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I was also charged $79.86 on 10/21/09 of whichI did not authorize. The site they give you to log onto is NOT VALID. I contacted them at [protected] Customer Service to cancel and advise of the fraudulent website & charges. I was then given a "different" address to log onto which is legitimate it seems:

I would fight this charge with your bank. Also call the number [protected] and complain. Speak to Terrence.

Debi Baldridge


  • Ne
    neddy15 Sep 07, 2009

    for about $3.oo you give away your card details and security number and it leads nowhere

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  • No
    Noni J Sep 08, 2009

    I got to this via Facebook and paid the registration on recieving the email to confirm my registration I could not locate the address provided.

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  • Oz
    ozflt Sep 09, 2009

    I just saw it on facebook also, i clicked the site, and added my address, then it went to the next page, asking for your C/C
    as soon as I saw it asked for a CVV number and that the site is not paypall protected I realised it's a scam, then when I went to get out of it an operator typed to me, could she help me with any questions... No thank you very much.. how can we get it off the facebook advertising.. I know.. let all your friends know about the ad...

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  • Bl
    blond_simone Sep 15, 2009

    Yes, I too got scammed via facebook link. They took out the $3 and then 5 days later another $90+ dollars. I have tried to contact them but of course 24/7 live chat line does not work, phone numbers do not get answered and no email address. Have cancelled credit card and make a complaint to my bank for charges to be reversed. NEVER AGAIN will I fall for something like this...

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  • Mu
    muffy 79 Sep 16, 2009

    I too seen this on Facebook and decided to join up they took $3.00 out and then they took a payment out of my credit card for AUD$97.00. I have tried to get out of it and like you just cannot get through to them. I will have to go to the bank and try to fix it up.

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  • Mu
    muffy 79 Sep 16, 2009

    I joined this as I found it on Facebook and it said get paid to shop so I clicked on it and at foirst they only wanted $2.95 then a couple of weeks later another payment for $97.00 was taken out of my credit card I have tried to get out of this but tried the phone number and chat to someone online waste of time. I really want to get out of this and quickly mind you I have not received a kit.

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  • Ha
    hannah11pink Sep 17, 2009

    Keep away from this advert on facebook, exactly the same happened to me, I was charged $3.55 to join, I received an email giving me links to their online cash success kit but when I clicked on the link nothing happened. I immediately thought it was a scam and as it only cost me $3.55 I wasn't that bothered but then a week later they took $97 out of my account. I called my bank immediately who have cancelled my card and will investigate the second transaction which I did not agree too, in the meantime my card has been cancelled. It could take up to 3 months to resolve my complaint and I have no guarantees that I'll get my $97 back.
    I'm devastated, what a con. I'm going to try and issue a complaint to facebook they should check out who they're giving advertising space too.
    I hope others see all these comments and aren't as stupid as I have been.

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  • Lo
    lozzy48 Sep 21, 2009

    Hi I too have been done the same and called my bank immediately How do you let facebook know lozzy48

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  • Do
    dorieandmarlin Sep 22, 2009

    i had a gift card with $1 left on it so i used it for this. i figured what the heck, what do i have to lose besides $1. but now that i think about it they are getting rich off our $1 or $3.55. the $97 is just icing on the cake. lesson learned. my first and last time falling for crap like this. in these hard economic times with such a high rate of unemployement, greedy unethical, ### of the earth are making money off of the desperation and hope of others. there is a special place for people like this... good luck to them getting any more money from me or that $0 balance gift card!!! tee hee hee...

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  • Da
    damons2876 Sep 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for hints guy. I saw this ad on Facebook a few mins ago, went to the registration screen and thought I'd do a quick search online for scams before I signed up. Glad I did, I went back and closed the registration page without registering. Whats the saying - If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Thanks for commenting everyone.

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  • Ad
    Adamlurks Sep 28, 2009

    This happened to me too.
    A disgrace.
    Who do we complain to?

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  • Jo
    Jojo** Sep 28, 2009

    I usually do my research before purchasing but i thought what harm can one off purchase can do. Famous last words

    I cut some details and read;
    Offer Details: When you place your order today with OnlineCashSuccessKit, you will automatically become a part of our elite customer club. To activate your trial membership to OnlineCashSuccessKitTM you will be charged the refundable Delivery Fee, you will then be granted instant access to Member Services. After your one (1) day trial period you will becharged Seventy-nine dollars and eighty-six cents ($79.86) per month for your OnlineCashSuccessKitTM Membership. Remember, you can chat with live operator by calling [protected] within one (1) day to arrange instant cancelation, and you will not be charged. No obligation, CANCEL ANYTIME! You will also receive a trial subscription to Identity Vault. After 7 days of enjoying your trial, if you do not cancel you will be billed $24.82 per month for each month to keep your subscription. To remove, click here.

    I tried to cancel by calling the number and i think its said that it was apremuim rate number or something. Held anyway and the automated voice that the number is no longer in service.

    After reading what people have done here. I tried it myself and called my credit card. They told me there is nothing i can do about it. Aparently since I gave them my card details they can't stop the payments. I told them that the company does not exist.

    I am really peeve by this. If this happened with another credit card they would do something about it.

    I now have to $78.86 and $24.82 per month because i chose a wrong credit card who can't stop the payment to fraudulent company. I tried to track it site from 'whois' and would not show.

    If i only saw the small print and done some research before going through with it ...
    I manage to open my history and got one of the site.

    THis is the link that opened after the facebook site
    Then it was online cash success kit. The picture is attached. Hope it helps others.

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  • Tr
    TriciaP Sep 29, 2009

    I am so glad I decided to check this out, I was one step away from entering my credit card details, it pays to listen to that little voice in your head saying this is too good to be true. Tricia

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  • An
    anszyn Sep 30, 2009

    I got trapped by this as well. I'm really so angry at myself, I just can't believe it hit me, I'm usually very carefull. My bank isn't very helpful as they said I agreed to terms and conditons so I won't get my money back, they said I can block next payments though. But the website didn't even ask if I agree to terms and conditions which is obviously not fair, if I had only read that small print I would never go for it! Lesson learnt! I didn't even get any confirmation email from this scam company, anything at all, just took my money. My login and pass were displayed on that site and yes i'm able to login there but i have no idea what for, 'cause whatever I click, one and the same web shows up. And I love the statement about 30 days money back guarantee in terms and conditions, u can get it if u send them back what u got from them. Well, should I send them air in that case? Totall scam!! Stay away from that when u still can!

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  • Ta
    Taniaagainstgooglescam Oct 01, 2009

    lets form a petition...!!! TOTALLY SERIOUS...!!!

    Until this scheme is stopped, Iam angry and decieved... I did not go as far as purchasing cos I have read sap stories all over the web..!! I saw the extra 90 bux to be withdrawn and I though hold up this aint right.
    Even word of mouth is not reliable I tried a pyramid scheme company dare I name...

    those who would like to see this abomination disgarded and trashed like the rest of them lets start here and now.

    My name is Tania and I am in dire straits as per story provided, kids mortgage daycare fees fulltime mum blah blah blah... this plays on the heart strings people because no matter how well off you are always in some kind of trouble.

    Please send me an email...

    Totally confidential if Google will allow and lets put it to google that they are using them as a hook.

    [email protected]

    lets try it people what have we got to lose but satisfactory from removing just 1 SCAM..!!

    lets ban together and try this sucker owt..!

    For the simple people !! Hip Hip Hooray...!!

    xox tarn.

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  • Li
    Lisa0909 Oct 02, 2009

    The number i got through on is [protected] if your in the US. If your in the UK its [protected]. tye will try to tell you that they dont refund...Inform them that you have spoken to your bank and they will soon change their tune...Good luck guys hope the number helps x

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  • Pe
    Perry Sancho Oct 02, 2009

    This is very slick; I have an RSS feed to my Outlook which I was reading. One of the articles was on a couple in the county where I work that was making $6000 a month and was affiliated with Google. The link leads to "online cash success”. When they started asking for Credit Card information I got suspicious and Googled the site. Saved-by-the-bell. Can we say Scam?

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  • Je
    jenniferD Oct 04, 2009

    I also feel like an idiot and I now have to contact my bank and will be asking them to follow it up, but going on what I have just read what an expensive lesson.. I am in NZ and so the 1800 number which does not reposnd saying the number is invalid... I did use a debitcard and it said they do not use them but they still managed to remove the $4.22 Does anyone have a number for New Zealand just as a througt thanks for this site and I shall also be helping others not to get sucked in by this SCAM

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  • Ja
    Jay01 Oct 04, 2009

    HI muffy79

    The same this has happened t0 me, i have tried numerous times to get hold of them and they have no where for us to contact them via their "24/7 " chat line, im getting fed up and i want my money back !

    Can anyone help us? please

    Jay 01

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  • Ab
    Absj Oct 05, 2009

    Ok so i got into the same problem and i rang up my bank immediately! after a short talk in describing what had happened they told me to report the card lost/stolen.
    Which then they will send me a new card through the post and details on the card (CVV) number changes.
    Now the ### can't steal my money.

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  • Ze
    Zettes Oct 05, 2009

    It just happened to me. Can we ban and send our complaints to the police?

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  • Wa
    Wataa77 Oct 05, 2009

    It has also happened to me, Im also in NZ so none of those numbers apply. I paid for the $4.22 and the very next day $114.44 was taken from my credit card. I can't believe I got sucked into such a scam we've just had a baby so I thought it would be a good way of getting some extra cash in these hard times what a sucker!!! I thought because it was on facebook it was pretty legitimate I was so wrong now Im out of pocket and have to go through the dispute prosess with the bank with no guarentee that I will get my money bank. DON'T GET SUCKED LIKE I DID

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  • Di
    Disy Oct 07, 2009

    Ok, I just came across and was about to sign up when it came to my credit card details, I stopped there and looked this site up and came across this site of all your concerns. I did not sign up with online cash success, i reported them to facebook. You can also my scrolling down to the help tab right at the bottom of your facebook page click on that then there was top searches part which had report. Well that's what I did but thanks guys without this site I may have also joined not sure though as only like doing paypal. Good luck trying to get your money back.

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  • Co
    complete moron Oct 08, 2009

    They got $3 followed by $79 from me in exchange for exactly nothing and I cancelled my card this morning, and in 30 minutes I am switching to a new bank account.

    They advertise on Facebook.

    The company behind it appears to be:

    Farend Services Limited
    3 Athinodorou Street, 2025 Dasoupoli,
    Strovolos, Nicoasia, Cyprus

    Good luck getting anything back. Even Visa Fraud services and customer service won't do anything to block the payment.

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  • Co
    complete moron Oct 08, 2009

    I just fell for it thinking I was only risking $3... And they charged me the $79 exactly 24 hours later. There is NOTHING on their site that is not commonly available with a little checking so you get exactly nothing useful.

    They advertise heavily on Facebook and Facebook isn't likely to do anything about it so NEVER click an ad on Facebook.

    The company behind Online Cash Success appears to be:

    Farend Services Limited
    3 Athinodorou Street, 2025 Dasoupoli,
    Strovolos, Nicoasia, Cyprus

    Visa Fraud Services does not do anything about it nor does Customer Service and they do not consider it fraud even though when they see the debited amount, they recognize exactly what it is and where it came from and they know you received no goods or services in exchange. This means a lot of people are being suckered.

    Meanwhile I cancelled my card this morning and am closing a bank account to replace it with a new one shortly.

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  • Co
    complete moron Oct 08, 2009

    And I forgot to add...the automated message from Visa Fraud indicates the account is listed as a convenience store with no address.

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  • Qu
    Queline Oct 08, 2009

    Hi Everybody.
    My charge was a debit to my account for $1 that turned into $79.86 the next day. Also, you will then receive monthly membership fee of $79.86 (I believe).

    I called the above number [protected], waited and finally got somebody in customer service.

    They were willing to CANCEL my membership for future payments; but, said there was nothing they could do for what was billed. I calmly argued with them and told them I was going to file a fraudulent claim with my bank because they overdrew my account, contact the attorney general, do whatever was necessary to get this money back.

    Finally, after ALOT of insisting the customer service lady said that customer service is their #1 priority (HA, let's be real!!!) and she will credit my account for these charges and my account should be credited in 5-10 days.

    Continue your pursuit in getting your money back, it is the only way these types of things will change.

    Good luck to all

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  • Co
    complete moron Oct 08, 2009

    "refund in 5 to 10 days"...###! There is no telling how many "services" may start charging you now.

    Cancel your card, because after 7 days you get the $24.82 a month fee for your "Identity Vault" membership.

    The Identity Vault does not exist unless they're just charging you $24.82 a month to keep your card details on file to nail you with it.

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  • Co
    complete moron Oct 08, 2009

    And google the address of the "owner"...there are dozens or maybe hundreds of business names, all at the same address, everything from teeth whitener to porn to get rich quick etc etc etc, +2025+Dasoupoli, +Strovolos, +Nicosia, +Cyprus&spell=1

    Whoever is behind this is probably pretty wealthy by now even though their cash won't buy their way out of hell.

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  • Ab
    abudefduf Oct 08, 2009

    this is a scam.. i cannot unsubscribe so what i didi i call my bank and told them i lost my credit card so they cancel my credit cardand issue a new card for me

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  • Tr
    TrishByrne Oct 09, 2009

    I have finally found an email address you can write to YIPEE!!!

    Email [email protected] I received a reply this morning advising they will cancel my membership, refund my money and they supplied a cancellation number. I originally signed up for onlinecashsuccesskit.

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  • Fl
    flor morena85 Oct 12, 2009

    I seen this add on the internet saying that i could be rich quick and im jobless right now so i get desperate, and i almost fell for it then i came to this and whew, thank you guys.

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  • Am
    Amy Holden Oct 12, 2009

    I found this scam on facebook, I was extremly stupid and fell for it, said it would charge me only NZ$2.95 but it chrged my NZ$110.00 and another charge on $4.98NZ under another name, for every new zealander who falls for this scam call [protected] and ask these ###s to cancel your membership, If they charge you again next month ring the bank and ask for a disputes application

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  • Bi
    bigblue Oct 12, 2009

    Thanks to all of you reporting online sucess kit as a scam I did not sign up. Thank you all very much as I could not afford to lose $97

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  • Km
    kmkmg09 Oct 13, 2009

    This is bloody ridiculous I too lost my money but thank goodness it was only a dollar as when I read all these complaints I then rang my bank they have stopped that account and will be sending me out a new card now the suckers wont be able to take any money off me cant believe I actually did this I was soooo hesitant but decided to cause whats $1 to lose right but then again thats how they get u in to start with makes me so mad people are out there doing this...

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  • Km
    kmkmg09 Oct 13, 2009

    What also got me was there is a section that says terms & conditions well guess what try clicking on it cause you cant they have done that on purpose so you do know what the terms & conditions are??????? SO SLY

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  • Mi
    miguelahyeza12 Oct 13, 2009

    wow...good thing i saw this...i was about to sign up for registration..good thing i misplaced ma credit card and cannot give ma info..i told ma friends about it and advised me to be carefull and check first if it is true or jus a scam...and base on ur complaints same as how i found out this thing on facebook...and am absolutely not gonna fall on this crap..thanks guys...

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  • Ro
    ROLLTIDE23 Oct 13, 2009

    GO TO THE INTERNET CRIME COMPLAINT CENTER AND COMPLAIN!!! I DID THIS IS COMPLETE BULL. i know i am ###ed for signing up for this but this still is not right. Stupid scams

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  • Ki
    kimmy30 Oct 13, 2009

    Trish- can you please come back and let us know if you got your refund? I asked for one today but noticed you asked for one 4 days ago so am hoping you get yours, which may mean mine might come next week. How long was your cancellation number? Mine was 5 digits long.

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  • Au
    aussiebds Oct 14, 2009

    There is a way to stop them from taking future payments but we were lucky that we only lost the $1(AUS).

    As you have only provided them with your credit card number you are able to contact your bank and get your credit card cancelled and recieve a new card with a different credit card number.

    I just talked to customer service and they told me what i needed to do.

    Hope this helps with stopping these ### from stealing your hard earned money and hope your as lucky as we were in figuring out this scam early.

    Good Luck

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