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I attended a sales presentation today in Newport Beach. I was lured to the presentation by the friendly caller, who said that if I showed up, one of my prizes could be a trip to Vegas, which would include accommodations to either the Paris hotel or New York, New York hotel. However, when I 'won' the trip I was informed that those places were not an option, and that only Circus Circus or Stratosphere was available. I was so disappointed with the lying to get me there. These prizes are such a scam, I will certainly not recommend this agency to anyone. These are the types of incidents that give timeshare sales a bad reputation. This will be a waste of your time if you go!


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    motomoto May 12, 2009

    i just received a call today from them and i am naturallty suspicious. i didn't want to go but what have i got to lose right? i don't know why they said i need a second i.d. which has to be a credit/debit card or checkbook? why do i need a 2nd i.d. anyways? and whats the deal with the checkbook and stuff. I will post an update in a couple of days as today is May 11, 2009. If they try and sell me something like a 'hotel package' or some crap like that, I am walking out and posting my complaints right here!

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    Practical Gal Jun 06, 2009

    It may be a "scam" but I always know that something is going on when someone "offers" you a prize. Where in this world can you get something for absolutely free anyway? Usually, if I know that I don't have time to waste then I don't even go collect my prize. It's either that or sit through an informational seminar.

    Just in case, always ask questions about the prizes up front before you sit through the presentation if that is the only reason you are there.

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    batdevice Jun 26, 2009

    So motomoto, What happened? Did you go to the presentation? I got a call to go this Saturday. Not sure about this, it does not feel right. Please let me know how it worked out for you,


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    196404 Jul 16, 2009

    I attended this presentation. Dirty tactics used to pressure me into buying a 10, 000 vacation package. It is only available to purchase right there and then. No thinking about it, no taking home information and if you decide not to purchase, they tell you that you have to sign a legal form stating that this is not a contract and that you will never be permitted to purchase their package or purchase from their company period. Do not waste your time. (not a 90 minute presentation, more like 3.5 hour presentation)

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    AmitD Jul 16, 2009


    I attended this presentation in Scottsdale Fashion Square mall yesterday. I read the review before going there and internet is full of negative comments on this, so I though of going and finding the truth again.

    I went their with my wife, filled up an easy form. They ask Driver Licence and a credit/debit card... I showed them my licence and expired and useless credit card I had, though of avoiding hidden charges...! they just saw name and returned back to me... so there is no problem here .

    Than we attended 1 hours presentation where they make you understand that 5 start resorts are better than motel 6.
    They said about their POINTS programs and life time vacation to all over world.

    After presentation, they tried to sell me the points... for example 266 points costs approx $26000. you can pay in monthly installments.
    266 points make 3 weeks of vacation anywhere in the world . Its free if its in USA, and you have to pay very much discounted price if its international. Its really a good deal if someone want the vacation throught his/her life . they said that we can sell, rent our points too. and family is always free.

    I said NO coz I didn't have 26000 USD to spend. They still tried to sell me fewer point, I said NO again. Then some other guy came and tried to sell me point on discounted price... and asked me to decide same day.

    I said No, they were so unhappy with me !

    But I was supposed to get my free gift as they promised.

    I went to other room, they had some cards in a box. I pulled one card and scratched it says "SPIN" .. .I spin the wheel as we do in Vegas and I got number "75" that means I can have 2 night of vacation for 2 people in Vegas or San Diego ... FREE! ... I choose San Diego . They gave me a form to fill up and mail to some address. we have to pay $100 as a refundable depost.

    I didn't spent my holidyas yet, But I would love to tell my experience once I am done with this FREE vacation.

    Result : They are business man and there is nothing wrong to sell / market products... its up to you to decide. In every case, you are going to get your FREE Gift.


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    rweis Aug 07, 2009

    I'm a little surprised at some of these responses because this certainly wasn't the experience that my wife and I had. I was skeptical but went to their presentation in Newport Beach, CA anyway. It was actually quite nice. They treated us great and although we didn't buy, we would of if we could of afforded it. It's a great package. I have a friend at work that owns a timeshare with this compnay and he loves it. he and his family are always going all over the place. He's going to Belize this November with his timeshare

    Robert Weis

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    VanHeath Aug 15, 2009

    About three months ago I filled out an entry form to win a new car or $100, 000. Just three days ago I got a call from Pacific Monarch Resorts stating that they had selected my entry form to participate in a drawing for one of those grand prizes or another prize and was guaranteed to leave with a gift after (the catch) a 90 minute presentation about their resorts and oragnization.

    I did some research and found this site and many more that clued me in that this is a timeshare sales pitch, and despite much of the negative posts (many from people who didn't even attend the presentation) I decided to give it a shot. I figured a couple hours of my time was worth a shot at a load of cash or a free trip somewhere.

    I just got back from the showroom in Scottsdale, AZ at the Scottsdale Fashion Square. And just as a prior post stated, I found that it was a nice experience. Everyone was very polite and provided drinks and Paradise Bakery cookies. The stated 90 minute presentation was pretty spot on, total time there was 2 hours, waited for a few minutes to get in, made introductions with the sales person assigned to my and my wife, 90 minutes later we were offered the sales packages which we had to decline and then drew for our gift and got a 2 night stay including airfare to San Diego.

    The presentation was very low pressure and even at the end where they were looking for a sale, they stayed respectful and accepted our "no" for our answer.

    Honestly we really wish we could have bought into it, because it is a really great deal. They sell you a points package in which depending on where you want to stay and the day of the week you spend your points, and if you don't want to spend your points you get extremely discounted daily rates. The cheapest package they would offer was $5400 which gives you 60 points which renews every two years for the rest of your life and the timeshare ownership can be given away or passed down through a will to children and grandchildren. They will finance for 7 years and require a 10% down payment. For the $5400 it comes to about $100 a month. All the resorts are really nice, most of the resorts require 10+ points a night, so the offer in my example gives you 6 nights stay within a two year period for the rest of your life.

    Anyway, it's a good deal because if you figure paying $100 a month for 84 months plus your $540 down is $8940 to basically stay an average of 3 nights a year for the rest of your life at a 5 star resort which would otherwise cost you $300+ a night. So if you take your investment $8940 divided by the normal $900 a year equivalent, after approximately 10 years, you'll be vacationing completely for free.

    Anyway, I was very surprised at my experience and have been referring all my friends and family to go fill out an entry form and check it out when they call. I sure wish I would have won the $100, 000, so I could have used the money to buy into this program.

    I can't express enough how really cool a timeshare program this is. Me and my wife hope to go back next year after we get our tax refund and buy into it.


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    SelfEmployed Sep 09, 2009

    Just received a phone call about a card I filled out months ago that said I won and was guaranteed a prize. I was all gravy until the guy said that the company behind it was Pacific Monarch Resorts and that it was important I knew the same.

    He also said I had to go down to Encino at a certain time to win my prize.

    It's just timeshare marketing. Pretty standard stuff, they make you sit through a grueling sales pitch and then you get some small compensation.

    I make about $50 an hour freelancing at home as a web designer. So if I spent 30 minutes on the phone, 30 minutes googling, plus 2-3 hours plus drive time that would mean the prize would have to be worth AT LEAST: $250.

    Additionally that means I break even and I have to do a series of things I wouldn't enjoy at all.

    No thanks

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    Too Bad I'm Not Stupid Dec 15, 2009

    They called up and tried to get us to come down. We almost went through with it, then at last minute we actually called to cancel. We figured it was nicer than not showing up. A month later and here they are again, the syrupy voice of the young sales woman congratulating us on winning, etc. I ignored the message. Another call came in the next night - must have been her boss because she sounded a lot more down-to-business. Finally I called them back and told them that, thank you, just like before, we have absolutely NO INTEREST in attending their seminars, etc. She tried to bribe me into 'guaranteeing' me a certain something or some such other prize. I still said No Thank You. In the last 3 hours, since that phonecall, they have left me 2 inaudible less-than-one-minute 'phone messages' which just sounded like background noise. This must be their way of trying to annoy me. So as it was after hours I left a message in their general voicemail box saying that if they didn't CEASE AND DESIST THIS NONSENSE I would call the attorney general in orange county california and the attorney general in california. Hopefully that will take care of these desperate folks and their money-grubbing ploys!

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    MonNik Feb 06, 2010

    I just got back from a presentation and everyone was very cordial. We even said no the first time and they were willing to accept it at that but before we said no they sent over another guy that gave us a trial deal price- it was very good and we said no to that too and they were still very cordial to us.

    Well after getting our prizes, " 2 tickets to any theme park here in california plus one night in a nearby hotel" and " a mini vacation to a place of my choice from their list" we decided we wanted in on the deal.

    Some may say we were suckers but i thought they were very professional when we said no and am happy that we can now go to any of their 9 main facilities or countless other sister places for next to nothing.

    bottom line: they are trying to sell you something but you can always say no and you get to keep the prizes

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    utopializard Feb 19, 2010

    Well here's my story...

    Back in October we filled out the change to win $100, 000 or a car. I got a call a two weeks ago about attending their 90 minute semiar. The guy who called me with the "good news" was named Daniel H. and he explain when, where and what to do next. Well when I got the call from his manager to confirm my reservation he mentioned that I need to bring my boyfriend in order to qualify for this. I told him Daniel didn't mention that I had to bring my boyfriend so I told him to forget about it. That day I got a message from Daniel apologzing about not mentioning that I had to bring Eric with me and to call him back. I refused to do so and let his future calls go to voicemail. After 3 days of leaving me messages I got another call from a lady named Lizzett. She was much nicer and explained in detail about what I needed to bring, when and where. She explained to me that they would tell me a sales pitch about buying into timeshares but that they normally target people in their 50s and won't hard press me into anything. That they were going to serve finger foods and drinks. I figured, they were presistant so why not just go. What else have I got to lose? I had to bring 2 forms of ID which were a drivers license and a credit card and I also had to prove that my boyfriend and I lived together by bring mail that had our name and address on. We figured that since they would be serving some finger food we didn't have to make dinner. We got there at 745 and filled out a brief survey of our living situation, how much we make, etc. After we were introduced to the first sales rep who was named Tanya. She was very nice and pleasant telling us about the company, showing us various places available to vacation. She offered us juice or coffee and that was it. She took down some info like how much traveling we take, how much money we spend on vacations, etc. Finally after 15 minutes with her we went to watch the 90 presentation. She mainly showed us the places to vacation at and another guy named Patrick showed up to tell us the costs. He offered us 266 points for 36, 000 plus the yearly cost of HOA which were around 138 quarterly. We discussed this and told him no so he offered us another package worth $14, 000 and again we said no. He offered us time to sit alone and talk while he went to another table to explain the costs but Tanya stayed with us. Again she showed up the lovely places to vacation. When he came back we again told him no. So he sent us on our way to the prize patrol where that guy was named Scott. Well Scott tried to sell us the $14, 000 timeshare but we said no. The he came at us with a $6, 000 price and we said no. Finally he gave us a discounted trial offer of 2 years for around $2, 000 with no HOA fees. Again we said no. Well by then it was after 10pm and we were tired and ready to go home. But Scott kept pestering us. He was making comparisions and basically telling us we were stupid for not buying into the timeshare..he kept telling us that we didn't understand. We politely told him we understand, we are just not interested. Finally after 20 he gave up and told us he'd take us to another person to get our prize. He jumped up and bascially ran ahead of us angry that we said no. He wasn't polite or respected our decision he was basically upset at us and he showed us that with his attitude. Well, our prize is a 2 day accomodation to san deigo with a round trip flight. Thats it. So if they tell you the prize is 2 days, san deigo/vegas, airfair, meals, etc..they are lying. Oh and they didn't let me exhance my gift which they said I could do if I didn't like the prize I received. The bonus prize was a 2 day accomodation to lake tahoe. Thats it, no discount on food or services and we have to pay for our own meals and transportation. All in all, despite the "prizes" I think we wasted 2 1/2 hours of our night and we didn't eat because they didn't have any finger foods. In my opinion..this is a waste of your time!!!...I'm gonna fill out those vouchers for the prizes to see how that goes and I'll give my opinion once again. If you're intersted in knowing you can email me at [email protected] in a few months and I'll tell you the results of those prizes. Oh and another thing...Tanya stated that my boyfriends name was the same as her dads and Scott stated that his sisters name was my name and his dads name was the same as my boyfriends name. How creepy is that? I wanted to ask if they also had a brother named Mason because thats my cats name. No pressure to buy my butt...they are rude at the end and insist that you're stupid for not buying into this deal. If you do go, try to tell them to buy you into the timeshare and if you like it you'll pay them back..haha. Not sure if it makes a difference but I attended the one in Scottsdale at the Fashion Square Mall

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    TonyFahShizzle Mar 20, 2010

    Everyone needs to stop watching South Park cartoons about Timeshares and vacation ownership presentations. I'm sure everyone here that has a complaint has done "shadier" or worst things in their life than tell a white lie. How bout maybe a used car that you sold? Did you tell the buyer the whole truth????? Of course not, and if you say you did, you're a liar. It's a SALES presentation people and yes they are trying to run a business just as you all are at your jobs. It's just a different method. Yes of course some people may tell white lies and be misleading but that happens all over the world, everyday, in every business. Everyone just wants to jump on the wagon and talk bad about whatever they can. It is a 90 minute presentation UNLESS you show interest. So if you were there for more than 90 minutes, it was your own fault and you probably thought about buying. Then when you decided not to buy, you made up an excuse just to walk out of the joint feeling better about yourself.

    I worked in the marketing side of the timeshare biz and yes there are ups and downs. The outcome of your presentation will be determined by the mind set you give yourself before the presentation. Most people decide they're going to hate it before even getting to the preso. Have an open mind for once, or better said, have your own mind for once and don't get jaded by other peoples skepticism. The trips are free, all you need to do is pay for taxes which is like $45. If you can't pay $45 for a 3 or 4 day trip you're better of going to blockbuster and renting a movie.

    Oh, and the 2nd form of ID needs to be a credit card. They don't run it and there are NO hidden charges. It's simply to make sure they're not investing their time, effort and free vacation into some shmuch that couldn't buy a lemon at the corner used car lot. They want to make sure you have credit to buy their product.

    You should research the resort where you will be attending your presentation before hand. And don't go to stupid websites like these. Go to the companies website and see what there resorts and destinations have to offer.

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  • Ka
    KatieKKK May 12, 2010

    I recently attended this presentation. Its aweful and a waste of time. They kept us for almost three hours. They did finally give us our free gifts - which was a trip to LAS VEGAS and another free trip to a local destination of choice. When I came home and read the details of the trip, I realized how much time I had wasted on this. You could oly go to these destinations during weekdays. You have to fill out the forms, mail it to them, wait 2 to 4 weeks to hear something back. Thenyou have to book 60-90 days in advance, you could only go the destination during weekdays and there are bunch of blackout dates (blackout months for destinations like Catalina). I wouldn't reccommend this to anyone.

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  • Ka
    KatieKKK May 12, 2010

    Dear Mr Tony, yeah the trips are free but the catch is that you could only go on the weekends. That is not a problem either as long as they disclose it to the people before hand. I had particulary asked the sales guy who called me about the restrictions on the trip and he said there were none. Thats a lie and false advertisment.

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  • Ga
    Gary B. G. Aug 02, 2010

    A guy named "Josh" called and said that they were one of the Top 5 winners from a mall sweepstakes. He didn't identify which company he called from or what the prize was. I'm glad I did some digging online before forwarding this message to my parents. It seems like all the positive comments on every complaint forum are made by the same guy with terrible grammar and spelling. One of his posts actually try to pretend that all the negative comments were made by a disgruntled ex-employee with an axe to grind. One of the despicable comments here are defending a business' right to lie to consumers! Needless to say, the type of company that does business like this will do or say anything to have better sales. I've met pimps with more morals.

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  • Ka
    Katt Ruvalca Dec 21, 2010

    I went to the showroom in newport beach ca. And they were all extremely nice and yeah they kept making it hard to say no and were really trying to get us to buy in with them but YOU DON'T HAVE to they took our no and were okay with it they weren't pushy and they didn't look at us like we were jerks. We left there with our 2 free gifts which ofcourse nothing in the world is 100% free and we pay our $20-$50 taxes on them which is better than paying full price of the trips that we won which were 2 tickets to disneyland w/1 night accomidation and the other is our choice to go to big bear, catalina, ensenada mexico, Lake tahoe los cabos mexico palm springs Reno Rosarito laughlin or vancouver and we are going to big bear w/2nights accomidation all in all you don't have to say yes and u WILL leave with ur gifts all u ppl are greedy and just want ur gifts and leave that's why u didn't pay attention to what they said and u didn't read the back of ur letter! We ended up running back in after leaving and bought the trial package because it was too good to pass up

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  • No
    Not Convinced May 27, 2011

    I was called today as well. I immediately went on google to research the "scam" and I sure did read a lot. Though at least 95% of the comments are saying its a scam, as I read the comments with an open mind, I find that maybe 50% of the people commenting never bothered to go to the presentation. They simply did a google search and found the many negative comments and felt like they saved themselves some time and energy. About 45% of the comments are from people that have gone to the presentation, and they did in fact get a free trip. The problem is instead of 90 Mins like the customer service rep said, they spent maybe 3 to 4 hours. (Not sure if this is an exaggeration or not) After the presentation they feel the sales people were way to pushy and wouldnt quit trying to get them to buy, when they expressed they werent interested and simply wanted their "free" prize. Then the remainder of the 45% who attended speak about how they did receive their trip, but no one wins the 100k or Car or nice trips to Hawaii, but everyone wins the Vegas trip (even people from Vegas).

    Then you have the 5% of the positive comments from customers who purchased time shares and enjoy them. Who use them and have accounts of good times with family. Ive even come across one person who went to the presentation, got their prize and basically tells anyone who is complaining about a "scam" that they are a bunch of idiots that dont realize that this is a company that wants to sell you something, and that if you go into it knowing that you are not just gonna walk in, get your prize and leave, then you wont have all these crazy complaints and be online telling anyone who listens that this is a scam.

    Now I dont know what to expect. I have never been to a presentation, and I cant comment on what is what until I actually go tomorrow night, but what i do know is as a teenager I did go to a presentation for a timeshare with my grandmother and best friend and we won a free weekend trip to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. It was a blast, they had an indoor water park and a bunch of near by attractions. My grandmother was only asked to sit through a presentation for a hour. She knew she wasnt buying a timeshare but we still enjoyed the trip.

    I dont know, as I read these comments, all I hear is scam this scam that, to me, if you went to the presentation, were in the age range and income range that they originally asked and left with your free prize no matter how sucky you think it is, or how much pressure they put on you to buy, then you got exactly what they said you would get, "1 of 5 prizes".

    I think everyone should take there crappy trip to Vegas and be happy.

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  • Ga
    Gary B. G. May 28, 2011

    Sure, a lot of people are crying "scam" when it really isn't. The problem is the gross overextension of the time it takes to go through the presentation, which is at best a bold-faced lie. If someone genuinely wasn't the least bit interested at all in the presentation, it should take 0 minutes instead of 90. I haven't been to one myself, but I can say from experience that their version of interest means nodding your head to a series of pointless, open-ended questions such as "Do you want free money?" It's a gimmick to excuse their underhanded business practices at the consumer's expense.
    And then you mention the income and age requirements. We all ignorantly filled out those "win a free trip/car" cards at malls, so they know our age and income range. Pulling the prize out from under us because we don't meet those requirements is a waste of everyone's time.
    Now if you actually get to the prize selection itself, you'll see people's comments about how your chances to win anything beyond a Vegas trip is next to nil. The Vegas trips don't actually cost these companies a whole lot of money: They're paid to send people to Vegas. Advertising so many prizes and then not shoving out anything of actual value is also a sketchy business practice.
    There are more than a few ways to "win" a free hotel stay in Vegas, and many of them involve sitting through a timeshare presentation. Except, you know, the companies will just tellyou what you're getting in exchange for sitting through their presentation instead of wrapping it in unobtainable prizes from a rigged game.

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  • Mr
    MrsLopez Jun 01, 2011

    My husband and I went to a presentation in Ontario, CA. We like the presentation. We have family who have owned time shares and are very happy with them, so wanted to see what it was all about. We bought the trial membership and can't wait to start using it. It is more than 90 minutes we were there about 4 hours, but it did not seem that long because you are not just sitting there negotiating, you see scale models of the resorts and they take you a little tour. They offer refreshments, and explain everything. We are happy with them, the bonus is that we got the trip to Vegas, yes it is during the week only but it's free! We also chose the 2 night stay at Laughlin. Overall it was a good experience.

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  • No
    Not Convinced Jun 01, 2011

    @Gary B. G. There are numerous problems with your post.
    #1 if you are not interested in the product the presentation should actually take less than 0 mins. You shouldnt be there in the first place. The folks that go to get the free prizes, if they have read the info on the website they direct you to to print out the forms before you come in would know that in order to get your free prize you are obligated to sit through the 90 min presentation. What do you think is gonna happen? You gonna walk in, stop them dead in their tracks before they can even say good evening and tell them, "I ONLY CAME FOR MY FREE TRIP. IM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR PRODUCT. NOW... WHERE'S MY TRIP?" No thats not how it works. You exchange 90 mins of your time in exchange for a free trip. Thats the agreement.

    #2 The presentation is only 90 mins. Maybe even a bit less. What makes things run over time is if you are interested and you stay to talk things over with your loved one or take the model tour etc. Or if you arent interested but have a particularly pushy sales rep, but since most people dont know how to put there foot down and say exactly what they mean, I can understand why the sales reps would waste more time trying to get people to change their minds.

    #3 As far as your comment, "I haven't been to one myself, but I can say from experience that their version of interest means nodding your head to a series of pointless, open-ended questions such as "Do you want free money?" It's a gimmick to excuse their underhanded business practices at the consumer's expense." ITS CALLED SALES. These are tactics that most sales people use. Maybe when you think of sales you think of retail sales where a cute highschool girl ask if they can help you, in which you reply, "No Im just looking." Thats not sales. They are professional apparel folders. Yes I agree being sold to is very annoying, especially when its not done right. Sales is an art and unfortunately sales jobs are the easiest to get because they are commision and there for you have a lot of poor sales people out there making your experiences very unpleasent.

    #4 as far as the vegas trip being the only prize that anyone ever wins, if you did go to a presentation and get the website to print out the forms they ask you to bring, you would see that on the site it tells you the chances of winning each prize. The 100k and Car as well as Hawii trip are all low odds, the vegas trip is 1:1.04 so yes, the chances you will win a vegas trip are pretty much 99.9%. Again I wasnt expecting 100K because unlike all the ignorant people on this thread, I can read. Im nt stupid enough to think Ima get a bunch of ### for "free" I realize Im paying with my time.

    In addition, my wife and I did purchase because we kept an open mind and liked the product. However with more research I found that you can purchase the exact same product for pennies on the dollar. So I canceled our agreement, and purchased the same product on the resale market, We got 3x's the points at 3x's less than we originally paid. So instead of owning 89 points paying over a 7 year term for over 10k in cost, we now will own 266 points for just over 3k.

    Pacific Monarch is not a scam, its just run by poorly trained, high pressure sales people, and nfortunately its a business and their purpose is to make a profit. If no one gets that, then Im sorry for you.

    Put your thinking caps on people.

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  • Ga
    Gary B. G. Jun 02, 2011

    @Not Convinced
    "You gonna walk in, stop them dead in their tracks before they can even say good evening and tell them, "I ONLY CAME FOR MY FREE TRIP. IM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR PRODUCT. NOW... WHERE'S MY TRIP?" No thats not how it works"
    That's exactly what the sales reps in multiple complaint boards are implying.

    "The presentation is only 90 mins. Maybe even a bit less."
    I've yet to see a single comment online that mentions the presentation actually lasting less than 90 minutes. And you said that you didn't attend the presentation, so I don't know where you're getting this from.

    "What makes things run over time is if you are interested and you stay to talk things over with your loved one or take the model tour etc."
    I can't imagine how this could possibly take an extra 2 to 3 hours of people's time. You seem to be well versed in how their business practices operate, though.

    "ITS CALLED SALES. These are tactics that most sales people use."
    Yeah, I can understand that a pushy sales rep will say and do things to hook people in and extend their presentation time. However, they laid out exactly how much time the presentation should take, and doubling that time is absurd. The only reason this presentation should take that much extra time is if they flew you to Vegas first.

    "Sales is an art and unfortunately sales jobs are the easiest to get because they are commision and there for you have a lot of poor sales people out there making your experiences very unpleasent."
    I understand that they don't hire employees based on their spelling or grammar ability, either.

    "I wasnt expecting 100K because unlike all the ignorant people on this thread, I can read. Im nt stupid enough to think Ima get a bunch of ### for "free" I realize Im paying with my time."
    If anyone who went to these things could read fine print, they wouldn't have filled out the "chance to win" form to begin with. Now you said yourself that people here are paying with their time, so they'd want something valuable in return. These hotel rooms cost them next to nothing and yet they can't even give people a winning chance at actually getting a decent prize, as implied when they filled out that form next to the shiny car. For all anyone knows, nobody has ever won anything but a stay at their hotel.

    "However with more research I found that you can purchase the exact same product for pennies on the dollar."
    No, you can't. Both the hotel and sales presentation are run by Pacific Monarch. Unless by "the same product" you mean a timeshare in Vegas, then more power to you. Either way, timeshares are a huge waste of money.

    "its a business and their purpose is to make a profit. If no one gets that, then Im sorry for you."
    They're making a profit out of lying about absolutely everything they've offered. If you're really fine with shady business practices, then I can see why you got suckered into the timeshare program. Get some morality.

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  • No
    Not Convinced Jun 09, 2011

    @Gary B. G

    When I said after doing my research I found you can get the same product for pennies on the dollar I was referring to the Timeshare program.

    I do agree with you in feeling Times Shares for the most part are a waste of money and time, however the points based system used by Grand Monarch Vacations when paired with their Interval Gold program is a very flexable product that allows you to vacation almost anywhere in the world. The retail price of these point based timeshares though may in the end come out to a substancial savings over a 20 or 25 year period (thats if your vacation rate stays concistent) it is very costly. I forget the price levels quoted to us, but just for 111 points the cost was something around 14k with out any discounts and with a 10 year financing option you pay double that amount. Mind you with 111 pts you can only really vacation for 7 days every 2 years if you just use your points.

    What I discovered the next day was that for just over 3k My wife and I could purchase not 111 points but 266 points which is enough to vacation 7 days/year in a 2 bdrm villa only using our points. If you went to a 5 star resort in jamaica and rented a 2 bdrm villa for a week it would cost you almost 3k for that one vacation. I spend 3k and get to do that every year for the rest of my life, at over 2000 hotels and resorts all around the world. Not just on one specificl week at one specific location per year. if that is a watse of time to you, then I dont know what to say. I am more than happy with our purchase, and My wife and I will be using the 2 free trips we got for going to the sales presentation as well. We traded in the Vegas trip for a theme park trip with 1 night accomidations and we also have another trip for 2 nights to our choice of 9 other locations in Southern California.

    So sorry for everyone who was expecting the world and just got a long sales presentation, but it seems to me if you gave up 2 or 3 hours of your time and got a free trip somewhere regardless if its a 4 star or a 3 star hotel, you got way more out of it then Pacific Monarch got, especially since none of you purchased anything. So I just say quit complaining and continue watching informercials and wasting your money on those products because you people obviously are to dense to get it.

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  • Fi
    fiji_83 Jun 26, 2011

    Yesterday me and my boyfriend attend to a Presentation in Encino, CA. We were received by a sale girl name Shannon very cheerful girl. She asked us how much we like to travel and where, i explain to her that my dream vacation will be Fiji. Well she was you are in the right place because we have of programs that will save you guys money and will fly for $224. Soo was WOW! I advise her everything was too good to be true. And also told her i just hope it was a scam. Well make sorry short my bf ended up getting a time share gave $200 and in a month had to come up with $402 twice so i total of $1.030. EVERTHING IS A SCAM!

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  • Jd
    Jdizzle3 Aug 03, 2011

    @ Not Convinced
    Your obviously an idiot . You said you never attended any presentation so you really shouldnt comment on this not being a scam. That is unless you work for Pacific Monarch..??? Go ahead go buy a time share, go get your "free" gift and let us all know how it goes lol. And a year later let us know about how you can never book your timeshare. Ok??

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  • Jj
    JJ T Aug 13, 2011

    CONTACT your local network news and newspaper people!! If it sounds like a scam and talks like scam, it probably is a scam. I for one don't believe a word these "happy consumers" are saying, I smell paid employees. Happy consumers DON"T go to complaint websites. I say we all get a hold of FOX 11 so we're all emailing the same network.

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