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Canadamags / Magazine Publishers Service / Cancellation of subscription of magazines from Magazines Publishers Service in Canada

Khanyile on Apr 23, 2018
On April 23rd at 1300 hours mountain time I called the above company to cancel my supscription as I realise that I have a lot since I am now studying . I had not made any selection of any magazine from the list which was forwarded to me by them.. The response from the company's customer care......

Modanisa / Shipping to the UK- They don't deliver the order, they don't even respond and they don't refund!

Yomna Helmy on Apr 23, 2018
DON'T shop with them, they don't deliver to the UK, and don't refund- and don't even respond!!! I ordered from Modanisa 3 times and they were good in the last 3 years hence I ordered again but I regret it this time. My order was in 23/04/2018 and the expected day to deliver was 30/03/18......

Modanisa / Support team

Yuliyanikolayeva on Apr 23, 2018
This just awful experience, I just lost my money, no I didn't lose, they just steal them! I ordered clothes on 26 of April, it was written that delivery to Ukraine takes about a week! Now it's already one month and nothing! But the most ridiculous thing is that they don't care at all, they......

pdffiller.com / charges on bank account

constance seado on Apr 23, 2018
On Saturday, 4/21/2018 I submitted a request to activate an account. I immediately canceled the request when I saw the fee of $120.00. My bank was charged the amount of $120 although I had canceled. I need to have the amount either credited back to my bank, or a check cut and sent to me......

Dulux Paints / Colour Gmulsion - Goose Down

Lorraine Wakeley on Apr 23, 2018
I purchased a tin of Goose Down matt. I am very disappointed with the result of this paint colour. It was absolutely nothing like the colour on the tin (grey) it was pale blue. Initially when painting it was the color on the tin but dried a different colour completely. I also used the......

Philippine Airlines / Plane to small for long flight

Meyer W Jones on Apr 23, 2018
To Whom it May Concern, My Family and i just got back from a vacation in the Philippines, The Plane we were on coming back on was Great! it was a 777 the one we flew over on was an air Bus 430 15 hr Airbus are for short flights not long ones !!!on it was pure hell the seat were hard very......

Whirlpool Corporation / 2016 $800 DRYER

princ Akeem on Apr 23, 2018
y 2016 I bought a $800.00 dryer from Home Depot, a year and a half later the rubber seal around the glass broke, I called your customer service number and was told its out of warranty but they will send me the replacement part, they sent me the wrong part, I called back and was told by......

Tapjoy / Design Home offer page reward not given

Sedricka on Apr 23, 2018
I started the Vegas Slots diamond offer through Design Home offer page 10 days ago. Original offer start date was 4/15-17/2018. I spent 6 days completing the offer. I then waited 24 hrs before I submitted a request to Tapjoy. Like any other offer request I've submitted. Tapjoy asked for......

FreedomPop / SIM service keeps coming out of my account I have Never used the service

Connielp on Apr 23, 2018
I ordered a $1.00 SIM card. Received it months ago. I did further investigating did not want to use it so I called them told them I did not want the service and never put the sim card in my phone, please cancel this account I do not want it. I am still being charged! I try to stop charge......

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / Unethical behavior

SC3 on Apr 23, 2018
4/17/18, tracking number: 1Z2E310398427841 I would have submitted this complaint sooner, but I had no time since last week. I have been dealing with this delivery driver since my employ at this company, and my work/living situation is unique, I work security at the apartment I live in. I see......

Dollar General HWY 41 Lumberton NC / Customer Service

VickiBJ on Apr 23, 2018
Dollar General HWY 41 is the location I frequently visit. It once was my favorite. This location is not as customer oriented as it once was. On Friday, April 20, I made my second visit for the week whereas my purchases were not meager. I almost walked out just as the customer before me......

The Needed Necklace / I'd give them ZERO stars if I could!

Lori Suleski on Apr 23, 2018
Do NOT purchase from them. Terrible customer service. I have literally never encountered something like this before, ever and I'm 52! I should have known better to read reviews first!!! Without too much detail, after I ordered a ring, they sent an auto message saying it would take about......

Caridad Louie's Restaurant / The service of their servers

James M Parker on Apr 23, 2018
On April 23rd at 11:30 i was in this establishment looking to buy lunch after my dialysis treatment. As in standing there i had maybe two people ahead of me. As in standing there the servers are serving everyone that's Spanish in the restaurant. I'm standing there and standing there, mean......

Air China / Business Class Flight from Hell

P. Zicherman on Apr 23, 2018
On Saturday April 7, 2018, my wife and I flew on CA #819 from Beijing to Newark on business class. Behind us was sitting a young couple with a baby and maybe a 3 year old boy. It was a 13 hour flight. Virtually through the entire flight, there was such a commotion going on behind u......

Hold mail at local post office / Cost of Hold Mail

JACashin on Apr 23, 2018
I am a Rural resident in Ontario, with roadside mail box delivery. During this winter, my mail box was totally destroyed by a passing snow plough. Because of this, I went to the post office to have my mail held for pick up. The cost for 3 months for this "Service" is $101.00. Recently I......

Meijer / MPerks Offers not on reeipt

Tagzig99 on Apr 23, 2018
This is not the first time this has happened - latest 04/21/18, checked out by Carrier (extremely nice), after signing in. I had my sheets of MPerks coupons by categories with me, and we, my grandson and I, selected many items for a total o $235.27 less my $10 rewards and $3.50 in separate......

The Salvation Army USA / I am complaining about a manager

Maritza45 on Apr 23, 2018
I wanted to make a complaint about one of your Managers from one of your stores. I had a very bad experience on Saturday April 21st 2018 because my daughter of 7 years old had a bad experience in one of the dressing rooms she went in to try on a dress on her own I was outside the door ......

ITV / Who wants to be a millionaire

Llinos on Apr 23, 2018
Why is Jeremy ckarkson the new presenter of who wants to be a millionaire its a joke after what he has done I want u to reconsider on getting a different presenter to go the show of thousands off people will come to the ITV and protest I think he should be band from TV after asolting......

Air India / Misguidance by Customer Agent Live Chat - Air India Website

Sobish Mathew on Apr 23, 2018
Hi, This is to bring to the notice of the gentlemen who could help me to get the justice towards fraud activity carried by Air India & it's travel agent vendor's. I had booked my ticket for my family at Skyscanner.com through a travel agent Tripsta.ae who showcased a reasonable airfare in......

Meijer / Cashier-Mary

HappyMe56 on Apr 23, 2018
This lady greeted everyone ahead but didn't acknowledge me nor did she make I contact! I believe everyone needs to be treated with respect if it wasn't for customers like myself she wouldn't have a job! This lady needs to be schooled on Customer Service!! Why is it so hard for some......

Mr. Appliance / Dishwasher Service

Bob Farkaly on Apr 23, 2018
BUYER BEWARE! Original problem was leaking water and not cleaning dishes satisfactorily. Three visits, $320 wasted. Problems were WORSE after "repairs"! Ordered part, charged me in advance. Installed part, made problem worse. Removed part and left. Telephone agent was rude and not......

Jamicikiki casual pants / Ripoff

Bassdad69 on Apr 23, 2018
I purchased a pair of Jamickiki casual pants on Apr. 8th. The pants came to me and I inspected them and was shocked. The pants were see thru and the words were misspelled and some of the words sere sewn into the seam and not legible. There was no paper work of any kind with this item......

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / Shipping

ClaudeT87 on Apr 23, 2018
I called multiple times to track my package even day for 5 days since pickup and was told I'll receive it today. Now I took the day off to get it but i called and was told that I can pick it up from Pennsylvania and I live in VA if I wanted it today or wait until the end of the day......

King Soopers / Money orders

Hosie Johnson on Apr 23, 2018
We bought a money order from the KS in Denver for 1000.00 and we didnt need it so we took it back and she made my husband fill it out to King Sooper and they wouldnt take it back and now my bank wont take it because it has King Sooper filled in. The clerk was wrong in the way she processed......

Mattress Firm / Mattress

Scarsdaleyid on Apr 23, 2018
On 2/19/2018, I visited my local Mattress Firm location in Yonkers, NY - I was met by a woman named Nancy. She was sure to tell me about their 120-day no questions ask policy, however, she did not tell me that I would incur a $79.00 delivery fee if I decided to return the mattress. On......

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