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Optimum review: price gouging

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Yes the new guide is rotten, slow and they changed it just for the sake of change.
I've been a customer for over 20 years.
I have the triple play with the old value channel lineup.
Recently they move F1 from espn to nbcsports due to F1 negotiations.
So now I'm missing indy car and grand prix racing, yet I'm getting a 3 dollar a month
surcharge for sports channels that I can't get, and they took my bbc channel.
I called up to see about an upgrade to the preferred package, and was told it will
cost an additional $16 per month, on top of the $171.49 I currently pay.
I was almost gonna bite but then I was told I'm going to be penalized an additional
$1.50 because I have 5 boxes.
Boxes that I pay for to use THIER services!
That's it I've had it with these greedy fools.
As soon as something better comes along I'm switching.
By the way I did not upgrade, IT'S NOT WORTH IT!

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Mar 09, 2014 6:23 am EDT

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Optimum cable changed their guide & the DVR feature is frustrating - the changes they made are frustrating. NOW I see a "circle" at the top of my screen as if I'm on a computer on the internet and that hourglass thing pops up while waiting to upload a site - it's like Optimum's new layout changes is like the Internet! So when I change channels I have to wait ... when I flp to watch DVR I have to wait - and sometimes the word "Loading" will pop up on my tv screen & sit there "loading" for the longest time til I run out of patience & shut it off & just watch cable channels. A FEW TIMES I had to snatch the plug out of the cable box & re-boot it so that it'll act right. I wonder why they made the new changes, because the service was JUST FINE as it was BEFORE these new "changes" - the changes are STUPID & problematic & I HATE my cable service now ...


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