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I have an account with them and have faced numerous service outages. I'm told someone will call me back and they never do. Their tech support line rings and rings and no one ever picks up, they respond to about 1 our of 10 emails.

Horrible way of doing business.


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    Citizen X Feb 28, 2009
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    I have the same problem, paid for 1 year subscription in november 2008, about 1, 5 - 2 months later my account doesn't work anymore.
    After my own investigastions I can only see that all my files (private backup) is erased without any reason and without any message from them.
    Contacted support via livechat on their site several times, everytime they say: "looking into it" and never heard from them again.
    Also mailed them several times, but no answer.

    In my opinion, is a true SCAM and absolutely NOT reliable.
    BE AWARE, you have been warned!
    They will steal your money and erase your files.

    "You can't demand good reputation, You'll have to earn it"

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  • Sk
    SKJames Apr 27, 2009

    Same issue here, this website is a fraud.
    I opened an account based on online reviews, and the service was not working since day 1.
    I gave them a few days to adapt, tried to communicate with them but the service line never answers.
    As a computer engineer I can tell you this is a rip-off.

    This so call company never provided the service and you will not be able to cancel you accounts.

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  • En
    Enough Jun 01, 2009

    I'm in Australia. Signed up early 2009 for US$10 "unlimited" storage on an rsync server and a publicly accessible ftp site. Concur 100% with these complaints. These guys are di*% heads. Avoid and advise widely. On the bright side, forced me to go to the ultimate backup solution, a linux box + big hard drive at my parent's place on the other side of the country, for regular rsync backup. I hope they eventually getted dragged before a court and into the slammer.

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  • Ra
    rainbat Jun 09, 2009

    Agreed with everyone on this, looks like they've deleted my files and aren't answering my emails... going to cancel and go for a slightly more expensive but more reliable company like mozi

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  • Same exact problem so I bought go to the website so google will see lots of hits and put it high in the search. Maybe this will help put them out of business.

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  • Be
    bethschiwek Oct 20, 2009

    I am very sorry that any body has had any problems yet alone so many. This field is full of cut throat prices that it is hard to find people to do what it is they say they will do for you. Many other post come from other companys looking to trash the other guy. I am stepping in and making matters right. If anybody would like to see if what I say is true please come back and have another try. I will be starting back with the company the 1st of November full time and as of last week have been trying to get a handle on what is going wrong. My name is Beth Schiwek and can be contacted threw e-mail the FIRST TRY and next month will have a direct line to me.
    Thank you and again I am very sorry,
    Beth Herzig

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    Chris Hrzig Oct 22, 2009
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    Verified customer

    My name is Chris Herzig the manager of online storage solution and I would like to respond to this situation. We take customer satisfaction seriously. We are in a very though situation at all times, you can bend over backwards and spend hours and hours and hours working with a customer over a long period of them and have them singing your praises from the mountain top and screw up one time and end up with the posting thing like "Your entire business is a SCAM " or "They should go to jail" or "They should be shut down"

    I guess what I would like to say here is first if every company on this board was "shut down and their directors sent off to jail" there would be no Internet, no Cell Phones, No Restaurants, nobody to fix your car and so on because there is not a single one of use on this planet that is perfect, in short we ALL SUCK sometimes. If it was a crime we would all be in jail.

    That said there is a difference between Sucking because you don't care and sucking because the technology or the systems are imperfect. In the technology industry problems almost always fall into the latter.

    Over the years we have identified areas that have been causing problems for customers and addressed them when we could create a policy to improve without creating more problems. It's not an easy task because something that is working for 99% of customers but causing problems for 1% of customers will create 200 new angry customers per month in our situation. But if changes will make the 1% happy but may make a different 2% unhappy not you have 400 angry people that think you suck.

    So with all that in mind I would like everyone here to know about some of the changes that we have put into effect to try to resolve the issues that have been brought up here.

    1. We do not do recurring billing on new online storage accounts. If you pay with your credit card you will have 1 charge of $19 then we destroy you account information. Next year you will get an invoice, you can choose to renew or not it is up to you. If you pay with PayPal it is a 1 time charge and there is no way for us to charge you again period. You will get a paypal invoice when it is time to renew and again the choice is yours. Everyone must keep in mind that if you move away, change your email address and phone number and don't tell us about it you will not get your invoice, won't remember to pay your bill and will end up with your account shut off and if you don't notice that your data will be removed and you will be back here trying to "shut us down again"

    2. We are spending more time with the 1/4% of customers that user excessive resources. We have changed our balancing system to try to allow these people to stay without creating out of space errors for 300 customers. That said if you have 50 servers to back up buy 50 accounts, they cost less that $20 a year. Go ahead and squeeze 2, 3, 4 even 5 times your money's worth out of the service but don't try to use up several thousand dollars worth of resources and screw up everyones experience. We think that 500GB is a fair amount of secure RAID online storage for $15/year. Can you go over? Yes but be reasonable.

    3. As for support, search for any Internet Service Provider, Host, or Storage Company and you will find and there are a handful of complaints about their support. Our support department seems to suck enough to end up with 3-5 complaints a year posted someplace take that times 15 years and you get the picture that we don't provide any support.

    4. Every day we review calls, emails, and reviews and try to find out what broke and what to do about it. It's almost always human error and somebody fell through the cracks. The fact is that only 1 in 8 customers ever contact our support department and about 5% of our customers use 75% of our support resources.

    Since we can't rule out that a customer is not going to get disappointed now and then I think the least we can do is make it worth their effort to call back and give us anther crack a the problem.

    Along those lines we have created a support guarantee, the only one in the industry. If you call our support staff and you are promised a resolution to your problem and that problem is not resolved in the time stated you will receive an additional year of service for free. The person that dropped the ball will have that year of service deducted from his/her bonus.

    To sum it up, I just want to make it very clear that based on what I hear every day for our customers we have a great service better that anything else they have tried. We don't have a single bad review from any authority. We have great reviews from our customers posted all over the Internet and even radio talk show hosts have make good remarks about our service without being asked or paid. They have received good feedback from their listeners.

    Everyone here works extremely hard and we try to address problems as we see them without creating more problems. We are willing to put our money behind our support with the first ever support guarantee in the industry.

    In addition to all this We have Hired Beth to address and resolve problems that customers are having and have not been able to resolve through the normal channels. She will act as a natural party and help with communication for those customers who are have a hard time with something for any reason.

    On a final note. We have located and resolved the issue that Mr. was having and even though his account has been working now for the past 5 or 6 weeks he did not seem to know about it. None of his data was lost and we are glad to have him back as an active member again.

    I hope to talk to you after you become a customer and if you still have doubts based on stuff you read in user reviews keep this in mind, almost nobody ever posts about stuff they love and even if they do it is burred in google, google loves complaints and they pop right up. All these complaints tell you is that someone what not happy and you will find them about every product you own and use. If you are looking for online storage try us, if you don't like us we will give you your money back, if we don't your credit card company or PayPal will. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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  • Ro
    rovi Nov 06, 2009

    disagree with the guys who run the company and agree with all the onlinestoragesolutions haters. I actually get charged $9.90 a month! This was the deal a few years ago. some months they charge me twice for good measure. I can't get the company to return calls or emails. My data is inaccessible. The only solution is to work with my credit card company to cancel the payments and attempt to get refunds. I'm having trouble with this and may end up needing to cancel my credit card! I've paid them well over $300 and have received zero value (unless hours of uploading files is your idea of fun).

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  • On
    OnlineStorageSolutionSucks Nov 19, 2009

    What can I say? Emails go unanswered, file transfers drop out constantly. At the moment I am unable to access my storage for about the sixth time this week. The $15 I payed is too much for this crap service.

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  • Nu
    nullo254 Dec 08, 2009

    Quick review:- If you want reliability DON'T go with this service. It sounds too good to be true, a simple search in Google with, "" will pop-up with numerous results showing you just why.

    I recommend these SAFER and RELIABLE alternatives and for ultimate backup and storage. I'm actually using LiveDrive and I love it. --- If you want reliable service DON'T go with this service.

    A lot of what they claim can be contradicted in their terms and conditions. People unable to access their documents for days and weeks at a time, e-mails aren't answered frequently, and it's hard to tell whether you information is encrypted or not.

    They have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and I've received my money back (although some others haven't), for your safety NEVER PAY for something UPFRONT. It screams scam, scam scam.

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  • Da
    DanWT Dec 14, 2009

    I signed up with an account on onlinestoragesolution around a month ago and have had a very positive experience in general. A couple of days ago I started to get an error saying that my home directory was not present on the server. They did not reply to my emails but within 5 minutes of raising the issue on their live chat service the issue was resolved. According to the support personnel "You were uploading during a system move and it cause some files to be Corrupted"[sic]. While this sort of technical issue does not bode well for their server setup expertise, I honestly don't think this site is a scam. I'll be sure to check back and say otherwise if it all falls to pieces again.

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  • Ss
    ssackheim Dec 15, 2009

    We have been using for the past year and a half without any problems. They offer more then most storage sites that charge hundreds if not thousands per year. A great service for only 15$ per year.

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  • On
    oneweb Jan 08, 2010

    I've had a few problems when I can't access their server but have always been able to reach the server later in the same day. Generally, I've had no problems at all. I need less than 2GB space, not unlimted, but even so the next cheapest supplier, DriveHQ, would cost twice as much. So far (after 4 months), I think I'm getting a very good deal.

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  • De
    debeani Jan 24, 2010

    I thought it was too good to be true and had a quick look around and found good reviews so I signed up.

    I haven't been able to connect once so I looked around a little deeper and found this. It only cost me $18 AU but I'm still not impressed.

    I'm disappointed in the reviewers as well as If you can't offer a service, Don't.

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  • Pg
    pgb47 Jan 24, 2010

    I also had endless problems but I did get an email after a long wait. It gave me a different server to log on to and it solved the problem. Unfortunately I had a system crash and no longer have the name. It was something like

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  • Ni
    NickSan Jan 26, 2010

    Won't recommend.

    For the following reasons:

    1. Their site to sign up crashed right after I made the payment thru paypal.
    I got a follow up email the next day asking me to provide them a user name and password so that they can setup the account for me, but sorry. I want an online solution that would be available to me whenever I want and I'll be ready to pay more money for that reliability.

    2. Tried calling them after the site crashed, waited on the line for 15 minutes before giving up. If they can't attend a new customer(that is the option I chose in phone redirector) in 15 minutes, not sure how they would treat me after I go over my 30 day money guarantee period!

    To the manager who replied above:

    There are a certain minimum standards that you need to meet before going live with a webservice.

    1. Your hardware can't support the data uploaded by the users.
    2. You advertise unlimited storage to beat the competition, but you ask the users who signed up for the unlimited service to be reasonable and use only 500GB storage.
    3. Your service team can't take the load of phone calls. If users can't even get to the service dept, what good is your service guarantee?

    With all these negative points, you should first go improve your product and then come back here to the review place asking us to try again. Your reply up there is 3 months back and I still had pain signing up for the service.

    I'm just waiting for my money back.

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  • It
    itsnotaboutme Jan 27, 2010

    I have to say I was worried when I found this post. It was while awaiting to activate. clearly a low budget operation (uh... that's why I'm here, I'm on a low budget, too).

    I called the support number and after a little bit of wait, I got through to a helpful tech. He was actually responding to my email as he answered my call.

    Go on and got going. No word yet on access issues.

    clearly not as seamless or easy to use as the competition, but much cheaper. they could use some serious work on the user inferface, but it could be done well, because the suite of tools could be really, really good. I hope you build this to the great product it could be.

    best of luck...

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  • Tu
    Turgencia Feb 08, 2010

    Since 3 weeks ago, I do not have access to my account (13 GB personal files). My user is still active but... but when I log in... look this scary screenshot!!

    I don't have to say but nobody is answering my emails...

    This is a scam... this is a scam... My main concern is not just they lost my data...It's, Did they lose my data? I did not store sensitive data but it could have been...

    last week I set up a sugarsync account... trust me, 50$ / year for 30 GB. Now I can sleep

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  • It
    itjie Feb 09, 2010

    Signed up for OnlineStorageSolution three weeks ago. Now I do not have access to my files, and I do not get a reply from support.

    This is definitely a scam!

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  • Sp
    sperrgebiet666 Feb 15, 2010


    I'm now a customer of since 6weeks or so. And i totaly disagree the most people here.

    Everything, from the sign-up to payment and my account works great. Rsync-Server is running fine, FTP and Webdav too.

    It's also no problem to upload from multiple sources at the same time. So i'm currently syncing with rsync from home, with Webdav from my office and with FTP from a Root-Server. All in all bandwidth-usage 30MBit/sec. I've currently about 600Gigs of data their and no problem so far.

    Furthermore i mean, for 15$/year!! it would be OK if there are some outages. I pay 35$ per MONTH for my home internet access and they have outages too.

    In my opinion is a really great way to haven an backup of the data. Cheap and reliable.

    An happy customer from Austria/Vienna.

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  • Ps
    P Shell Feb 17, 2010

    I signed up 3 weeks ago and everything seemed to be working ok (though it was very slow) until 2 days ago when suddenly NONE of my files are on the server. All the folders are still there but nearly 30gb in files has simply disappeared. I contacted support via email and am waiting for a reply. Their online chat was offline every time I checked yesterday - hopefully I will hear something soon. I will report back on how they deal with the problem!

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  • Em
    emlsnmd Mar 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed up last year. I had occasional problems with it saying not enough space and being unable to connect to my account but it was usually fixed within a day of sending an email to support. However since the end of January I have been unable to log in and despite lots of emails it has still not been fixed.

    It's a shame really as I like the fact that they use standard tools, I just wish it wasn't so appallingly unreliable.

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  • Fa
    fastmet111 Mar 19, 2010

    I am not buying into the idea that sperrgebiet666 is a legitimate customer. Uses the same grammar as the guy that says he is the manager of the offending company. I am sure some happy customer is just looking up the company so they can say great things about it.

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  • Jk
    jkconsult Mar 20, 2010


    I have been a customer since August 09. I just looked back at my emails - I just sent my 7th one asking for help. I've been trying to back up about 500G of photos - they assured me (multiple times) that it would be no problem.

    I'm constantly getting one of two errors - either my password is rejected (I've never changed it) or they run out of space (which they claim is unlimited).

    Let me be clear - when I get them on the phone, they are nice. And they often respond quickly when I email or call. I appreciate that; I could be getting lousy customer service in addition to a lousy data storage service. So they fix it, often on the first try, and I restart my backup.

    Technically, this works (for a while). BUT I'm transferring multiple folders at a time, and there's no sync software, so every time a transfer fails, I have to go back and figure out which folders are complete and which aren't, and then which files have been copied in the incomplete folders. HUGE time drain.

    Every time this happens, they tell me that they've figured out why it was happening and that it won't happen again. So I finally figured it out - it will! - and decided to write a complaint everywhere I can. It'll still take me less time than it would to complete this backup with them.

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  • Us
    user189 Mar 26, 2010

    Well, I've been using the service almost continuously since last April or so since kept giving me even worse issues.

    So far It's now Day 5 of no disk space left on the servers. Yes, I am probably one of the bigger users at about 900 Gig, but hey, they said UNLIMITED all over their web pages. Not * or anything. :)

    I LOVE the fact they have an rsync daemon running so at least I can restart the uploads of all my data. I came to after losing 3 hard drives in the last year. I wanted an offsite backup and the price is right. The service is ahem well ymmv in the extreme.

    I agree with others that perhaps 1 in 10 or 15 emails ever get answered. Right now NO/ZERO of my emails are being answered. Not good.

    I'm even trying to ask how to renew and to find out when they send the renewals etc. Easy stuff, and still no answers.

    I too got the "I'm answering your email right now" when I got a call through the help line once too... I'm thinking that is just a line.. I would love to be wrong on that.

    Great idea, Great price, less than stellar availability, less than stellar support practices, less than stellar reliability. I too lost over 200GB of data in one of their "rebalancing" of servers events.

    I am about 4 days away from actually having a full backup done and it's taken 9 months, but that is okay. It's a lot of data and my pipe isn't that big. OSS's inbound network speed however is VERY good when it works.

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  • After I put up they came after me with threats of legal action and suing me. In the end they paid me for the site. They now use it as their own. I sold it to them thinking they had learned a lesson and would hopefully straighten up their business. I was wrong. They still don't answer emails or fix problems.

    Chris if your still working there this is my warning to you. You didn't buy all the derogatory website names. I've purchased a very good one and unless you want to go through the same crap then continue as is. This time however I have had a long time to make it and passed it by my attorney. Its very good if I do say so myself and it will cost much more to get me to take it down.


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  • Dang I used to work for a company called service solutions and I always want to say that instead of storage solution sucks.

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  • Da
    dave.carson Apr 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    FRUSTRATED! I have been trying to back-up 30GB of info and it has taken over a week. Ridicuolous.

    I should have know this place was a SCAM (yes Craig, a SCAM!) when it took them a week to give me the proper credentials for accessing my account using FTP.

    Instead, I have been stupid enough to back up my files here. Now, I'm getting a message saying that the server is unavailable. This happens frequently, but I'm getting really concerned that I am going to lose all my data - some of which I don't have redundant backups.

    Craig & company - Do the honorable thing. Stop signing up new customers until you can properly service those that you have.

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  • Nu
    nullo254 Apr 05, 2010

    I agree, in their terms and conditions they claim that you can only use 500GB max. I experienced multiple failings in connecting to their servers. Service just isn't stable. I was so frustrated that I bought the years subscription, and noticed the complains straight afterwards.

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  • Nu
    nullo254 Apr 05, 2010

    By the way LiveDrive is a much better solution. They give you unlimited backup and a permanent archiving service called "Livedrive Briefcase", which is unlimited too. This can backup to lots of other computers. The prices are reasonable too.

    I'm not paid to say this, but I've used this for 6 months and had 0% problems. Much more reliable with a large community to help.

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  • Us
    user189 Apr 06, 2010

    Wow. You weren't around for the disaster that was then last year this time all the way up to the last 2 releases. When you get to about 200, 000 file range or nearly 600GB. Let us know how your Briefcase works then!

    I had to give up with because of the buggy, slow, and near incapacitating software client they have. I still have a subscription active there until June 2010. If this latest software update fixes the client issues with security not being used by default, as well as the file walker never finishing on large filesystems, and the excessive usage of vm memory allocations, I'll give them another try.

    At 149.00 a year for my Pro level subscription I'm still thinking for all I need to do with my machines and the low remote access to my files, I might just buy a new 2 TB hard drive every year instead and backup locally to them using Bacula and or RSYNC depending on OS support.

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  • Nu
    nullo254 Apr 10, 2010

    I haven't experienced the problems I heard about LiveDrive, I'm not dismissing that. I do agree with you when you mentioned how you had to manually enable encryption, something I thought should be enabled by default.

    Speaking of the remote access to files backed up locally, solutions like the 'Pogoplug' is a good solution, because their service does what you ask for.
    If you can get over the pink, it's probably a good buy.

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  • Da
    dave.carson Apr 12, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have been unable to access my files for more than 72 hours now. My emails to customer support continue to go unanswered.

    I know it's a novel concept, but the whole idea behind using this service was to be able to access my files remotely. Unfortunately, while I have been travelling over the past week, I have had a horrible time getting to any of the data I need. ###.

    This company is third-world people. It's so bad, I wouldn't even recommend it to my mother-in-law.

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  • Je
    JediAaron Apr 30, 2010

    Overall I'm satisfied with the level of service I've received.

    I did a lot of looking around and is defiantly one of the lease expensive. There has been unavailability but I have not yet been forced to contact customer service.

    I would suggest for personal use only. Additionally you should have a moderately high level of technical expertise so your can troubleshoot your own problems. Any business, security or integrity critical backups should look for a more mainstream service.

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  • Gi
    Gijs May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have tested OLS and found that transfer speeds (using FileZilla) were disappointingly low in general (sometimes reasonable, mostly bad). My e-mails about these technical issues were initially responded to promptly but at the end of the day the performance issues were not solved.

    When I informed OLS that I did not want to continue the service I was promised a money-back and removal of the account. I have asked at least a dozen times to effectuate this, but, until today, my account is still alive and the money was not returned. My e-mail requests were not answered any more. I asked the credit card company to undo the payment hoping my account would then be closed, after all. Alas, when this was settled still no (re-)action from OLS.

    I realize that for so little money, one's expectations should be proportional. I don't blame OLS for poor performance, therefore. What makes me feel really uncomfortable is the fact that the simple administrative action of removing the account is not accomplished, in spite of their promise and in spite of my repeated requests. I just want to be "out of OLS" and cannot get it done - so far. That IS bad, don't you think so?


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  • Ch
    Chris Hrzig May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I always enjoy reading through the feedback we get from customers and it helps us improve our services.

    Fist off let me say that in the process of making things better some times things get worse.

    For example, when the system was designed we never figured that anyone would be uploading 900GB. Many of the older file servers have 1TB file system so it's not possible for a customer to exceed that 900GB figure. You would think at that point a person may just want to signup up for another account because it's less than $2 a month, but the point it well taken.

    The deal with this problem we introduced 4TB file systems in Q3 of last year. Problem with this situation was it resulted in re-balancing account that created some issues with mapping.

    In Q4 of last year we introduced ZFS, it allowed us to provide additional features and add space on the fly via a SAN.

    The problem is the ZFS did not scale and was not fault tolerant at all. When some bad ethernet hardware got introduced into the network it chocked. Client servers hung and things were dirt slow at times and we had to reboot servers too many times to count.

    Also with ZFS when a bad harddrive was replaced it took almost a week to re-sync and make things slow and created problem with client servers.

    None of these issues showed up under our testing but we could not create the type of situation on the test bench that we get in the real world.

    I can not tell you the number of 20 hour days that I had in March and early April working through these problems with ZFS. It sucked for me, my staff and our customers.

    So to resolve all this we have moved to the Lustre file system. It resolved the reliability and management issues that create slow transfer speeds and allow us to use smaller file system, spread each clients files over many file systems and will make problem resolution faster.

    When it comes to technology some people get very upset when things don't work. Let's face it we depend on this technology for very important things. Just look at the cell phone complaint forum.

    What I can say it this, 75% of our customers were not impacted, of the ones that were 75% of them the impact was small. At no time did everyone have a problem and not a single file was lost.

    In general Online Storage a better choice than other types of external storage, why? you ask because all this makes it seems like it sucks.

    With an online storage service you have people. People that are working on the problem, protecting your data, paying for A/C and Power and won't stop until the problem is fully resolved, your data is back on line and everything is humming along. These are the people that allow you the time to post all over the Internet things like "it's not working it's a SCAM, these people are crooks, and racist things like they are "Third World".

    When your external harddrive breaks or your house burns down you are done. There are no "###" working on it and Seagate could give a rats ### about your data.

    So for $19 per year you can upload what ever you want, the service will work 99% of the time, your data is protected and you have people to fix stuff should it break.

    As far as customer service goes, we are committed to resolving customer's individual problems, teaching them new skills that what to use with their account, and trying our very best to keep everyone happy. We are doing a fairly good job meeting the requirements of reasonable customers with reasonable requests. We are working hard to do a better job meeting the more unusual requests and keeping the more particular members happy.

    Thanks For Reading


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  • Da
    Damon_St_Julien May 07, 2010

    I must say that I am a satisfied customer of Online Storage Solution. I have only been using them for about a month and a half now but I prefer them head and shoulders above the competition because of the pricing and the lack of restrictions. I had tried other services before, only to find hidden limits where bandwith gets throttled after uploading 100 GB, and fighting to get custom software to work in my environment. Online Storage gives you a ftp account to access your data. That is HUGE!!! No restrictions... Just launch Filezilla and go. Me personally, I set up some scripts to handle "prep" of the data before uploading, setting up an index of everything if you will, and Online Storage allows this. Just set up whatever you want and upload it.

    Also, Chris is correct, the service does work 99% of the time. I did have some problems from time to time and I always got a timely response to my emails addressing or offering solutions to my problems. And really, it is a great value. No other service comes close to the rock bottom prices that Online Storage offers... in fact, they are almost too cheap, as if that is possible in today's economy.


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  • Mc
    MCC-23 May 12, 2010

    I chose Online Storage Solutions because I liked there standard tools and flexibility (as well as their price). I have been a customer since October 2009. Up until a month ago (April 2010), I would agree with most of the comments. I was able to get through to customer service about 90% of the time and got a response about 90% of the time. They had a number of issues. Many problems. I also had some files with quirky file names that caused issues (e.g [ ] in names of directories/folders - their servers didn't like that). About once a week the system or my files where unavailable (never lost though). I called, they made adjustments, it worked again (for a while). Last month, it went crazy - down every day or more often. I called and spoke sternly with a new customer support manager who was very gracious, apologized, and told me what they were doing to fix things. Once this fix was done, I have had no problems and Rsync works great as well as Filezilla and other FTP tools. I had some frustrations and had to DEMAND good customer service, but they seem to have come through it as a better service. I will stay with them.


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    emlsnmd May 14, 2010
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    I quote from your comment:

    'As far as customer service goes, we are committed to resolving customer's individual problems, '

    Really? So how come my service has not worked since the end of January and I do not get a response to any of my emails?

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    Chris is a liar face May 21, 2010
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    Chris is just continuing the scam, I have not been able to use my account with any kind of success through any means, FTP, DAV or otherwise. Complete and total waste of money, but I am less upset about the $15 and more concerned that I used this service to protect against losing my photo's (I am not a big user max 10GB) and if something had happened I would have been screwed.

    Here are a few things to make you scratch your head -who does a search for a message board about a service sucking so they can defend the service, unless they have a vested interest? Hmmm? "I really like my cheap storage solution so I am going to search for negative posts and spend 15 minutes doing some free marketing" - if the service works as expected and as advertised nobody would think twice about it either positively or negatively, so logically there must something wrong with this service based on number of negative comments and by the same logic the positive comments are questionable.

    Another interesting fact is that studies have shown that people will accept being ripped off for less than $20 because doing something about it is more effort than it is worth - people write it off as 'I should have known better'. This is the category that I fall into.

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