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L May 01, 2018

Similar to another person below, I too was lead to believe that the monthly subscription rate would be $3.33 per month. I paid via PayPal. However, when the charges came through, I was charged $21.30 AND $90.41. They claim the $90 is for a six month subscription. They then informed me the $21.30 was for some type of premium service. I did not request any premium service. I used the site for 2 days and closed and deleted my profile.

When I called the customer service number, the group of operators is located in the Philippines. The first operator made it very obvious that he was reading off a script and trained to talk in circles in order to frustrate me and encourage me to give up. I eventually did cut the call off because it was obvious that operator was not going to resolve the problem.

I called again and the second operator did refund some money. I got back $77.50 out of the $111.71 which I was charged. This site is NOT worth the money, and the company quoted one price on the screen but charged considerably more. NOTE: They also set your account to auto-renewal automatically. If you do decide to use the site, you might want to turn the auto-renewal feature off.

I absolutely do not recommend this site to anyone.

unauthorized charge
unauthorized charge

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