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We ordered a Stylus 850SW Camera for our granddaughter for Christmas from Ontime Digital Inc. The Clearance price was 109.99 plus 9.99 shipping. We were so pleased to find what we wanted from a renowned camera manufacturer, that we reluctantly did no research. We received an order confirmation email followed by a request later to call to confirm our order. We thought this strange. My wife called them to only be confronted by a high pressure salesman to add accessories at much additional costs. She told them no thanks, just ship what we ordered. Within a few days we got the Camera. However the packing slip indicated we had been charged 219.98. We sent emails and called Ontime to only be told we must return the camera and pay an additional 119.98 for another camera shipment. By this time we had researched Ontime Digital Inc. here to discover that we were only one of many customers being scammed by them. Per our banks recommendation, we filed a case against Ontime with our sheriffs office. We also wrote Olympus to strongly recommend that such a reputable company should cease doing business with such a dishonorable company as Ontime. File claim and write manufacturer.


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    Dale R Dec 05, 2008

    Do your homework when ordering anything online and the best price dose not always tell the story.
    Dec 1, 2008: I searched for a Digital Camera as a gift, Fuji S1000fd, I found that OTD had the best the price offered and beat all competition by at least $70.00 so I submitted my order.
    Dec 2, 3, 4 2008: After many attempts to contact, via phone, and on hold for 20+ mins, getting transfered, then hung up on I emailed customer service, which was a joke, about just wanting to inquire about my purchase. I had been logging onto their site going to My Account and seeing atht the caption kept stating NEW ORDER, I checked my CC Statement 2-3 times per day online and had never been billed and I thought that they were so slammed that it may take 72 hrs before I had confirmation.
    Dec 4, 2008 evening, recv'd an email from them asking me to confirm my order, which I thought they did this to help prevent fraud or unauthorized use mf my Credit Card(CC), wrong it was to UPSALE me, Bait and Switch, the rep, started out by thanking me and that they would complete the transaction. The rep went into saying "you did not purchase any batteries, which is odd all camera's will come with batteries, then wanted to sell me a warranty and mem card. Then is were I knew I was getting scammed, All Camera's come with a Limited Warranty, and a Memory Card if it is a digital. I said no to all even after he dropped the price of the for the package, and the tome of his voice changed to very unexcited about my purchase
    Dec 5, 2008 I logged onto MY ACCOUNT at OnTime Digital and it now states ITEM ON BACKORDER, if I wish to cancel click on the Backorder Item, well after reading all blogs here and on the web, my fingers could not go fast enough to their site and CLICKED CANCEL MY ORDER

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