Over The Falls Tours & Transportationunprofessional and incompetent

J Aug 14, 2018

Mr and Mrs John Wesolowych
Booking Number GYG42468726 PIN KZHAng/T
Date of Trip 31st July 2018

Pick up time was 30 minutes late.
Microphone on bus was faulty.
We were abandoned at the immigration gate when driver drove off without realising that we were still at passport control. We then had to make expensive phone calls to the company for the driver to return and pick us up.
The trip was advertised at approx 4 hours but actually turned out to be 7 and a half hours thus making us miss another appointment.
Due to the severity of the incompetent service supplied (being left at the immigration border was traumatic) we feel that total refund is appropriate.

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    No updates, please see original complaint

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