Qatar & round trip......

Esso / Customer service

Mel1212123 on Sep 23, 2018

This morning I went to esso on varcoe rd and hwy 2 in Courtice. I've been there several times and have experienced terrible customer service by the same staff member "Shahid" I believe is his name. The pump wouldn't except my card so I buzzed for assistance. He ignored me. So I went to......

CenterPoint Energy / Electricity

T McGaughey on Sep 23, 2018

This morning at 1:30am our electricity went out - The updates we were given did not add up and just STOPPED! I called again and was told due to visibility and trees they could not do the repairs and would send out a 2 man crew in the morning. It is now 9:00am still no electricity I called again......

BJ's Wholesale Club / Tire center

Dainna Barno on Sep 23, 2018

The bjs tire center in Bowie Maryland never has any staff, I am here on Sunday and there is only one person that I had to go to the warehouse to find he set off my car alarm and did not know how to turn it off I am nervous to have him check my tires so I called your tire center in Capital......

Omegle / being band

Demon Master on Sep 23, 2018

so me and a friend went downstairs to get something to eat and we were gone like 5-10 minuets then we went back up stairs to find that we are band i do not know y or even what we did but all we been doing is talking to people and wait for someone to not skip us for no reason or we skip the......

Neteller / Neteller account temporary disabled

RezaRadbi on Sep 23, 2018

why my account is disable.?? my acc id is [protected] recently i tried to deposite to my betway account. my neteller account have 42.63 usd. i wanted to deposite full. but it did not happened. and my account was blocked. what the reason? now there shos very my my neteller account?? what......

PatPat / Entire order # 3878792

MMM3j on Sep 23, 2018

I placed this order a month ago. I reached out to the customer service a week ago because tracking of the shipping info stopped and i wanted to check what happened to my order. It still hasn't arrive, there are not updates to the tracking info, and the customer service did not answer my......

Dollar Tree / Nothing in store/ poor check out/ No Management

Dawn Runge on Sep 23, 2018

On Friday September 21, around 516-530 pm. My granddaughter and I drove up to Fairmont MN Dollar Tree. We got out of the car and we heard a child screaming for their mom. I was going to ask if they needed help but as we walked to the store I noticed that they went in back doors that were......

Domino's Pizza / Refund not received

Sanika Bodas on Sep 23, 2018

I placed an order online with a local store (#51 Niagara Street, Newark NJ 07105) on September 11, 2018. They called me to say that they cannot deliver to the said location and cancelled my order. My credit card was charged, so I called the store and they said they'd issue a refund within......

Walgreens / hours

jakeholly on Sep 23, 2018

The pharmacy opens at 9, people need to go to work before then and want to drop off presc.Way too Late.Sunday it is 10;00, are you serious, Most people have things to do before that.It is very inconvenient for me and friends.If it does not change, I am changing Pharmacys and shopping at......

Dollar Tree / how dirty the store is NO ONEE SEEM TO MIND

diappointed2 on Sep 23, 2018

I WENT TO TWO DOLLAR TREE IN CONYERS 30013 IN BIG LOTS PALAZA and it was so much junk on the floor no one picked up boxes the worst part it was just boxes no one on the floor putting anything up floor was dirty no vaccm from night before no pride that said this was my store ( Do DM'S check......

Netflix / Shows

Wintersoldier__ Gaming on Sep 23, 2018

I am very annoyed about this that Netflix has Naruto and the films but no Naruto Shippuden how could you Netflix you are the worst ever why don't you have Naruto Shippuden JUST ADD THE SHOW FOR PETE'S SAKE. So if you don't add this one show its guaranteed that Hulu is better than you. If......

1956 / Washer, refrigerator, microwave

Cahoon on Sep 23, 2018

Purchased all 3 appliances, 5 years ago, microwave was services 5 times first 6 months of ownership, in addition the refrigerator freezer, ice machine, hasn't worked in 2 years, the washer constantly goes out of balance, as you can see from the pictures attached is rusting in the bleach......

Ubisoft / Data protection and Account security

Silv3rGunna on Sep 23, 2018

Honestly they have THE WORST PLATFORM the WORSE Security, jesus your accounts get locked for a hour if u do the password wrong afew times its [censored]ing stupid even after sending a reset link u still cant open your account, u cant log in to get costumer support cause u cant log in the......

1-800-GOT-JUNK Service / Junk Removal

Brad Swindell on Sep 23, 2018

Customer Service could not provide me with an accurate estimate despite me providing the cubic volume of ways to be disposed of. I informed customer service of all the contents to be disposed of including scrap pavers. When the truck arrived the driver could not provide me with an......

KitchenAid / BBQ Cover

couter on Sep 23, 2018

To whom this may concern, I purchased a KitchenAid BBQ cover in summer of 2017 and not met up to my expectations. It is just over a year old and has several rips due to the vinyl drying out due to the Sun. Many are located where the seam meets. I bought this cover as I liked the look of it......

Spur Corporation / Food Quality Bad

Candice.Smith on Sep 23, 2018

Today we had a family outing and I decided to choose the nearest halaal Spur to the area that we were in which was Tomahawk Spur in Goodwood. My husband ordered the large 600 gram ribs and I ordered the 400gram ribs. the kids both had burgers. Firstly the kids burgers came and looked......

Camella Homes / Downpayment

Rodel cana on Sep 23, 2018

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am an OfW employee in Doha, Qatar who availed in 2016 a house and lot BLk 5 Lot 10, Camella Homes Trece Martirez Cavite. I finished paying the downpayment in 2017 with the total amount of 260k but unfortunately, I lost my job the same year that'swhy we didn't continue......

Instant Gaming / Support Service

GLT Devildox on Sep 23, 2018

Their card security procedure have no sense at all, if you want to buy something with, let me give you an example, with your company credit card, you can't, or if you want to buy somethin with a familiars card you cant cause you have to have the exact ID of your credit card. And their tech......

Debonairs Pizza / Food was cold when it arrived

Sheroda Hutchinson on Sep 23, 2018

My brother placed an order at 12:40 and we had to wait until 13: 59 before the driver got here with the food. On arrival my brother noticed that the dots on the food was showing black and not red as stated " Quality Promise* On presentation, if the dot is not red, your pizza is free ". He......

EPL*KIAFOWN CO Shenzhen / Kitchen Aid mixer

Cathy Saris on Sep 23, 2018

I ordered a Kitchen Aide mixer, advertised on FB, on August 31, 2018 for $67.57 To this day, I have never received a confirmation email or notice from this company. Next week will be a month and getting concerned. There was a money conversion noted on my charge statement. EPL*KIAFOWN CO......