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Online Tax Australia complaints 5

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Online Tax Australia - Tax Return

Yeah I am one of those dumb people who did my tax online through Tax returns Australia without checking before hand, so I really get what I deserve and now they owe me $2500, which i will probably never see again :(

Learnt my lesson the hard way what an idiot, still kicking myself!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Online Tax Australia - Incorrect Tax Return

Lodged my 2008 Tax Return and received my refund no problems - until now in January 2010...
They claim - "you will have a correct refund as we will have an Accountant check your Tax Return before it is lodged" BULL!
First in 2008 we had to send away for a further claim to the Tax office for a refund of an extra $500+ for the Medicare Levy we shouldnt have payed... and now in 2010 I am being reviewed because apparently I claimed $3000 dollars on a seperate net income for my spouse...
My husband and I cannot tell where this figure has come from and nor can we check this against our lodged forms - because the company doesnt return emails, doesnt answer their phone and technically my lodgement doesnt even exist with them anymore...
SUPER DODGY - BUT NOW I'M PAYING THE PRICE WITH THE TAX OFFICE! (plus the ATO just talks to me in Tax Terminology so that confuses me even more) blah

ATO does have an obligations, ask them to read to you there terms and policy/agreement with all Tax Agents and you find it states there in black and white that if the agent isn't fulfilling is agreement there warned if still nothing changes then they can be removed from online access to the ATO tax lodgements.
I got the same from the ATO when I called until I asked the question, they contacted Tax Australia online while I was on the phone. I've been paid now. The Tax department is liable because they gave this company the authority, there's been no followup to ensure the Tax agents are following procedure/protocol as part of the agreement. The ATO if it goes to court will be dragged in for a please explain because the agent that they ahve approved to assist the public is actually robbing the public. Oh I forgot to mention I also emailed Kevin Rudd, Finance minister, ATO, Local member of parliment, Tax Return Australia all at the same time... maybe that's why I got my money in the end plus 3 follow-up calls from david Cole. I also had a lawyer ready to write a formal letter to them. oh I also mentioned to TRA that I live in the next suburb and I can come in and collect my cheque now, plus I said it would be good to see faces to all this trouble you people have caused. I had the money in the bank the next day. These people are [censor] of earth you go to jail longer for fraud than murder...dumb dodgy accountants

Visited ATO last week - very unsympatehtic as apparently we signed off on our Tax Lodgement (so who ever does what ever after the fact is our fault) so my husband and I have been stung $4000 due 10th June and if we have any problems about Tax Returns Australia (seeing as they dont exist and they did this whether through a faulty program or dodgy practices) we have to lodge complaints with the Tax Fraud Board and the Taxation Ombudsman... Good luck your end

i am also being reviewed for the very same reason. is there a tax review process to cover this? this clearly isnt our doing?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Online Tax Australia - scam

Do not get sucked in by Tax Returns Australia! I did my tax with them last year and it was fine, but this year I did it through them several weeks before the deadline, and went through the process of paying the fee through paypal, but after paypal accepted my money, the Tax Returns Australia website said it had encountered a problem. Copious emails and phone calls (never answered, at times on hold for up to 30 mins) later, I had not heard back from them and had to do my tax elsewhere, but could not get my fee back! Paypal won't return payments for services not delivered, so Tax Returns Australia has my money but never submitted my frustrated!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Online Tax Australia - Tax Refund

I lodged my tax return with Tax Returns Australia on the 2nd July 2009 - 3 weeks later they still hadn't lodged it with the tax office - and wouldn't respond to my emails. I then re-lodged my return with them on 21st July 2009 and I still have no refund. I have called them and can't get through and I have emailed with no answer.

So basically I lodged my tax with them 5-6 weeks ago and I am still waiting for refund - or someone to contact me.

My partner also lodged his tax with them and after waiting 2 months with no contact called them to see where his refund was and all they could say was they misplaced it. Still waiting for his refund from last year. It's ridiculous!


Sep 15, 2011

Tax Returns Australia have numerous guises or name derivation, BSB and account numbers with the ATO. So much for data integrity and protecting those attempting to do the right thing.

Jul 19, 2010

They are being investigated by ASIC... not sure what this means for all the money they still owe us!

As far as I know it hasnt, but it DEFINITELY SHOULD hit the media. My first thought was to try the 7pm project but I havent tried contacting them yet.

Good heavens, if only I'd seen this page before being taken to the cleaners by this shonky operator. The only time I extracted... with force... a response regarding a tax return, was when I set my legal egal relative onto them. Now I hold them responsible for an $800 fine to the ATO and another day's work to re-do a tax return I attempted to lodge in November last year - at which point the system told me (after the fact) that it wouldn't be submitted due to 'Christmas break'. I wonder if I can use this page to vindicate me with the ATO regarding a fine that I can neither afford or fathom. Their contact form doesn't work. Their phone support tells you to email an address that is NEVER answered. The system won't even let me login to my account to try to find the tax return that is somewhere in their system.

Question - has this been held up in the media yet? Because as a publicist, I wouldn't mind using my powers for evil in this case. That assumes they actually still exist, and haven taken the cash Molly mentions to a tropical tax haven. The irony.

Tax Returns Australia and RKB are in the same building and run by the same people (yes RKB was bought out by their 1 and only accountant about a year ago, but the same people still answer the phones and the receptionist is the same for both)
NEVER use TRA! They are the most dodgiest company I have ever heard of!

I use to work for TRA until I started questioning what was going on, and why we were getting so many angry phone calls from clients reporting that they had not received their refunds. Kept getting told that it was a stuff up with the Australian Taxation Office and to tell clients that it was the ATO's fault, or that their cheque had got lost in the mail and would be promtly replaced! I know now that that was definatly not the case. Not long after I was fired! To top it off i have found out that they never paid super for me either!

TRA has screwed so many people and I feel sorry for the many clients of theirs that did not receive their tax refunds or K-Rudd bonus.
I would also like to apologise (not on their behalf because they don't deserve it) to all their clients that I could not help in getting them the money that so rightly belongs to them and not this company!


Check out the eCommerce section of this page! if you ring them and the lady says its a different company and it use to be a part of this company (RKB) years ago, don’t believe them! because 1- the fax number for RKB is the same as TRA on the yellow pages web site, 2- on the taxation Office website it list the same consultants that work for TRA and RKB 3 - Jenna Coward who answers the phone for TRA and yes that is her voice on the call waiting! answers the phone for RKB! oh yes 4- it says it on the fu*king website, if its old news get rid of it dumb ###! aaarr 1 more, they could give me the number for TRA right away, but, I saved the best for last ... 5 -on your tax return information on the TRA website where it has the postal address, it’s the same as what is on the RKB website! Unfortunately they list the TRA address because that is where the money goes first!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Online Tax Australia - FRAUD

I have been waiting for my tax bonus payment from Tax Returns Australia since 21st april 2009 and it has now been over 3 months. I have made countless unsuccessful phone calls and emails to them in...

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