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Overachievers Enterprises Inc

Overachievers Enterprises Inc reviews & complaints

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Overachievers Enterprises Inc - Never Received Magazine

On may 16, 2009 I purcashed a subscription for the Official Xbox Magazine for $35. Two young African American students approached me and explain that they are trying to earn money to better themselves and their lives. The female was trianing the male student and did most of the talking. Her name was Santiece Hers/ Kovitz. I have called the number on my receipt, [protected] and it is not a valid, working number. I have also emailed [protected]@americannationalinc.info and had my emails returned. I'm checking into filing a complaint with the BBB. But, I won't hold my breath.

If there is a lawsuit brought against them, count me in. I still have my receipt for $51. No magazine ever. BUT, here is the strange thing. A couple years ago the same scenario occurred and after a long delay, my magazines did begin arriving! This time around, nothing. [email protected]

Forgot to post the link to their Internet " server " : www.impressiveconceptsinc.com. Check out the names of their staff--they're ridiculous! These scammers are together! And what about applying for a job with ANI? www.aniwehire.com/apply.html. Look at how they promote their " business " : www.aniwehire.com

Contact the Kernersville Police Department. They told me this scam is ran from Florida and thought it was already closed. (They also told me to file a complaint at my local Police Department.) I checked their web server and they look exactly the same; I bet they are the chief-scammers, since they say they're located in Gainesville, FL--no address though... You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of NC and the NC State Attorney General. I contacted ALL the magazines listed in their web site, ALL credit cards, PayPal, etc. I explained that they were lending credibility to these scammers by allowing them to use their logo. Send me a private message with your email address, and I'll contact you so we can update each other and keep in contact. Maybe we’ll never see our $ back, but maybe we can help put these guys in jail!

I'm basically in the same boat as everyone else, I fell for the whole sob story and both 2 subsciptions and when I tried to cancel by calling them I never reached anyone when dialing ext 2 and when I did dial ext 1 I got Jonathan Bobuland and was told that someone would be calling me back in regards to a refund, well haven't heard anything back as of yet so now, I'm actually in the process of looking into filing a lawsuit against them in North Carolina. I will update more once I know if this is possible and see what course of action can be taking against a scam company like this.

I also was taken by these people. I fell party to this scam on 4/23/10. I just recently found my receipt. I have not received any of the magazines that I ordered. I don't usually buy anything from people that sell door to door, but I also felt like I could help these 2 young men. My husband is really into fitness so I ordered 3 different fitness magazines. The check that I wrote was for $242.00. I called the number on the receipt and pressed 2 like it says and got a voice mail box that was full. I called back and pressed 1 and got a man. The background noise was horrible and I could hear curse words. I was told someone would call me back. A woman did a short time later and promised me that she would let Mr. Cooper know that I needed a refund immediately. Supposedly someone will call me back by 3:00 today. I am not holding my breath. It sounds like people sitting in a warehouse answering phones.

I am in the same situation too. I ordered Readers Digest b/c their selection was TERRIBLE...thinking I was helping these young black men out b/c of their "sob" story. This was July 19, 2010. I have called numerous times, leaving a message. Today I pushed "1" in you are intersted in a job...The man by the name of Jonathon Bobuland answered and I told him what the situation was and he hung up on me. Each time I called back he continued to hang up...BEWARE do NOT order these unless you just plan on making a donation...

Get our money back, I'd join you! Let me know.

I am so angry, frustrated, and embarrassed! I have never been a prejudiced person but situations like these are pushing me in that direction! I work in a commission based career so I have a special spot in my heart for those who do the same. I was taken in by the gal on my doorstep on 9/28/2010 and ordered a subscription I can't afford and don't have time to read at 45.00! I called the next day to cancel and was ASSURED that my check would be destroyed. It was presented to my bank and cashed on 10/4/2010. I no longer have my receipt and cannot reach anyone to get assistance!- Why don't they just ask for donations like beggars instead of act like thieves?

I think it is time for a Class Action lawsuit against American National Inc. I for one still have my receipt and log of contacts with dates plus certified mail receipts. Either that or I will get a lawyer and file a small claims court action. Anyone else want to join in?

My husband and I were also victims of these people! You can read our story here: http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/american-national-inc-aka-overachiever-enterprise-c379747.html. These people are free to scam hard-working Americans and nothing happens to them! Is that because they're black?! I thought we're supposed to be color-blind in this country! Shame, shame, shame!

I too just had a guy show up who was trying to better himself. I gave him a check but now I'm going to put a stop on it. What a shame, I totally got taken.

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