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The CEO, Rachel Lindsay, refuse to give us our security deposit back. It's been almost 60 days since we moved out of the rental property. In the state of SC, landlords have 14-30 days to return security deposits by law. She has avoided our phone calls, and pretended that we left the rental property in bad shape. The next day, Rachel Lindsay saids the house was in good shape and denied ever making such false accusations. We left the house in a cleaner condition than it was before we moved in. Now, we are forced to take Rachel Lindsay to court. She's a con artist and is stealing money. We should have never rented from them once we got our first "red flag" from the company. Initially, the office staff told us $1025 for the rental price for the rental house we were interested in. Once we went to fill out the paperwork, the price went up $100. The CEO, Rachel Lindsay, denied that her office staff ever told us the monthly rent was $1025. Rachel Lindsay should be exposed for what she really is and I hope that her business fails. We paid our rent on time every month. Other renters should beware that this company will use your security deposit to handle normal wear and tear...(i.e., cleaning the carpet) which should be her responsibility. We had to pay to clean our carpet twice because the CEO didn't like the company we used the first time, even though the carpet was clean. So we had to go back and have clean carpet cleaned. RIDICULOUS!!! All I can say is we really need and depended on getting our money back. Like everybody else we have bills to pay and kids to feed.


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    TN_AT_HEART Jan 04, 2010
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    I too have had the exact same problem. We lived in a retal property of theirs for 6 years. Upon leaving we jumped through all their hoops to ensure the return of our deposit (cleaning, carpets professionally done, painted all the walls, edged the yard and put grass seed down etc., and included receipts). AT the final walk thru, the only thing I missed was cleaning the stove, it was a pure accident that I missed it. They kept our entire $700 deposit. We have before and after pics of all the work we did. To the person who has written here, please contact me.

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  • Lo
    Lovechs Dec 23, 2010

    The did the same to me.

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  • Hs
    hsewife1 Mar 02, 2011

    I agree I went through the same thing with them and i am taking them to court lol

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  • 2c
    2chucktownmama Mar 08, 2011

    We also had a terrible experience with Rachel and P & L property management. They have now changed their name to 1 Sterling Place...perhaps to get away from the negative comments from P & L? I will never ever deal with them again...would rather live in my car.

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  • Ge
    GeorgeoftheJungle909 Jun 04, 2011

    I was the owner of a property that Rachel Lindsay managed during 2007. Even property owners - BEWARE!! It was a nightmare!!! She charged me for services the tenants said never happened, she never sent any proof of fees charged, she performed services that I explicitly told her not to and then deducted money from the rent. Not to mention that her excuse for never answer calls is she's always out of town. Tenants and Owners stay away!! Looks like she has changed the name of the company from P&L to 1 Sterling but sounds like she's up to her same tricks.

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  • Ne
    neveragainwithher Nov 18, 2013

    Vendors of hers should also watch out also. She refuses to pay on the agreed upon date, claims work wasn't good enough to try and keep the money for herself, and charges most of the vendors a 10% fee discount that she does not pass on to the owner or tenant who is paying for the service.

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  • Ba
    barethefacts Feb 24, 2014

    We are still living in one of her rental properties. Upon moving in over a year ago we gave her a list of items needing correction. A few have been corrected. Just a few.
    She obviously did not do a walk through of the house. If she had she would have noticed a 2 inch thick mat of dust on the heating
    return grille. Also she would have noticed the dirty moulding in the bathrooms, disintegrating Venetian blinds, etc.She said because we have inside pets she refused to paint the walls. Her handbook which by its own terms is part of the lease cannot be made part of the lease in the handbook, only in the lease.
    We plan to be out ASAP, and have already discouraged others from renting through "1 Sterling Place".
    Notwithstanding her list of activities she does a poor, thoughtless, rude job of handling that which seems to be her bread and butter.

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  • Gg
    ggbwb Sep 03, 2014

    The same exact thing has happened to me, she should be exposed

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  • Ha
    Harry Dent Mar 05, 2018
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    She's still at it today!

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  • Al
    alanmd101 Aug 29, 2019

    I was a property owner. Funny, I thought it was only me who she took advantage of. After a few months, I never received a check for rent due to the fact that something was always breaking or needed repair. When I finally got enough sense to get out from her control and sell my property, she threatened to take me to court! Owners and renters beware, stat away from this company. And any company this woman is involved with.

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