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online platinum group review: Scam

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1:50 pm EDT
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This company charged me 99.00 that i did not approve of into my checking account and the membership #is [protected]. I called this company to tell them i want this reversed from my checking account and all i got was a recording.

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Jun 23, 2011 8:43 pm EDT

Went to the gas station to buy something to drink for work, to my suprise, declined. Got online looked at my bank statement, 99 dollar charge with funny check number. So i called the bank and the told me it was an eletronic check written out to Online Platinum Group. Of course never herd of them. Filled out the nessassary paperwork, They took the money out of my account on June 21st and now they are under inditement for check fraud a day later. When looking into how they were able to take the money out of my account, found that they trick people into thinking they are a online cash advane store to get your info, than after you forget about the application process on the advance you never receive, they take the money out of your account and tell the bank that you are paying for their coupon service. IF I AM APPLYING FOR CASH ADVANCE, WHY WOULD I PAY 99 DOLLARS FOR COUPONS THAT I GET IN THE MAIL ANYWAYS. I hope the scamers from Twin Oaks, CA and Malibu, CA get whats coming to them.

Jan 12, 2011 11:24 pm EST
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I had $99.49 tooken out of my account and I would like for yall to refund my money back an a $ 20.00 bank fee my bank charge me cause I didnt tell yall to take anything out of my account

May 03, 2011 6:21 am EDT
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It happened to me too. But I'M going to do something about it. I swear if it takes me the rest of my life I will get satisfaction. I'm gaining a little ground. With my findings I might be able to help. I doubt any one person is going to shut them down, but I have what I consider a lot of useful information on them.that joined with the years of complaints, from so many people we can shut them down.Or help in someones fight to get their bank in getting money replaced. I know money is never going to be, and jail time is just as a long shot. Before I go into anymore of a rant, I will say that so many have been screwed over by them and their twin sister company that works in tandem on the scams.As well as a few other sites I have found, that work with them.If you want to tell me your story and perhaps keep up with any progress(although it may be small) I may have. My email is [email protected] Good Luck to you