Online orders and customer servicevictoria’s secret pink friday

R Aug 03, 2018

On 8/1/18 I saved items in my cart for the Pink Friday event to purchase at midnight of 7/3 I logged in at Midnight to complete my order and make a purchase in order to receive my free duffle and Sherpa blanket. Everything went as planned until I submitted the order and I got a error and then the site was down. I tried for a half hour to get back in and finally I did to discover the order was processed and without half of my items and being charged to the duffle and blanket not being available at all. So I tried to contact customer service and couldn't get through. I attempted to make the order several time and by then some of the favorites were no longer available. The site kept rejecting my code for the blanket that I wanted more than anything saying that code was already used, being completely fed up I just order what I could. I made two order but I still had one order in limbo with item I really wanted. So then I get a email saying that I needed to update my card. Now I see two separate charges and still I was unable to get the blanket that appeared to be unavailable @ 12:05 AM! As much I love and shop at PINK this is completely unacceptable. How do we fix this? All I want is to get either a rain check or a price adjustment when item become available. This is poor management.

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