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ACME Markets — nestle water

I was in this store today 11-16 at 11:22am always shop hear on weekends and never had a problem until today the Nestle water was in your ad buy one get one free when I went down the water isle I grab two off shelf was full of 24 pack with a tag that said 3.49 sale was good till 11-21 when......

Employers  · Nov 16, 2019

Family Dollar Stores — manager


Hi my name is Julie Gonzalez. I live in the area of this new family dollar and since opening I shop there at least once or twice a week. Usually I have an okay experience but that is not the case this past Tuesday. I went into the store and the moment I walked in I could hear an employee......

21 comments Retail Stores  · Nov 16, 2019

Cigna International — long term disability insurance

Stay away from CIGNA. Do not take my word for it, Google CIGNA LTD Complaints. The CEO and Executives are GREEDY PIGS. All they care about is the stockholders and the PIGS at the top. Spread the word to family, friends, coworkers, social media sites to hopefully hit CIGNA in the purse......

Other  · Nov 13, 2019

Save-A-Lot — coburn farms string cheese mozzarella

596188Opened a pack of string cheese and noticed that on a few of them had mold spots in random spots. This is not the first items that I purchased at this location where the food was contaminated or tainted, beef the was rotten, rice or flour with bugs.. The store is not clean and the bathroom......

Food  · Nov 11, 2019

Rite Aid Corporation — cashier/management/store 4554


I have been a customer for well over 10 years and have made numerous purchases and prescriptions . Today I went to the store to buy some groceries and Halloween treats for my grandkids. I have an EBT card which I have been using for years at use at various locations and supermarkets. My......

Bad Business Partners  · Oct 28, 2019

Family Dollar Stores — caramel m&m's


69674I purchased a bag of Caramel M &M's and could not believe that they were so badly crushed and broken. I buy at least 6 to 8 bags a week, I love them, I was extremely upset and you should know that it's a reflection on your company that this establishment would sell them like this. I took......

Retail Stores  · Oct 27, 2019

Wawa — hoagies

I waited over 15 minutes for my shortie sandwich today on my lunch hour from work, and when I got back to my office to eat it, the roll was hard as a rock, the cheese was ice cold, and the lettuce looked like it had seen better days. I didn't have enough time to find something else to......

Food  · Oct 25, 2019

Raymour & Flanigan Furniture — sexual harassment

I was in your store at Franklin Mills mall on October 9th and what I experienced was disgusting and appalling. MY salesperson Richard Einhorn actually told a woman (hispanic woman) who I think may also be a salesperson to play with his genitals. I have been a victim of sexual assault so I......

Arts & Humanities  · Oct 25, 2019

Dollar Tree — big issue with your store employees, all of them, had problems with them in the past. complained to the store manager on duty at the time!!


Been shopping there since it was deals and five below, long time customer. Had problems in the past with this store, and, complained to the store Manager on duty!! Staff is very rude, ignorant, and Stephanie is the major problem!! They have problems with their register and with the new......

Retail Stores  · Oct 23, 2019

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health — night manager/staff verbally assaulting me defaming me by calling me gay 2:20am

Hi my name is vernon wheeler and I have been a customer of cvs for several years. I get all my medicine from this cvs because I am diabetic. Today wednesday around 2:20 am right after I told my spouse to cash app me 5$ more dollars to get a battery for my watch at 2:16 according to my call......

1 comments Health & Beauty  · Oct 23, 2019