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Consumer Complaints and Reviews | Page 6

Airblue / Refund Issue

Talha Ayaz on Jan 21, 2019

Assalam o Alaikum! Repected Sir I wanna mention here an issue, I booked my ticket online from KHI tO LHR through my Standard Chartered debit card on 26/11/18 at 9:15 pm but due to some reason I cancelled my ticket on 27/11/18 at 3:32 am. Airline issued me a refund reciept which is attached......

Einstein Bros Bagels / unprofessional behavior

Accused of stealing on Jan 21, 2019

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD I was approached by a worker after paying for my coffee, she stated "what are you doing, did you pay for that?" I was offended and embarrassed that I would be approached with a store full of guest being accused of stealing coffee. I told her I paid and......

Toyota Motor Corporation / 2018 4 Runner Limited

Michele Thornton on Jan 21, 2019

The right front corner panel of my 2018 4 Runner keeps slipping down, leaving a larger than normal "gap" where it meets the body piece to which it connects. I took my car to Toyota of Gastonia (where I purchased the vehicle) and I spoke with 2 gentlemen from the body shop. The body shop......

Canadian Tire / Management

Diksha Sethi on Jan 21, 2019

Hello, Pls find this as a serious complaint against the manager of one of the locations located at Sheppard Avenue East and Mccowan Rd, Scarborough, ON. I got a portable heater for 69.99 on Jan 16, 2019 and tried it for 1 day and was not satisfied with the performance. Therefore, went on......

LBC Express / Shipment issue

Ren Amarante on Jan 21, 2019

January 21, 2019 Shipment issue. Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels. Can you help me how to fix that issue because i dont know what to do. this was my first time to transac in LBC so i know it would be good to transact. please help me as soon as possible. i really need the item that i bought on the online shop....

Purina / 9 lives essentials

Dawn bayles on Jan 21, 2019

I bought and have been buying Purina 9 lives essentials for over 3 years. Last Friday I bought a 12pb bag from dollar general in Jacksonville Illinois on Morton avenue. I fed my cats nothing but this and they have been consistently vomiting everyday. This has been going since last Friday......

Rochester Furniture / Pepkor Trading / Rejection of warranty of items purchased

Brandon Mudhray on Jan 21, 2019

Good day, Today I ask for assistance, as I am of the opinion that the retail store (Rochester Mall@Reds) is not living up to the name that once was a strong house hold brand. Customer no : 212194 - couch Customer no: 2887464 - Bed Two (2) couches and one (1) bed set was purchased at the......

Santander Consumer USA / Personal papee

EZ$?! on Jan 21, 2019

I was a drive from van 150 they took it .its not mi van and they keep mi personal paper .i ask if they give mi paper backk and one spanish lady from santander toll me wi will trhow away your paper and i toll her i will make report to the police station.she dont there its no way to......

Playtika / Coins and rewards never received

Stephanie ann mcdonald on Jan 21, 2019

I was wonderibg if someone could help me receive the coins and rewards that I never received this morning. Here is what I was able to accomplish. I closed out despicable wolf and lost legacies this morning with cards a friend traded. I didn't get my reward coins or anything for this. Can......

CopperChef / 12" Square King Pan

Douglas on Jan 21, 2019

My pan worked just fine at first but now everything I try to cook in it sticks to the bottom of the pan and it getting harder to clean. I tried all of the suggestions to make the pan better again but nothing works. I would like to get a new pan to replace the bad one. The company promise......

Telkom SA SOC / Cancelled ASDL Line in April 2018 and still being billed for it in Jan 2019!!

Hendriette on Jan 21, 2019

I've cancelled my ASDL Line in April 2019 and is still being billed for it! I've escalated the matter several times but received another account last week! I was informed via email on 11 December 2018 that the matter has again been escalated with reference number [protected]. It seems that......

KitchenAid / KRFC704FP00

J.Powers on Jan 21, 2019

We purchased this refrigerator a year and a half ago and had service July of 2018 for a broken waterline in the door and the service guy replaced the motherboard, a fan and the ice-maker as a warranty / upgrade. The refrigerator died two weeks ago ... three boards went out leaving us with out......

my wife's ad. / Thai massage

kingfishergreg on Jan 21, 2019

My wife has advertised with you for quite a long time now and apparently someone has made a complaint and you have blocked her ad. Her mobile number is:- [protected]. Any statistics regarding her ad are emailed to me at:- Her details My......

Dollar General / emily hilton manager who put customers on fb and cuss to customers

joshgram1981 on Jan 21, 2019

on Facebook she calling ppl out saying better do this do that. she recently posted a picture of shopping carts out side complaining of lazy customers. I certainly do not want to come back . talks aboutppl when they come inside making them feel uncomfortable. takes selfies of aging at work......

NewFrog / blazer

Elijah03 on Jan 21, 2019

I ordered a blazer from you guys last year tracking number RP104381885CN in 2018/11/27 I haven't received any communication with regards to my pacakage and I tried getting a refund as I do not need it anymore however that was unsuccessful as well, I don't know if I'm being scammed or just......

J2 Efax Plus Services / billing my credit card when unauthorized

Melody MacLennan Sirianos on Jan 21, 2019

I received a call from my credit card company on Jan. 20, 2019, asking about charges on my credit card from J2 Efax Plus Services, I had NOT authorized any of these charges and my credit card was stopped. This morning January 21, 2019, I noticed another charge on my account. I will be calling...... Saudi Arabia / complaint regarding my order number sa713763025

Immu145 on Jan 21, 2019

Dear sir, I order a mobile Nokia 7+ worth 960 sr on 13 Jan 2019. Expected Delivery Date by wadi is on 14 jan. On next day (15 Jan) I enquired regarding my order, but there is no confirmation from wadi customer service. Since then I had been sending an email, but there is no reply from......

Cash Crusaders / cellular phone

njebs on Jan 21, 2019

my name is Njabulo Nkosi, i brought my cell phone to cash crusaders which 8MP, 8 GP Black Samsung Galaxy Prime. i went to the store to negotiate since my contract had expired but instead they could not help me, no one was willing to listen to me even the Manager his name is Tumelo, he told......

Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airport / check in

Hesham fandy on Jan 21, 2019

I had checked into Oman air WY610 on 21 Jan, I have two hand carried bags both weighing 13.8 kg (one is 9 small cabin size bag on rollers and the other is 4.8 piggy back) the check-in service manager Mr. Rajesh Cs. insisted that I can only take one bag as per airline instructions, I......

LG Electronics / lg 49" 4k tv

Ayman Tawfik888 on Jan 21, 2019

Upon arrival to LG TV store in cairo festival city, Cairo, EGYPT LG Sales agent in store recomended the 49" instead of the 55" for my room dimensions, when i arrived home i found the screen small and returned to the LG store 2 days later to replace the 49" screen with a 55" one and pay the......

My M&M's / 6 bags opened

Steven Jeffcoat on Jan 21, 2019

Good morning, I purchased a 48 count box of M&M's at Sam's Club in Bluffton SC on Jan. 18th along with 5 other boxes of Mars products for my employees office snacks. Upon opening the box there were 6 packages that had popped open across the top of the package. I checked all packages. Bar......

HiFi Corp / 32"sansui tv

alwyn swanepoel on Jan 21, 2019

Hi I bought a new 32"sansui TV at klerksdorp branch. While I was watching TV I saw a black ink line on the screen. I took the TV to hi fi Corp where I bought it and they told me I throw my TV with goods I told them that is impossible because we are 3 growing up in the house. Why Wil we......

LBC Express / shipment issue?

Tenaj Dizon Ponsica on Jan 21, 2019

TRACKING # [protected], PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPEN TO MY PARCEL; Date of Last Status Transaction Status January 21, 2019 Shipment issue. Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels. January 21, 2019 Ready for delivery. Please expect delivery within the......

KTM Berhad / salah guna koc wanita

Eva Reyrian on Jan 21, 2019

Ini kali kedua saya buat komplain tentang penggunaan org awam dgn koc wanita .. Saya amat kesal dgn pihak ktm tiada apa2 tindakan.. Saya cadangkan pihak ktm boleh buat announcement secara terang terangan agar org yh tidak bertanggunjawab ini sedar diri dan pergi ke koc lain . Ini dapat......

Reliance Home Comfort / furnace

z1022vw on Jan 21, 2019

rental furnace and stop providing heating yesterday and i started noticed the incident around 11pm Jan 20th so the furnace could have stopped working couple hours earlier. outside temperature has been around -23 Celsius degree since 48hours ago!!! called the service and got answered after......