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OpsGear Complaints & Reviews

OpsGear / horrible!

Jul 28, 2016

I've ordered some stuff from website and paid over $200 for everything. The next day I received a message stating my order was shipped. One week later I decided to contact them about my order because I was curious why was it taking so long. They said that they had a... / he doesn't tell truth about the order

Jul 17, 2015

When I ordered from the website, I truly believed that they were professional and would help me if some problems would occur. I ordered one item, but the seller didn’t warn me that they didn’t have such items any more. I waited 4 weeks for the order, but the... / fraudulent business

Jan 22, 2015

I placed an order with opsgear. Two weeks later with no products arriving in the mail I contacted customer service to find out where my products were. I got no reply. Three days later I contacted them requesting a refund. They replied that they were sorry, but that if it was acceptable they will... / my order was backordered and seller didn't return money back

Dec 18, 2014

I ordered some equipment from the company I placed order 2 months ago, but the seller didn’t provide any info. After 2 weeks, the seller replied that my order was backordered, so I needed to wait 4 more weeks. I waited and after a month, I understood that it wa... / the seller didn't provide orders and kept silence

Nov 22, 2014

Don’t buy from the scamming company 5 months ago we bought some stuff from them. The seller charged us really fast, but after that he told to wait maximum 5 weeks. We waited 5 months and got completely nothing. WTF? It was impossible to reach the seller, ‘coz... / seller lies about delivery and tells diddle-daddle

Jun 06, 2014

I bought military clothes from I placed the order 2 months ago, but still no delivery. The seller replied only twice and each time he promised to deliver ASAP. After that he stopped communication and contacted me recently and told that the order was sent. But it was lie...