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This company was sub-contracted by Orbit Van Lines. They picked up my items in Pittsburgh, Pa. a day early (if I waited for the move date I would have to pay extra) was told by driver that my stuff would leave for NJ and be given to Orbit for loading on a truck to start across country. I was given a bill of lading with One Nation's name on it (which they were upset "You shouldn't have our papers" they claim they were only doing a favor for Orbit. I was also asked to put down a time frame for delivery, which I did. They tried to charge me additional money for the move which I refused to pay. Well the delivery dates that we kept getting from them came without delivery. At one point Orbit Van Lines refused and blocked our numbers so that we could not contact them. One Nation was the only co. that we could get someone on the phone, of course more lies and untruths. Finally we were told that our stuff was still in Pittsburgh Pa. in storage that One Nation was paying for. After another week they finally released my items and put them on a truck to come cross country to Arizona. Well the date of delivery arrived and sure enough in pulls a big semi (I live in an apartment complex) with 6 men. The driver got out and wanted me to sign release papers for the load before it was even unloaded, I told him once everything was inside and accounted for only then would I sign. The items were brought into my home (my husband and I had to carry a lot of the items ourselves) the driver of the truck (another company yet) said sign the papers and I could charge you another 100.00 and if you didn't pay by law I can dump your stuff out in the street, but I am not charging you, seems you have had a rough time of it already. Well upon counting my storage boxes I determined there were 2 boxes missing. The driver noted this on the bill of lading. My husband called Dan at One Nation and informed him of the missing boxes and we were told to let them look into it and he would get back to us. He never did. I filed complaints with the BBB when today they said they were closing the case. We contacted the claim dept. number on the back of the bill of lading, which thru us into another number that happened to be a sexline. On the complaint from BBB One Nation had given another number that we tried and were successful. My husband then called Dan from One Nation to inquire if he had found anything out about our missing boxes. Dan became very rude, verbally abusive, and stated "I can put anybodies stuff in storage for as long as I want as long as I pay for it" Of course how can you prove this beings it was verbal. Also he stated "why did you pay them in full", meaning Orbit. Also the driver that picked up our stuff in Pgh. was upset that we had paid also and then had the nerve to give me an envelope to put a tip in. These companies are afraid of no one. All you get from them is the run around and it seems as if the agencies out there for these matters also give you the run around. CLOSE THESE BUSINESSES


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      Jul 09, 2009

    One Nation Van lines Only did the pickup for this costumer, after picking the items it was deliver right of way to Orbit Van Lines, since the beginning the costumer knew the One Nation Van Lines was doing the pick up only because we had a truck in the area at the time of pick up. The costumer was trying to get in contact with Orbit Van Lines with no response and One Nation Van Lines was working hard to get the costumer any type of information in regards of the delivery. We also tried to contact Orbit Van Lines to tell them that their costumer needed information on their shipment but we also had no response from them. We explained this situation to the costumer and told them that we also did not get any information for them, and we told them again that we only were supposed to do the pickup, but we will still try to help them in the best way we can. We never put the costumer items in storage; it was delivering to Orbit Van Lines right of way. On the missing items we have nothing to do with because we deliver the entire shipment to Orbit Van Lines. From this experience we will never do business with Orbit Van Lines.

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      Aug 04, 2009

    Wow, amazing I wonder how many Dan''s this company has working for them, everytime you called it was either Dan or Daniel. Amazing that when we questioned about our stuff, we were told by "Dan" that our stuff was in storage and his quote "I'm payin the bill, didn't know that did you" Then 2 large storage boxes were missing and "Dan" said he would look into it, then we get a call from the company asking what they could do to make things right, well when I told them they hung up on me...imagine that...Filed a claim with their insurance company for my missing items, think I will ever see them or the money for them...nope but guess what, what goes around comes around, somewhere, somehow, somebody will cheat these people like they have cheated others and I don't think they will like it.. God bless them

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      Jun 04, 2010

    Dear Wet Hen,
    I have had a very similar experience with One Nation and Dan. I hired a company that contracted One Nation as a third party vendor. I was not notified of this until the truck was loaded and they told me that the estimate for the load was off by double. They requested I pay an additional $1500. What was I to do they now were in possesion of all of my belongings. After a long argument we agreed on an increased fee. After I was threatened with holding all of my belongings until paymnent was recieved. This move only grew into a larger problem from that moment on. I was expecting delivery one week later on a Sat. 11 am. Around 3pm I couldn't wait any longer and called One Nation and spoke with Dan. He informed me that the truck had only just left NJ on Friday night. Delivery was now scheduled for the following Tuesday. Tuesday came and went. I tried to contact One Nation all day long and was un able to reach anyone. Wednesday I finally spoke with Dan who informed me that they had an accident with the truck. It seems the trailer had caught on fire on the Friday night. The crooked nature of this company started to really show at that time. I was shocked that Dan didn't inform me of the accident on Sat. The sstory continued to go down hill. It has been 2 years and I still have not recieved any compensation. I recieved 1/3 of my belongings and those were so damaged. My loss was estimated at $120, 000. My claim with the calims department was only for $6000 due to my choice to take out limited liability insurance only. (my bad). I sent letters and tried to make phone calls to One Nation over the past year. My number must be blocked because unless I use an alternate phone I never get an answer. I spoke to Dan today and was informed the company had gone out of business and he has no obligation to the claim. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Two boxes or the whole load is a tragic loss. These companies have so many loop holes and can hide behind lies. We as consumers have very limited recourse. I have had a very difficult time trying to get an attorney to help me now that I live accross country. I am at a loss at this point but refuse to let Dan and One Nation get away with this type of treatment. I agree and believe in Karma. MDS

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