Optical Express - White Citypricing

S Sep 07, 2018

I went in to see if I was suitable for lens replacement on Sunday 5 August. I
was seen by Sejal. I had laser treatment at same site about 10 years ago. I
asked for a discount. Sejal advised this should be possible and suggested
speaking to Anna Zambrao, who dealt with this and who did further tests.
Sejal advised it would cost me £6, 200. When I saw Anna, she asked how
much discount was I looking for. I said I was looking to pay £5, 200.
However, Anna suggested that 10% discount would be the maximum and
she made a phone call. Anna returned to advise that they had agreed to
the discount. Making it a total £5, 580 (£6, 200 - £620). I was asked to pay a
deposit of £500. I did this.

The balance remaining was £5, 080 (£5, 580 - 500). However, I received a
phone call from Anna on 5 August asking me to pay the balance over the
phone. I gave her my card details and asked for the receipt to be sent to

On viewing the receipt I noted that that I had been charged $5, 431.
Overcharged by £351.

I have repeatedly contacted Optical Express and as Anna has been on
leave no one has sorted this issue.

Today (7 Sep) I have been informed that the fact I had been given a
discount has not been recorded on the system so there is nothing anyone
can do.

I asked if I could speak to Sejal in Anna's absence. The person could not
advise me when sejal would be available.

I am outraged, as this is taking money falsely. I also question taking card
details over the phone.

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