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I am Evelyn Lateo, I boarded a flight MH806 to Phillipines on the may 11, 2013 but when i took my luggage one is missing AHL MNL MH 14128. I am very angry and dissapointed.and the staff told me maybe my luggage is in kuala lumpur when i came from.just give your phone number we call u when we found your luggage...then i goingnback home without my luggage.its make sad and upset.i bought somethings to my family is all there..and its all new and make the story shorts .now more than one month already ...still i never take my luggage yet..i always call to follow up the Malaysian Airline here in the Phillipines but they have nothing to do also..they just follow up the MAS in Kuala Lumpur.. I fill up already the missing luggage questionaire but still no action for it. And i asked my friend to contact the MAS in Kuala lumpur about my problem.then when she follow-up many times they not even answer the call.then recently they declared my luggage is lost already.i have nothing to do also. The Malaysian Airlines sent me a email about the final settlement of my luggage they just pay me only USD 160, for this lost luggage.Cause they just depend only in USD 20 per kilogram.i am very upset and sad for this .cause its not fair, almost more than one month i waited to settle this. but i am not satisfied cause inside my luggage its all new and branded and not even cover the cost of my luggage.i worked hard for this, then i going back in the Phillipines with nothing to bring to my family.then, they just pay me only USD160.I do not know where to complain about this.i hope for this letter you they help me...i am just a ordinary citizen. I have rights also to speak waht i feel.look forward to hearing from you.


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    Evelyn Lateo Jun 25, 2013

    This complaint is for Malaysian Airlines...not for One world Hotel.

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