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Kmart Stores / Jewelry

Dchurch on Mar 27, 2017
I was recently visiting in Columbus Georgia and went to KMart on March 19th, 2017 for poster boards. They were offering 80% off due to closing. So, I purchased a ring for our 18th wedding anniversary, and was told that the ring was worth, as it was labelled, at $5, 499. I purchased the......

Fairfield Inn and Suites / Our Stay in Beachwood, OH on March 18, 2047

When I called to book the hotel room, we chose this particular hotel because of the big water slide they have (which is also on the web site photo's) and I specifically told the girl who I was booking the room with that I was going to have my daughter's 11th Birthday party there because of......

Hydra Skin Sciences / Brio and Allegra

Louise E Stevens on Mar 27, 2017
As others have said above, My mother ordered a trial and received what she thought was a sample. She was billed 2 shipping and handling charges (three different amounts each) Then, a few weeks later, she was charged $103.00 and $109.00. After calling two different customer service center......

Another 1st electrical and plumbing services / Rude vulgar language used by staff and rip off

Ildi jacobs on Mar 27, 2017
We called them for an electrical compliance certificate and paid them cash in full.my tenantvin my cottage had a family emergency so we could not gain access. Tax the electrician said he will come back the very next day to issue certificate.after many phone calls to him still nothing.I......

eDreams / Cancelled flight refund

Alicia Caruana on Mar 27, 2017
Good evening, I purchased an Airmalta ticket for my father last week from Malta to Catania through Edreams as I always do, but the flight got delayed and then it flew to Catania and could not land due to fog so it returned back to Malta. I would like to be refunded please. The customer name......

Choice Home Warranty / Air Conditioner

J. Neil King on Mar 27, 2017
Claim #61577035 A repairman was sent to my house to check my ac unit. Off the bat he said its going to be expensive and they would look for any way to deny my claim.. Sure enough, they did. First they said it was a maintenance issue, then an issue with rust and mold, which the tech came......

Dollar Tree / Employees attitude and dress apparel

Sinclaire2027 on Mar 27, 2017
Every time I would enter the store, I would get a very rude hello. And the cashiers would be leaving the office. And as soon as they were done dealing with a customer they would bolt back in to the office and grab their personal phones. Cheyenne, and Abigail are a good one for that......

Vodacom / Incorrect billing for migration fee in 2 consecutive months

StephanieN on Mar 27, 2017
A service consultant from vodacom called me in january and offered to upgrade my package and did not give me the full information of how much I will be paying. I later realised that I will be paying more than I was told and that I will be paying a migration fee even though I did an upward......

Just dial / this the complain for wrong commitment

hi this samad from suraksha enterprisses located in hayathnagar near govt hospital i have a member of justdial for bussiness devolpment one of the executive came to my shop and taken checks for wrong commitment and with drawing amount and monthly withdrawing amount of rupees 5000 sir pl......

The Salvation Army USA / Missing Tarp

Leigh M Stigler on Mar 27, 2017
Salvation Army came to our house on Thursday, March 23rd to pick up items. We had covered the items with a pretty big and heavy tarp to protect the items from the elements. The tarp was not a part of the items to take; however when they were done picking up the items and had left the tarp......

WigSis / Poor product quality, poor customer service, will not honor refund policy

Debra Cruz on Mar 27, 2017
They will not honor their own return policy but after a month of emails back and forth they finally replied with a return address but will only replace not refund : The return address: Receiver: Miss Guo Address: Room 1003, Huishang International Building, Shouchun Road, Luyang District......

Hometown Buffet / Discrimination

Daisy G on Mar 27, 2017
Yesterday March 26, I experienced a horrible service from the HTB in Bell. The manager at this location treated a man that had payed for his food horrible. After he had already payed and had his food the employees went ahead and gave him a to go tray because they thought he smelled......

Bottom Line Books / BTOM YEARBOOK 2017

Narayan Thakur on Mar 27, 2017
The book came in first week of March which I did not order, so I returned in the second week of March. I received their bill dated 03/02/17 last week for $43.95 and they put my account under credit alert. I do not want this book so returned without opening because I did not order. My account no......

Cnidaplay / cnidaplay.com

erickasaravia@hotmail.com on Mar 27, 2017
dear. please Refund the amount of $ 21.5 since I have not authorized me to charge for this service, have made an improper payment with transaction number 4551038185166134, from my card. Since I did not count on the service, and I did not authorize them to deduct that amount from me. Refund......

Real Club/ Hyatt / Vacation Club

Pfuzz on Mar 27, 2017
My wife and I singed up for the Real Club and were promised everything under the sun. As soon as we attempted to book our first trip there were hidden fees and the accommodations for a family of four would cost us more. they failed to mention that. John, a gentleman there with a Scottish......

Bank of America NA / Short Sale process

LLHinFLA on Mar 27, 2017
My home has been in the short sale process for a year now, with 4 contracts. All buyers have walked away because of the length of the process by Bank of America to handle efficiently and in a timely manner. Repeated waiting on forms that should be easily done with a checklist. I was day......

fridgidaire / single wall oven

kay bloss on Mar 27, 2017
When I opened the wall oven door to place the baking dish in, the entire front glass both the outer black and inner plain glass exploded a huge bang throwing glass everywhere. Calling Fridgidaire customer service waiting over ten minute for an answer then a further twenty minutes for a......

Jonny Carrinos / Service

Lori Warren on Mar 27, 2017
On March 26th my family of 17 met from out of town in Albany oregon to celebrate my father's 77th birthday. Upon arrival we discovered that our reservation was for 15 and not 17, we always ask for the private room because there are so many of us. When the server came to help us rearrange......

Telkom SA SOC / Cannot cancel a landline

RaymondPalm on Mar 27, 2017
I installed a landline at my home in December 2016. Given the poor service of Telkom to upgrade the line to ADSL, even though the technician that installed the line stated that the line is ADSL already, I decided to cancel the landline at the end of December 2016. I was informed that I......

Planet Fitness / A employee who keep harassing me

Nicole1222 on Mar 27, 2017
Ever time I come in planet fitness I see this girl she always has something to say to me about my bill I believe last Thursday she said something to me about my bill being due but the other day I talked to a guy and he put it in the computer saying I was going to handle I asked the girl......

Nissan / Customer service regarding tires on a warranty car

Denise Alford on Mar 27, 2017
I bought a new Nissan Sentra in December of 2016 and the tires have flat spots which caused it to ride like a truck with horrible vibration and will need to be replaced under warranty but Town Center Nissan service manager and sales people will not respond to my request for replacement......

Yahoo / email

narendra asher on Mar 27, 2017
Date: 27 March 2017. Time: between 18.30 and 18.45 IST E-mail id : anjaliudeshi@yahoo.com I received an email notification informing me that my email account was logged in from UK. I am in INDIA. Hence it is obvious that someone else logged into my account. I was surprised to see that the......

LG / Customer Service Representative Very Rood

Marc Passmore on Mar 27, 2017
My name is Marc Passmore. I call LG Customer service this morning at 10:00AM est, about my LG V20 smartphone rebates that was approved on 1/27/2017. I provided him approval confirmation of the 2-200 dollar visa cards that come as a rebate from buying the very expensive 2 LG V20 phones. He......

Gallant Dill / Stole $2500 For Branding Campaign That Never Happened

gallantdillsham on Mar 27, 2017
I'm really kicking myself for working with such a sham. Gallant Dill took $2500 from me to build my brand. The only problem is, he doesn't know how to build a brand at all. He started talking with me on the phone a few times a week but he expected me to do all the work that I paid him for......

Hertz / Counter personnel Norfolk VA.

Charles Neal on Mar 27, 2017
On Saturday, March 25th, I arrived in Norfolk VA. at approximately 11:45am. I had a reservation, Confirmation # H2271359099. There were two ladies working the counter. The younger of the two was on the phone with a customer. The older lady seemed preoccupied, causing me to wait an......
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