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I have been waiting for my tax bonus payment from Tax Returns Australia since 21st april 2009 and it has now been over 3 months. I have made countless unsuccessful phone calls and emails to them in an attempt to resolve this issue and yet they have failed to credit my account. The Australian Tax Office had started 3 escalations against them requesting that they return this payment to the ATO but also had no result! I am waiting to hear back from the Australian Governments Tax Agent's Board in regards to my Complaint Against a Registered Tax Agent. I have also received legal advice in regards to debt recovery in which I intend to issue them with a Statement of Claim to be heard in a local court. I intend to exhaust every avenue possible to end this ordeal once and for all. Shall keep you posted!


  • Pd
    P Douglas Feb 16, 2015
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    Verified customer

    2015 update:
    Darren K Brown spent 18 months in prison.
    Robert K Brown & Company Secretary/wife Leona Brown, travelled extensively in Europe in 2009 & purchased a $1.2 million house in Port Douglas where they run a business, 'Frangipani Bed & Breakfast'
    Kimberley Brown purchased a house in Port Douglas as a holiday business, selling it 12 months later & buying properties in Philip Island. Kimberley Brown is now Mayer of Philip Island.

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  • Ni
    Nicko84 Dec 11, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Looks like the case was dropped due to insufficient evidence.###!!! So many people out of pocket and wheres the evidence of them giving us the cash?!?!?! Wheres the justice?????????????

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  • Ri
    ripped off batler Dec 04, 2011

    They are up and running again as
    Dont use them. they still owe me money and I dont know the process to get it back.

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  • Bi
    bibek acharya May 31, 2011

    how can someone make fraud against my tax return? how can he take my money without my authentication, how can i get back my money? please someone suggest me regarding this matter.
    its been 2 years i have been waiting for my money back, inspite of that the fraud is enjoying and having fun of my money.

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  • Bi
    bibek acharya May 31, 2011

    i have again tried to bring tax office consideration o this matter. i am having lots of problems these days. hope australian tax office gonna work out for me. thanx

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  • La
    late_comer Jan 31, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Hi Guys,

    I have just returned from living overseas, and so glad people have been doing something about these wankers.

    have they gone into liquidation yet? or will i still be able to get my $4000+ back if i take legal action?

    has anything happened with the class suit?

    im in melbourne this weekend.. and really just feel like bashing their faces in.

    hope you can give me some information!

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  • Lo
    LouAmbre Dec 30, 2010

    I have been waiting for a year and still have not recieved anything!! They owe me $4000!!! I have threatened gone to the police, Australia taxation office & now looking for legal advice! Noone can/ will do anything. Apparently Victorian Police are putting something together but noone can find anyone from this company!?!?

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  • Bj
    BjA Dec 21, 2010

    I went through the hell but fortunately I received my money in the end. After numerous threats I must admit i felt sorry for david Cole he did help me in the end and gave me follow up calls, I was never going to used there system again. The Tax office when I called was useless until I told them of there terms and policy for all external operators and as the customer this company isn't fulfilling there requirements. I also gave them the link to this forum. Where I work we also have a team of lawyers, spoke to them they were ready to write a letter for me. I also went to the finance minister asking to review his policy for external operators. I went to my local member of parliment (this was emailed to all at the same time). ATO was the first to respond, I got angry with them and told them that there not providing the customer adequate service and to investigate, you gave them access now fix it. I now had a name and a email address from the ATO, I then emailed to David Cole and got a response back from that thing jenna Coward, she's a little liar and even though David protected her...I even said to her many times on the phone that its against the law what your doing she was like a recording, so I told her she can tell them in jail. I got a call from David asking me to not me so tough on her...I said too late damage has been done.. This Robert and Co. screwed this guy and now his reputation if stuffed.
    I know where there office was and I was going to go there, they died when I told them I actually live in the next suburb and I can cruicify your business by word of mouth locally and also warn people in the local paper. I think I was there worse nightmare, I gave up talking to them and spoke to the people that gave them the authority to have this facility and higher, i thought it was going to be rectified that's what he told me after I directed him to the forum. Looks like it wasn't...I would also be looking at the ATO they agreed for theis company to have access and it was neglected by the ATO to monitor these companies. As far as I'm concern the ATO have a please explain too

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  • Ni
    Nicko84 Aug 31, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Not that im aware of. Mabye because it is a tax return but for my stimulus i was finally sent a letter from the ATO which says:

    RE: Tax Returns Australia


    Your TBP for $900 was transferred to your nominated bank on 4th May 2009 using Lodgment Reference Field ATO#####. The bank account you nominated was the tax agents trust account used by Tax Returns Australia Dot COm, this was recorded on your 2008 Income Tax Return.

    The ATO is not responsible for theft of funds when monies were paid by the ATO into a bank account nominated by the taxpayer. This is a civil matter between the taxpayer and the account holder.

    We are aware of the issues associated with this agent and are working in conjuction with the police however, we have acted in accordance with your instructions and have fulfilled our obligations. We are unable to pursue the recovery of the refund from Tax Returns Australia.

    To pursue this matter further please contact Knox Police Station, 414 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South, Victoria or on [protected] to lodge a complaint. If you live outside of Victoria, contact your local Justice department or take your own action.

    So basically if the money is not owed to the ATO then they wont do anything about it and we can go screw ourselves!
    I called the Knox Police Station and spoke to a really nice guy from the investigation unit and he said the be brutally honest I wouldnt see any of that cash...
    What im wondering is if out money was used to buy a holdiay house in Port Douglas, then do we own part of that house? lol guess not but I'll bet if that house gets repossessed and sold off that all the money will go straight into the governments pocket and we wont see a cent of it.

    ALso has anyone seen anything about this in the media? I thought it would have been quite and interesting story and am surprised nothing has been shown...

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  • Py
    Pyney Aug 22, 2010

    Is there anything that I can do now? I am still owed my tax return from 2008/2009. Has anyone had any success recently?

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  • Eh
    EHE Jul 28, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I am filing a civil action through Magistrates Court of Western Australia
    and needing their business street address - PO BOX isn't adequate

    Does anyone know their business address?


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  • Ou
    OutOfPocket Jul 19, 2010

    They are being investigated by ASIC. Let's hope we see some justice.

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  • Ni
    Nicko84 Jun 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Also if anyone still waiting for money could also complain to the Tax Practioners Board, to do so visit

    Click on "Complaint against a tax agent or BAS agent" to download and print out a form. Details you'll need are ( If you're stimulus package has been pocketed):
    - Agent name - TRA TAX SERVICES PTY LTD
    - State they were registered but not now
    - You owed them no money
    - And they've unlawfully kept the money.

    Hope this helps...

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  • Ni
    Nicko84 Jun 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also had the same problems as everyones else. over a year and still no stimulus package. I spoke with a solicitor breifly about this and they suggested calling the ato (again) and also suggested seeing my member of parlaiment with the problem. I have yet to speak my member of parlaiment but I didnt just get brushed off by the ato this time. They also suggested complaining to the tax practitioners board so i guess we'll see how that goes. Probably just another dead end...

    Does anyone know if is run by the same people as TRA?? If so I'll add that to my TPB complaint.

    Also has anyone had any luck with their claims in the last few months? Most of the posts are over 100 days old and havent really said if they have or not.


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  • Mi
    miketrigwell Jun 29, 2010

    I too had problems with them thankfully they never lodged my 2008/09 return and I all I lost was the amount I paid by Paypal.

    Unfortunate as my first 4 years using them had been great.

    Now I recieved this email today, it appears TRA has been renamed to Online Tax Australia

    Dear Valued Client,
    2 days to go to the 2010 tax season.
    Tax Returns Australia would like to remind you that we have only 2 days remaining before the beginning of the 2010 taxation season.
    A new website has been created by BMS Taxation Services Pty Ltd which acquired the rights to utilize and develop the old TRA solution package.
    This site has taken all the strengths of the old Tax Returns Australia website and focused on both software and service levels to deliver improved reliability and accessibility. The new offering will meet all your 2010 taxation requirements.
    All 2009 TRA clients retain the benefits of using their existing login’s and retention of their 2009 information which has been specifically licensed by Online Tax Australia in order to service the loyal TRA customer base.
    Additional benefits of using the Online Tax Australia site include:
    • Simple, safe and rapid online tax solution
    • All tax returns checked by experienced accountant/tax agents prior to lodgement with the ATO.
    • Secure and proven ATO approved software.
    • The one low FIXED tax deductible fee of $49 (inc GST) for 2010.
    • Easy payment – credit card, BPay or Fee deducted from your refund.
    • Available to use 24 hours a day at your convenience.
    • Access to help from qualified and experienced accountants and tax agents
    • Receive your refund in 14 days.
    • Provision of an intermediate between you the customer and the ATO should any issues arise. Eg amended or delayed refunds, audits and ATO reviews
    We look forward to assisting you with your 2010 tax return
    Online Tax Australia

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  • St
    Stranger22 Jun 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ok can some one tell me has taxreturnsaustralia been closed down because it seems like can not log in to my account online ?

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  • Ti
    timbucktoo Apr 29, 2010

    Has anyone made progress with their claims?

    I am trying all avenues with a lawyer and have got a tax agent doing some work for me. It is a slow process.

    Do TRA have an office in Melbourne where I can go?

    Fee free to email me: [email protected]

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  • Be
    becdarek Mar 21, 2010

    kimberly doesnt like to answer the phone - plus she sounds all of 18 on her voicemail!

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  • No
    nothappy123 Mar 19, 2010

    I am still yet to receive my refund of approx $1500 ad I dont know what to do as they are ignoring my countless emails ad phone calls. I want in there a few months ago and noone was there in the office apparently that could assist me and I was told that someone would call me back but noone did... I think they have now vacated or are vacating that premises in Boronia. Who can help with this?

    Please can someone suggest what I can do...

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  • An
    angryexemployee Mar 16, 2010

    I am appalled with the behaviour of Tax Returns Australia, it's Directors and owners. This has been going on for far longer than most of you probably realise. Being an ex employee I know exactly what they get up to and they will take down everybody! It's our turn to get our own back on these criminals who take from everybody and we don't even get what's rightly ours! They've stolen millions in tax refunds, stimulus payments, baby bonuses and kept employees superannuation for years and years - it didn't bother them either to often withhold employees weekly wages because they 'couldn't afford to pay' us!
    Please don't blame previous employees of this company for the criminal ways and masterminds behind TRA - blame the culprits, Robert Kingsley Brown, Darren Kingsley Brown and Kimberley Brown. My mind will only be at ease when at least one of these crooks is put behind bars where they belong!
    They are swanning around in holiday homes in Port Douglas (paid for by clients refunds) while some of us are struggling to earn a buck! It needs to end here!

    Good luck to you all in getting everything that's rightly yours - you've all been ripped off along with thousands and thousands of other innocent, hardworking Australians.

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  • Fe
    F.E Mar 15, 2010

    Hayley Jayne & Steven,

    After countless phone calls, emails and seemingly never-ending frustration in my dealings with TRA, I had a friend who works for a large legal firm issue the company with a letter of demand. It worked - both my long overdue 07/08 tax return and my stimulus payment were in my account within a week.

    Perhaps you've already tried this but if you haven't and you have access to someone who can assist, I strongly recommend it as a relatively hassle free option.

    Best of luck - I truly hope you reach a positive outcome without too much more grief!

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  • Ex
    exemployee2010 Mar 12, 2010

    I agree with Fran,

    I am an ex employee of the place and got out of there when they decided that they were going to make us take turns in getting paid, I DON"T THINK SO, so I left.

    If you don't take them all down they WILL go into voluntary admin, then find some sucker to act as a director for them and establish a new company and start all over again, ripping people off and spending those tax refunds, they have been doing it for the last 10 years at least, and now they have finally taken it too far and people have FINALLY worked out what the are doing.

    I say do then over and do it hard guys, they owe me super and I will never see that, even with written agreements to pay it you get NOTHING.

    Darren Kingsley Brown & Robert Kingsley Brown deserve to be jailed for what they have done over the years, but you know what ### won't stick to them, they contually brush it off. Time to burn you mo fo's no more lavish lunches, fast cars and flash homes.

    Good Luck everyone I soooooo hope you can bring these ### down, they deserve it...

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  • So
    something has to happen Mar 12, 2010

    Good luck guys.
    This has been happening for 20+ years and they continue to get away with it. Look at the Kingsley Brown Group. They convinced innocent people to invest their life savings into property investment in Phillip Island and ripped them off. They destroyed the lives of so many people, lots of who were elderly. They start a new venture, rip as many people off as possible and then put it in liquidation. From what I hear they haven’t paid superannuation in 20 something years either. How do they sleep at night?? How the hell do they get away with it?? How can the government allow them to do it and start up again? It’s appalling. I hope they come crashing down soon. They can’t continue to drive around in BMW’s and holiday in their million dollar holiday house forever.

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  • Ia
    Ian Robertson Mar 10, 2010


    My name is Ian W Robertson. I am owed my Stimulus package and a tax return of aproximately $1000/- plus accomodation, air flights, international phone calls, compensation for financial hardship, stress, depression, anxiety. Please include me in any action of 'any type' against these theives.
    my email: [email protected] I would also like the photos of all these people involved please.
    Any advice would be gratiously received.

    my email again:
    [email protected]

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  • Js
    J. Santisteban Feb 25, 2010

    I just found this forum, and I just found that TRA used the same tactic with me, I would like to know if is a lost cause, I believe there are few people which TRA owes $5, 000 or more, my case is $900, as is the case for many.

    please let me know what we should do?

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  • Ma
    MADANGRY275 Feb 25, 2010

    Im new to this and by fluke found this forum..I too have been lied to by owed in the vicinity of $ back to my 2008 return...I lodged in oct 2008 and forgot all about it...Just being curious I contacted ATO in April 2009 to see if I had lodged to late and they had informed me that they had already sent my refund in Oct 08 to my nominated accountant being TRA...So I contacted TRA and they informed me that they had already paid into my a/c the refund when I asked for the date the payment was sent I checked that with my monthly statement and lo and behold it wasnt there...The receptionist then went on to give me the account no and BSB numbers that I had previously given them which surprise surprise were wrong...I was then told that it would be at least a week before the payment would go in there...So Id give them a week and when it still didnt go in there I would ring them again(waiting for up to 25 mins before anyone would answer)This has/had gone on since April last year..And now I cant even get them by phone or get emails returned...But reading through this forum I now have abetter idea as to what has gone on behind the scenes...Does anyone out there have any ideas on whether its worth chasing up or is it a lost cause...
    I now have photo's of Kimberly Brown and Jenna Coward and if by some chance I happen to run into any one of these two then lo and behold...

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  • Ha
    HayleyJayne Feb 23, 2010

    Well Jenna it appears if you play with fire you get burnt.

    Yes you were a receptionist told to lie as the rest of you were that worked there.
    Did you not think that something WAS NOT RIGHT when getting abusive phone calls.
    Did you not think TWICE about lying about sending my cheque out "oh yeh we will get that sent off right now" Did you not feel at all horrible about the cheque not being there to be sent off? I wonder if it ever crossed your mind about the financial hardship it has caused all of us.
    BUT appears u have no conscious what so ever!!!
    As long as they were paying you to lie so you could buy hair extentions, make-up and pay for schoolies etc.
    At 17 years of age i would not have been that stupid to have worked for such people knowing that what was going on was illegal. The reason you dont work there anymore is not choice of your own, its because you never had a job to go back to after your holidays. One would wonder if you did have that choice of going back would you? i think we all know the answer to that.

    What a shame that you have been just one of many that continued to go along your merry way and lie so that you were paid, while all us honest people have been left in the dark to fend for ourselves.
    Ever heard of the little boy who cried wolf???????? Im sure you recall hearing it not so long ago since your so very young.

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  • Je
    Jennaa Feb 23, 2010

    Hi all this is Jenna.

    Thank you so much for slandering me on the internet I really appreciate it, Yes I have acctually just turned 18 so you can all see how young I am.
    As I have told you all COUNTLESS times I was just a receptionest for this company. No im not an accountant and no im not a liar and whatever else you have said about me. I am not aware of anything that has been going on, you may wonder why... as I have said I was just the receptionist.
    I understand how frustrated you all must be but I have nothing to do with it.

    I will no longer have to put up with all your ### and abuse which at the time I was only 17!! You could only imagine how this has effected me in more ways than one.

    I no longer work for this company, and I honestly hope everything gets sorted out soon.

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  • Sl
    SLowrie Feb 21, 2010

    Hello Mr Robert Brown's address is

    13 Cherry Hill Way
    Chirnside Park
    Vic 3116

    May be we should write a letter or go and visit him if we can't get an answer. We are resonable people, we just want answers!!!

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  • Sl
    SLowrie Feb 21, 2010

    I rang Mr Brown today, what a stupid man!!! He makes me so angry, i have also spoke with ASIC and their lawyers are going to ring me back.

    I hope these people get what they deserve

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  • Sl
    SLowrie Feb 21, 2010

    Hi Hayleyjane sorry for the delay in my reply, i've been away with work. Can you text me your number to my new phone as i have lost my old one [protected].


    Steve Lowrie

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  • Sl
    SLowrie Feb 21, 2010

    Hey "Do your own Tax Return"

    I was new to Australia and was not aware that i could do my ax return direct. I second was Hayleyjanye says SHUT UP your not being helpful!

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  • Ha
    HayleyJayne Feb 19, 2010

    Hey "Do your own tax return"

    I/we do not appreciate being called a bunch of idiots as im sure you would not appreciate being called an imbecile.

    Thank you for you tactless approach in pointing out the obvious. I think we have all learnt we will not be doing our next return with another company of such.
    It appears you have the ability to look passsed all the work and research we have put into bringing this company to a screaming holt, this i have to give you credit for as it only comes with such arrogance/ignorance.

    Im sure you put TRUST into something everyday, wether it be your marriage? your Fiance? or even lending your best mate $50. We have put TRUST into this company that they will forward on our tax return and this has been a bigger consequence then you maybe lending your mate $50, either way the point is that we TRUSTED these people and do not appreciate your comments of such on this site.

    In the near future if you are interested in posting comments on a complaints board calling people idiots then maybe you should try googling "I am a judgmental ### complaints".

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  • Do
    Do your own tax return! Feb 19, 2010

    CRIKEY - you bunch of idiots. Download e-tax from the ATO and do your tax return yourself online. The system asks you questions that the ATO has had market tested for 70 year olds with poor English - its as simple as making an instant coffee. Lodge it online yourself, and get your refund quickly.

    Why are you paying a tax agent for most likely simple returns, when you can do it online yourself and have your refund in 14 days?

    Give it a try next year...and don't give me any crap about it being too hard and complex...just try it once, then go to a tax agent if you are too dumb to work it out yourself.

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  • Lo
    lousta07 Feb 19, 2010

    oh my gosh I saw the photo if her, classy. She just turned 18 I'm older than her! I hate these people passionately. And I read the stuff about Darren and Robert but I don't understand how they opened up under there own name, and peoples tax were getting passed on to them. These people literally give me a gutted a sick feeling to my! Thanks for all the updates on here been a big help I just hope these people get what they deserve one day but I know I'll never see my money :(

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  • Ha
    HayleyJayne Feb 17, 2010

    Hey everybody i have a couple of links that you might find interesting these links will take you to the facebook profile of Jenna Coward, just so everybody can see how young she is and to the facebook profile of Kimberley Brown, just so we can keep an eye on her current city as she is back in London now. Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm...banking the $600, 000 in London do you think for when they go into liquidation?????????!/jenna.s2x?ref=search&sid=1329157035.1835636063..1!/kimberlie.brown

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  • Bu
    burntbytra Feb 17, 2010

    BE aware the directors of this company have been in trouble with asic before !! Do a gooogle search on Darren Kingsley Brown, Robert kingsley brown some interesting reading

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  • Ig
    Igp Feb 16, 2010

    Has anyone encountered Fraud with a Tax Agent Scheufens & Co in Melbourne who is also associated with a Phillip Freeman in Melbourne?
    We have been trying to receive our return since July 2009.

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  • Ha
    HayleyJayne Feb 11, 2010

    Hello every1, i have just had a breakthrough in the case today after speaking to Olivia (ex TRA employer), her information was of great help.

    I have found David Cole to be an excellent help also, please nobody be angry at him as he is not to blame for the finiancial mess we have been left in. He too is in the same boat as us his name has been dragged through the dirt by the Browns.

    There was approx $600, 000 put into a bank account from the ATO that TRA was to forward on to all us hard working Australians that it was owed to. However stating the obvious, this money was never forwarded on and the Browns have over drawn on this bank account (suprise, suprise).

    If you are owed over $5000

    *Get a solicitor
    *Get a statutory demmand (your solicitor will do this)
    you need this information as you will be filing against
    Online Returns Pty Ltd
    ACN: [protected]
    *take this information to your solicitor.

    Robert Brown (dog) lives in Chirnside Park, and if you would like to let him know what being without this money has done to you and you family then you can give him a call on,
    Home: [protected]
    Mobile: [protected]

    Steven please call me as i can give you a detailed explaination of what I now know.
    These statutory demmands need to be filed ASAP before they go into liquidation.

    ASIC are also investigating and know what is going on with this company so at the end of the day one of the Browns is sure to be done for FRAUD.
    Yasmin Reid and John Reid from ASIC are dealing with this paticular case and they can be phoned on: [protected]
    Or send Yasmin an email outlining what you are owed and your dealings with these people at: ya[email protected]

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  • Ha
    HayleyJayne Feb 02, 2010

    Hey steven,
    i was waiting to get the letters before i ring the law institute to get the free appointment as i need to let them no the time and date of the appointment.
    i have had badluck with my last solicitor and a bit nervous about where i stand with another. But by all means steven if your are confident in a solicitor or law firm that you believe will bring these people to justice then let me know as i can forward on a letter giving a detailed explaination of my events.
    Just let me know if you feel more confident in handling the solicitor/court /class action side of things.

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