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Don't fall for it. The rules keep changing and always to their advantage. If what they promise seems too much of a good deal - it is no deal at all. I did everything (over an hour online) to sign up for the purchases required to fufill their outline, followed up with merchants, and once all the items were confirmed online with onlinegiftrewards, I get a message saying the minimum enrollment is 60 days with each merchant (though that is not what the merchant calls for) and that if I cancel more than two agreements (I had just yesterday cancelled my third of 12, 12!, I signed up for). So far I've invested almost $300, twice what I thought I would be in for from initial online costs because of auto renewals, and I will never see the laptop I thought all this would get me. All I've got is a hard lesson... that was expensive. :mad:


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      Dec 18, 2006 - Broken promises and fraud!
    United States

    I have been promised a Toshiba laptop for a Panasonic HD TV and many gift cards for $500 gift cards being delivered overnite from BEST MACY's PENNY'S,TOYS R US WALMART,TARGET, CHECKS FROM WINNING LOTTERIES I am so over the confirmation and verification# even as far as saying the Best Buy was being overnited by FedEx for $500 they are from consumer gain,Rewards Dept Jessica P PSC REP almost forgot Home Depot and Circuit City CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE A WINNER no purchase necessary somehow doesn't rub me the right way and then it is in the Mail Merry Christmas what is going on!!!!????

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