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Aug 12, 2018

I got takeout as part of a group. $50+ meal and nearly all was thrown out. Pork Lo Mein was spaghetti with seven strips, thinly sliced, of pork. That's it. No bean sprouts, no bok choy, no onions, no scallions, no sauce. Egg rolls were greasy and not drained. Chicken fingers weren't included but paid for ($7.50). Broccoli and chicken was fatty chicken, overcooked and hard, raw broccoli. Sesame chicken was dried out, overcooked and sauce was too sweet. Chop suey was all celery. No one saved anything for tomorrow.

I haven't had their food in at least fifteen years. Never again. At the cheap takeout places, food is delicious, seasoned with little salt, prepared right and priced right, too. Chicken fingers are $5.95/large, Egg Rolls $1.50 each. No fancy decorations or fancy settings, but I judge on food, not decor.

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    Massachusetts, not California.

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