OTEDA INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED. - watch mobile phone M810Decieves people do not give true info uses false description do not honor warranty

A Review updated:

My name is Sergio Salgado from Cismeios, Lda a company located in Portugal.
A few days ago I order some equipments to your salesman Mr. Johnson.
Among them some watch mobile - M810 that come with: bluetooth stereo headset, FM Radio and Earphone among other things.
This Mr. Johnson sent me the watch mobile - M810 without FM radio, no stereo bluetooth headset and without Earphone.
When I complained I got an answer that the factory now does it like that, so for me to conform.
When I asked him at least send me the headset he told me thet it is very expensive to send it and till today never told me anything.

OTEDA INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED. - watch mobile phone M810


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      Sep 29, 2009

    I am so glad I am not the only person out-there I also have Problems with this so called company (OTEDA Industrial Co., Limited) they are all nice until you have a problem and give them your money. Once you have a real problem example warranty issue there is no such thing as help they won’t help you and imagine if you purchased over 50 products from them and if they all had a quality issue????

    It means all your money has gone down the drain be very very careful when buying from companies as this because I can promise you they will give you the cold shoulder which gives the Chinese manufactures a real bad name.

    Do not I repeat do not buy anything from ( OTEDA Industrial Co., Limited ) it’s all nice nice nice until you have a problem then its rude rude rude.

    I am based in the UK and made a huge mistake buying from them never ever again.

    Shame on your Mr so called Johnson.


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      Nov 01, 2009

    Firstly, allowing me to introduce myself, I am Johnson sales manager from Oteda. Which a professional electronic product factory with a good reputation from all over the world. Today I want to clarify one thing insteading of our company.

    We are sorry for those problems Mr Sergio Salgado mentioned on forum. We really do not hope to happen such unhappy things, but since they have happened, we must clarify it for our company's reputation so that I don't hope that our other customers are made a mistake.

    Anyway, some times I think it is hard to communicate with you due to your rude and

    . I got your complains after receiving the goods. and I have replied you . Detailed as below:
    The bluetooth stereo headset issue----in all our quotations or catalogs, we have written very clearly that we only pack "Common bluetooth headset as gift". We have not told any one we provide bluetooth stereo headset. Meanwhile, when you ordered it, I have asked you that if you need bluetooth stereo headset, you could add some money to pay for it, we could pack bluetooth stereo headset to you. But you only chose the common one. So, I don't understand why you complain here? Do you know this is a rude and irresponsible active?
    2. without FM radio, without Earphone issue--- Before 1st August 2009, this model watch phone M810 was including FM Radio, Earphone. But From 1st August 2009 on, we promoted this model M810 to a low end market with a very very low cost. So some inconsequential factors were deleted. we have sent you a new catalog (as attached) that declared it without FM and no earphone before you placed the samples order. But you didnot care it and didnot ask us about it. So we thought you knew this alteration. The price what I quoted which was excluding FM and earphone, I have explained this to you when you complained to us. And I aslo promised you that we would donate free several pieces earphones to you with the next parcels due to the high shipping free. My aim is order not to hurt our business relationship for the small thing and few money. I still hope to establish long business relationship with you, So I promised you, But you refuse, you chose to calumniate us everywhere . I think this Guy you are so rude and obstinate and can not understand my good favor.

    Finally, I declare that we will never do business with the Guy . But Pls stopping your bad behaviour. You already affect our company's business. This is my statement, I think all people can know who has the fault for this thing?

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      Nov 01, 2009

    I am Mr Johnson again.
    No proof at all on my end shows that we do business with the Guy from UK. From the whole words, i never saw his real name and company name. Why were you afraid of showing you name? At these years, our company grow up step by step and is at the top place of electric product fields. We have own certain customers' group, So I conclude that this Guy is our company's rival at the same filed, not at all our customers.
    pls take the blame for words and deeds. this is dirty and scornful. pls stop!
    I hope that new customers don't care this thing, you will know our company services and quality after cooperating with us. We want to establish long long business with customers all over the worlds, not one time, two times. We are the best and most professional factory at China.

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      Nov 25, 2009

    Dear Guys & Honest people

    Please read the below and thank me for wasting my time to teach you a few things about this idiotic company OTEDA and China rubbish.

    I am the UK guy that posted the second comment about this low-quality so called company OTEDA.

    I have not provided my company name or website only for 1 reason? If I done that it means whenever people do a company search on Google my Company will come up and show my customers that I have purchased rubbish products from China. Which straight away downgrades my company reputation?

    Please believe me as an honest Christian do not buy anything from China or this so called company OTEDA INDUSTRIAL.

    In the last few months I have purchased 15 sample products from various cheap Chinese companies. Believe it or not all of the products had various faults and I have lost over £2000.00

    Imagine if you sold these to customers I guarantee you they will call you back in a few months if you are lucky to sell them with no current faults. So you might get them a few $$$$ cheaper but in the long run it will cost you double the amount. Once a product is returned to you your options are very low. You have to refund your customer and loose money. Don’t even bother trying to email or call your so called Chinese supplier. Their first words will be please send it back and once it arrives please pay for the shipping back to your country. So by the time you have paid for both deliveries you will straight away loose money. That’s why there is no point even trying to send it back just take it as a learning point PLEASE.

    As a successful business man please follow the below procedure and I promise you it will avoid many problems. You can’t grow a business with Chinese Rubbish so please don’t even bother starting. All their websites customers service procedures etc etc they have just stolen from us Europeans. The only good thing they are known for is selling and copying counterfeit goods which will cost you double nothing else.

    How many Chinese electrical companies do you know worldwide? Maybe 0

    Why? It’s because they concentrate on copying and piracy nothing else.

    How many Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese brand names do you know? Yes many LG, Sony, Hitachi, HTC, + Many many more.

    The Chinese will never be like their neighbors they can only try to copy their service or products. But they have never invented their own.

    Please believe me maybe 90% of electrical products purchased from china have serious quality issues or copyright problems. Because everything they do is Cheap and never tested to the World regulations.

    If you are looking for suppliers or good quality products please try to find Taiwanese Japanese or Korean suppliers. They are world leaders in this market and much more professional.

    You MR so called Johnson know me very well. I purchased a mobile phone from you and when I asked you why does this phone have so many bugs what did you tell me remember ????????

    Oh yes that’s how the manufacture makes them all those models have those bugs its something the manufactured has not figured out yet. ))))))))) you need to travel to Europe and understand how we operate don’t just talk rubbish. You rude rude little man.

    How can I tell my customers that once they buy something from me?

    I just wish you told me all the issues before I purchased the product not after you CONMAN.

    All the best

    Guys please remember what I said.

    All the best

    God Bless.

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