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Consumer Complaints and Reviews | Page 2

Whataburger / Employee Theft

Legier on Mar 22, 2019

I went to Whataburger get up to use the restroom came back to the table and my $500 dollar money order was missing. I asked the Whataburger employee if she saw my money order. She said NO but she would look at the cameras to see who put the money order up off the table. To make a long......

SafeCo Insurance Company / Homeowners insurance

DrNate on Mar 22, 2019

My house was broken into and the criminals flooded my bathroom and ruined the floor in my den as well as burglarizing my home. The "adjuster" (and I use the term loosely) came to my home unprepared with no tools or documents. She took a few pictures with her cell phone and later determined......

Safeway / Courtesy Customer Complaint

Jephunneh Utu on Mar 22, 2019

I was shopping in the store about 2 weeks ago, I didn't take it to complain until now, but nevertheless I did encounter a disturbing experience shopping there on this particular day. There is a "courtesy clerk" by the name of "Debbie" and she is the one that I have the issue with. I wa......

SoFi / Customer Service

rostuhla on Mar 22, 2019

I needed to pay for my vehicle registration. There is no way to pay for this without being charged a surcharge by the state unless you use cash or a check. SoFi does not issue checks without going through a special request process that takes 14 days to complete. I called SoFi to raise my......

Game Stores South Africa / / Ragleigh mountain bike

Anton Lombard on Mar 22, 2019

Bought a mountain bike weren't issued a user manual fdom game stores pinetown asked questions to sales person he failed to inform me tyres chains chain guides not under warranty honestly feel you did me in and then store manager tells me when I return it within 30days of purchase will......

Netspend Corporation / Netspend card

Stacey Coleman on Mar 22, 2019

I need to pay my bills but netspend says I can't transfer my funds..why. I found my card and I tried to have it unlocked but I can't. My baby needs food...I need help...911. I have a netspdnd card available to transfer the funds. What kind of card do I have that will not let me transfer......

Wild Onion Maine Coons / Kittens

Stewart Swerdlow on Mar 22, 2019

This breeder has been dishonorable, and provided false information about the kittens we purchased. She delivered them on a day I told her that we were hosting an international conference and we were not home. She dropped them off anyway, and very late in the evening. The birthdates were......

DoubleDown Casino / can not play game after buying points

Archie Flint on Mar 22, 2019

i bought the 59.95 points on 3/20/19 on my ipad, every time i try to load the game in it would kick me off, i tryed loading 3/21/19 and before it kicked me off it showed my points were gone, could u fix or refund my money please, my name is archie flint and email is [protected], ive......

Mirraw Online Services / Unethical behavior and Exceptionally bad customer service

Ilayarajan Parvatharajan on Mar 22, 2019

I've had a very bad experiences with recently. Their customer service is awful. We have had few $$ in "My Wallet", which we were trying to use but their website did not allow us to use it. So, contacted the customer service, they tried from their end and accepted it is a problem......

Self / Food and customer service from help desk lack of first aid

Yvette mcdonald on Mar 22, 2019

I came to get a flight on 29/03/1019 for a flight at 11pm . I went to the McDonald's were I feel the service was very poor, kid nit in drink propley which caused to burn finger, I than went to your help desk to ask assistance fir first aid, to which I was told there was none and directed......

Movie Mars / DVD with wrong continent code, refused to exchange

Jeff Cornish on Mar 22, 2019

I ordered a DVD 'Gimme Danger' from Movie Mars through Amazon in late January of 2019, and it arrived in the mail within 2 weeks. It was the wrong coded DVD though, for region 2. I tried to play it on two old DVD players and it would not play. I'm not aware of them advertising which region......

Empire Today / Carpet

Amanda Beaman on Mar 22, 2019

My nightmare started May 31, 2018. On the day of the installation there was only 1 person installing the carpet for the first 4 hours. The installer didn't move the furniture out of my bedrooms, he worked around it. It looks like he may have torn the carpet and tried to glue it down. My......

Real Canadian Superstore / Optimum Offer is fake and misleading

Kimber Breneman on Mar 22, 2019

The Optimum ad on the mobile app states get 10, 000 points when you spend $30 on almost anything in the store. I bought various items, spent $80.92 and didn't receive one point?? You guys are so fake and misleading and this is why I went from shopping every week in your stores to only......

Kroger / Parking lot.

kmalsbury on Mar 22, 2019

On Sunday March 17th, at approx. 4:45pm I was collecting groceries in the Click List Parking Bay Number 1 at The Kroger at 24 mile and Dequindre in Shelby Township. After my groceries were loaded by, Hannah, and my trunk closed I watch through the rear view camera your employees walk over......

Access-A-Ride / Late for my appointment

Barbara Love-Lisitza on Mar 22, 2019

On 3/21/19 I was picked up at 5:30pm for a 7:00pm appointment .Professional vehicle 5320, driver was on time, picked up another passenger 6:00pm, great, on our way, then the dispatcher calls and gives the driver another pickup, when we reached him it was 6:32pm, no way was I going to be......

Woodsprings Suites / Guest

Natlie Lewis on Mar 22, 2019

Lady in next room is constantly making noises and then filing complaints on my room. I have two kids 3 year old and 4 month old. They stay quiet for the most part but constantly hearing people hit the wall and music. Im constantly getting complained on for no reason and now I have to......

Xhose Pro Extreme / The DAP XHose Pro

DEB333 on Mar 22, 2019

I purchased the XHose Pro last year (2018) and left it in the box, saving it to use for camping. Then several months later, I took it in the box, never opened, to a camp out. By this time I could not even remember where I purchased it, nor did I save a receipt. At the campsite, I hooked it......

AN & Associates / Smart brella umbrella

gylross on Mar 22, 2019

I ordered two Smart brella umbrellas - one pink and one purple. They FINALLY arrived but the pink one is broken and no paperwork or instruction on how to return defective product. Based on all the current complaints I read with no action taken, if I do not receive a response within the......

Commercials in general / Products in general

Tyron Shooze on Mar 22, 2019

It's not so much what the product is or how good the commercial is. the problem I have is how often some commercials are aired. Even when you see the best commercials 5-6 times an hour they get to be really anoying. Car & truck commercials can be the worst. You just get done with the......

People Magazine / Magazine renewal not authorized.

Ron Nolte on Mar 22, 2019

My subscription (ron nolte- 803 crestview - monticello, il) expired last february...It was a one year gift...I received no notice to renew...We did not renew...My credit card arrived today with a charge for another year of people magazine. We do not want it, we did not authorize any charge......

StuffNice / battery powered pump

Gaary on Mar 22, 2019

This order took literally months to deliver, I had given up ...when I got it, I tried it and it never pumped at all, horrible product... New batteries, I tried everything. It was spinning but wouldn't move any water... Very disappointed. not sure I would want another, I don't think it wa......

Kroger / pricing

glenn neal on Mar 22, 2019

I used to shop at the Signature Kroger in N. Richland Hills, Tx. Kroger used to be very competitive. Not anymore. They eliminated the 10% senior discount given for Kroger brand items. Kroger Bran Flakes was $1.89 a box for years, they are now $2.29 (Wal-Mart has them for $1.89 a box). I......

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / Alvin Medina Malla

Faye Ortiz on Mar 22, 2019

It is 12mn and i was needing grab otw to work. I dont care how long it may take. But this grab driver didnt have the courtesy to atleast inform me that he wasnt picking me up. Ive been waiting in d location and he hasnt responded in any of my messages and call. Not canceling, after how......

Dollar General / cashier stealing

Ron Deller on Mar 22, 2019

Cashier pocketed my item . Never go back to that store. Mgr, rude. Bought two antibotics they were on reciept, I seen cashier put one in bag after everything else was baffed although he rang it up almost first, when placed in bag so " oh almost missed this" strange that he only put one in......

Optimum / Cable and customer service

Christine Narvaez on Mar 22, 2019

March 13, 2019 Cablevision/Optimum Customers: Berrios [protected] Narvaez [protected] [protected] To Whom It May Concern; I am writing this letter on behalf of my mother, Lillian Berrios. My mother has been a customer for over 5 years and I've been a customer of......