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Marriott Vacation Club / Sales presentation; question the business practice....and

Question business on Mar 22, 2017
We are owners. And for the most part satisfied. Marriott has always clean rooms, beautiful locations, villas to make some meals and bedrooms and space for our family. We have gone to many presentations. Hence we bought 2 weeks. We weigh the insentives for the sales and time available. We do NOT......

USAA (United Services Automobile Association) / Auto insurance claims

Tamara Prater on Mar 22, 2017
03/09/2017 9:40pm USAA insured driver made an improper lane change into my vehicle resulting in significant damage 03/10/2017 initial call to submit claim; Kimberly Clarke, USAA Claim Rep, to call back with next steps 03/13/2017 2:08pm VM for K Clarke 03/14/2017 12:14pm VM from K Clarke......

Steak 'n Shake / Cold food

Penny Wagner on Mar 22, 2017
the Fairview Height, il store is dirty and drive through service is slow. I have experienced lazy employees on numerous occasions. I love Steak 'n Shake when I can get hot food, which is rare. Recent drive through experience got cold (grease had already set up on hamburger) but did receive......

Whataburger / Monterey melt whatameal

Joseph Arrowsmith on Mar 22, 2017
Well the only good part of the whole order was that I got it fast. But i got home and grabbed the fries and they weren't hot or even room temperature. And so I grabbed my burger and it's dripping all over my hand just from taking it out of the wrap. And it's severely smashed almost not......

GEICO / Auto insurance

Rob Rodriguez on Mar 22, 2017
You lied to us. Flat out lied. You lured us in and promised to lower our premium after a few payments and did not come through. We are insuring 1 pickup truck and 2 cars. One car with just liability. We are paying 478.00 a month for all three. That is way too high compared to our friend......

Dollar General / Customer service

one_unhappy_customer on Mar 22, 2017
I stopped at the store on South New Hope Road in Gastonia, North Carolina to pick up a few things. While I was there I bought a pack of candy for $1.35. When I got back to my car I looked in the bag and the candy was not there so I went back into the store to get it. The cashier that......

Terry's RV Sales / Poor and non caring support when trying to return an item

terrysrv on Mar 22, 2017
i recently purchased a robot vacuum from this horrible company...i open it up ..went to charge re-chargable battery..would not charge..i only had it a couple days..they told me it was unreturnable as i had opened it..i stated how was i to know it didnt work until i opened it..they told me......

Camping World / Warranty work and sales agreement

Niburns on Mar 22, 2017
I purchased a camper from camping world in September of 2016. In the sales contract there were multiple we owe issues that were to be fixed. After 6 months and many unreturned calls these parts are still not being fixed. I have brought in the camper for multiple warranty related issues and......

Zoosk / Unethical behaviour - fraud

Carol Cocomello on Mar 22, 2017
My name is Carol Cocomello and I was a member of Zoosk.com in August/September of 2016 when I met Richard E. Benoit. I have since found out that he scammer myself and two other women out of approximately 100, 000.00 over the last 6 months. I have gone to the Peel Regional Police to file a......

iTechDeals / Razors

Quinn123 on Mar 22, 2017
I ordered from itech and was waiting a very long time for my order. I received an email with tracking information & after tracking it for a week I received an email from itech Hi, We regret to inform you that the order you placed on our website itechdeals.com has been unfortunately lost by......

Panera Bread / Lunch and rude service on 3/22/2017

Yama Barekzi on Mar 22, 2017
Cafe order: 907026 Date: 3/22/2017 3:27:17pm I am a regular at this Panera, I come almost 5 times a week for either lunch or dinner. I usually am treated very friendly and the order times and accurate is impeccable. I ordered at the kiosk with my friend for dine in and waited patiently for my......

Rallys.com / Customer service

April MsGogetta on Mar 22, 2017
I went to rallys twice 1st time I asked what specials they had the young lady told me to reserve my car up and read the billboard myself I drove off and never went back! The 2nd time I went and they told me to get out the line and go sit in the other line. That was extremely long. I asked......

H&R Block / Emerald card

James Gordon on Mar 22, 2017
So far this card has been a disaster. I picked it because there is an ability to link it to a bank account. Note: I'm computer literate. I'm not missing menus or not reading the help correctly. So, I get logged in. Good. To link a bank account, help tells me to: "Go to the Transfer Money......

Nubiotics / GC supplements

Carmen Davis on Mar 22, 2017
They never sent my order but made sure they withdrew money from my account. Called for refund never received refund or item, also I told her I want my order cancelled. On the radio comercial they say try for 30 days, but they went ahead and charged me without me even receiving the order......

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy

Foots12 on Mar 22, 2017
Wythville va store I called asked my doctor could she lower the MLG to my gabapentin yesterday 600 to 400 cause the 600 was upsetting my stomach I never did say I was going to pick it up yesterday or did I want it now but ur dumb college educated no common sense assumed I did so she......

Divine Vastu / Vastu product

Manohar Gupta on Mar 22, 2017
Rewa Kumar who is the owner for this company she always do fraud, scam & cheat people. She has criminal background and caught many times in illegal activities. She take money from the people with the promise that she will double the amount but it never happened. She also do from on the......

G4S / Schiphol airport security

A_WhitePensioner on Mar 22, 2017
I was sexually assaulted today by a Schipol G4S security guard. This used to be a problem years ago, then G4S lost the contract and far better company ran it - when G4S had the contract I saw 2 people assaulted over the years, one of whom was a child, and I had very odd treatment myself......

ITV / itv news coverage of westminster terror attack

Jim Dunn on Mar 22, 2017
I was watching your coverage of this incident this afternoon which was supported by a so called security expert who kept referring to police officers as 'plod' or 'Pc Plod'. Having served in the Metropolitan Police for 30 years and watching this terrible incident unfold, I found these......

Binder and Binder / Benefits claim

sophie_rebekah on Mar 22, 2017
I was approved at hearing stage for benefits, and I saw that the ALJ instructed me and/or SSA to not pay them the agreed-upon 25% of back pay. Binder and Binder are now billing me directly, but aren't they in violation for going over the ALJ's head to ask me to pay them?? They'd need to be......

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Your office in middlesboro ky

Beflin on Mar 22, 2017
My name is Berlin Howard JR I went to your office in middlesboro ky in 2014 and received a refund or right around 4000 I don't have the tax return right in front of me at this moment but it was close to 4000 anyway your tax preparer told me to file head of household married but filing......

Bargain Bunch / Paid for items never sent to me

Lindsayloo2162 on Mar 22, 2017
Order Number: 6264149 I ordered 12 lanterns on 02/04/17. I received 4 out of the 12 lanterns on 02/15/17. I emailed bargainbunch@bargainbunch.com and asked when the rest of my items would be arriving, as I had no other tracking numbers or information. They got back to me on 02/16/17 stating......

Promever / Prom dress

Sally Durman on Mar 22, 2017
I have a devastated daughter.. the dress arrived not looking to much like the one we ordered.. to start the halter neck has not been finished properly. I had to tie it in a knot to be able to get the dress on, just so big and not in proportion. The waist is not what is in the photo.. it......

Blue World Pools / Above ground pools

Just.head on Mar 22, 2017
They are running an ad on Craigslist in Orlando Florida. Today I responded to the ad and I had a hillbilly girl from Alabama contact me. I could tell that she was constantly lying to me. From my small experience whatever you do do not buy for this company or go to work for this company. Do......

Airbnb / My account has been locked I need to log in to change my password and later order a new card as the one I have expires on May

Reina Irma on Mar 22, 2017
My name Reina Hornos user: rihornos@fibertel.com.ar address Estados Unidos 1438 ground floor apart 2 Buenos Aires I can`t log in I wanted to change my password but couldn`t recall what my phone nr was as I changed my cel phone and after several attempts my account was blocked. My card......

Mukesh / Fake mail

Mukesh Bhatt on Mar 22, 2017
Hello dearest I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here and after reading your profile, I am interested in you, well I am miss tessy barsharn, 24 years old girl from sudan, the only daughter of late col. Isaiah abraham barsharn, the deputy minister of national......
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