Omni Business Solutions - Shanklin GroupNot providing the services paid for

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Not providing the marketing or web design or help that was paid for. An inexperienced web designer/marketer drags you along having you buy other services or products they insist you need to continue and to optimize your website properly. After your paid time is up you are left hanging.

I think a class action suit should be filed against this company and it's affiliate companies that are collaborating in this scam.


  • I have been a client of Omni Business Solutions for over a year now, and have found their information valuable and support staff excellent, I now have a site that makes money. Sounds to me like someone was naive to think that they could do the least amount of work and reap the highest rewards. I hear from my instructor that the biggest problem he has with students is that they will not do the work involved. So stop hating and blaming anyone else because you probably didnt do the continuing work it takes to maintain a website business.

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  • Ro
    Ross Oct 31, 2008
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    Sounds to me that Tina probably works for the affiliate programs.

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  • Ma
    Mary Nov 10, 2008
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    I am working with a Gal, for FREE in my FREE mentoring program, to help her get out of the website that is charging her monthly and her contract says it can not be canceled! What is that about? Any RED Flag here? They caught her in her most vulnerable time in her life and who read that? I am here to say-if a company has to keep stealing your money because their training and program is not what is is promised to be and you can not cancel a website...They MUST HAVE A SCAM PRODUCT! A high integrity company would respect someone's wishes to end their involvement with a website that they are NOT USING. Any clear critical thinker can see this. And those who can not are either part of the scam or just plain stupid!
    She will get this scam stopped and get the word out to others to BEWARE! And who charges for an internet product-like a website-S/H???? Really hard up company I would say. Give US A BREAK!!! [protected]

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  • Je
    Jesse Vinson Nov 26, 2008
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    I too, was scanned by Omni Business Solutions. I was promised a web site, then I learned that "I" had to build it. Do a search on the partners, and you will find their many operations are "scam machines." This educations cost me #3, 520. That comes to $880 per hour for 8 30 minute sessions.

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  • Bo
    Bonny Feb 04, 2009

    I, too, was SCAMMED by Omnibiz ESM and Shanklin Group - for $ 6600, - !!

    I was contacted from Shanklin Group by phone. Would I want to undergo a training program in Internet Marketing to serve as a testimonial for NEW methods+programs and ways to be a success on the Internet – for the famous Mike Glaspie- he could not disclose what actually in detail the program provided, because these are Trade Secrets etc. but anyway, I would earn my money back before the 6 weeks or so it usually takes that VISA charges my bank account. So I gave my credit card details (BIG MISTAKE – I’ll never do that again over the phone), and I also searched the internet for Mike Glaspie.
    I found some entry about this being a SCAM – and told them on the next call – but was told that this website belonged to a criminal who actually blackmails Internet gurus with negative statements etc. – and I was sent some internet addresses to “prove” that although – today I doubt if this really correlates.

    When training started, I was told to do research- and told how etc., and when I had everything ready, my tutor got ill, another one replaced him. This new one said, that the subject I had ready to go ahead and build a page on now would "not make money" I should choose and research another instead.
    So I did. 3 months had gone by - lots of work for me - no results...Meanwhile, I was reading up some books by recognized authors which I got from the library - so I knew a bit more at this point of time.
    In the contract it said: all tools are free (=included in price). But actually they wanted me to get a hosting account for $40 or more/month PLUS the GOTOMYPC-program, which also costs around the same/month. When I refused this - because I already have a re-seller hosting account(with 8 pages published there) - they said- ok- but they can ONLY help me to build the page when I use the integrated site-builder right there (on their OMNIBIZ webhost).

    So MY hosting company also has such a simple site-builder, and its good to let you make a quick little page, but not a real QUALITY-site. The goal was to build an “authority website”. If you do-you'll battle all the way. So I said- I don't need this, since I also have Dreamweaver on my computer and can use that. So it came to the surface in the training call, that my tutor did not KNOW the company ADOBE - let alone Dreamweaver. He did not know it even by NAME. How shall I learn from somebody that knows less than me? From someone that does not even know a .pdf-file - since this is also an Adobe product, should you not know.
    It's like taking up computer training from someone who does not know Microsoft!!!

    Then my tutor suggested I should get a domain name which includes a hyphen. Meanwhile, I have read that this cuts the value of your site in half (should you want to sell it in future)- you should not really do this generally- as its not "professional" (example: authority site= – so I should register the name !). What's more - by all I've learnt through my reading - the market I was researching with the help of my tutor, I would not stand a chance in hell to ever get any page ranking to speak of - and choosing the right market is crucial in this business. This is why I joined the program in the 1st place - to get guidance there + "make a shortcut".

    I then wanted to cancel the contract and made the suggestion they could keep $ 1000, - but should return $ 5600, since I don't want to proceed any more. They just declined, even threatened me - then the Omnibiz-Chief wrote an email to say- I should go ahead with the training and not waste my time fighting.

    I've lost my trust in this company - I don't want to lose my time - nobody can give me my life-time back.

    You see, if this were a regular company, they would follow through with my suggestion - I'm NOT happy with the training - they would refund me at least part of my money. But they don't. So they don't CARE if they lose their reputation - because they KNOW they don't have any to lose anyway!

    When I checked them out BEFORE sending the money, I only checked out Mike Glaspie - and found a slander page. The Shanklin Group salesperson then sent me an email with 2 pages showing that this person was convicted by police because he apparently blackmails people for money - when they pay him, he takes down the slander-page.

    Meanwhile, I would not be surprised if they had cleverly pulled something off there too - because when I looked the other day- that slander-page was still up and running. If Shanklin's claim was true - surely the "slander" page would be down by now – they would have their lawyers on him and fast!

    Had I been clever enough to look for Shanklin Group, Shanklin Group SCAM etc. I would have found plenty of SCAM and Internet-fraud claims being made by unsuspecting people, I'd have left my fingers off this dreadful deal and saved myself a BUNDLE.

    Mike Glaspie - if he gives his name to such a scam, in spite of all his money – I thought that maybe he does not know about it – and I wrote to him on his FACEBOOK/ TWITTER – email. More than 2 weeks have passed and I’m without a reply.

    Tina - above - should disclose her webpage (why the secret?) - I suspect she's PAID to go all over the internet and give "contra" statements to all the complaints on the net. I just hope they all fry in hell!

    Does anyone here have a lawyer-friend to tell us what chances we'll stand with a joint court-case against these people?

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  • Omni Business is not a scam, and I for one am sick to my back teeth of people signing up for the program thinking there going to get everything handed to them on a plate, when they say they have done lots of hard work there usually referring to 8 to 10 pages on a site that they are stupid enough to think is going to make them rich, as Bonny stated above with her statement about having another site she wished to use with 8 pages, please how many websites do you know of that have a handful of pages and they make money. Also its common sense that if your using another companies website builder other than an in house builder then your support options are going to be limited. I happen to know that all these people here did not commit to the time needed, did not use their resources, never used their support options after their one on one training ended, never attended any of the daily webinars for continued education, did not listen to the information that was given them, because, of course, they know everything. Lastly they are so ignorant that they don't realize that the sales companies use different fulfillment companies, and so its impossible for Omni to be the company calling to make the sales. So before you start slandering a good company, how about you get your facts correct, because I for one am tired of ignorant lazy people who want it all for nothing and are not prepared to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to run your own business. Oh and for the comment from Ross about he thinks Tina is probably working for the affiliate company, this comment just goes to prove how stupid people are, hey idiot, most major companies have affiliate programs, so from your intelligent comment your basically insinuating that Walmart, Lowes, Dicks Sporting Goods just to mention a few companies that have affiliate programs are all scams, well thanks for the heads up, I shall watch were I shop from now on, now that I have the educated information from a true internet guru who obviously knows what he is talking about.

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  • Pa
    Pascal Xavier Feb 21, 2009

    While I agree that as customers of Omni Business (ESM or whatever other companies they market under), we need to put in our effort in order to enjoy success, they do make misleading claims about holding your hand till you can recover at least the money you invested.

    I paid US4000.00 upfront for some "proprietory" information not available in the public domain. They evn had this written in my contract. I am paying US40.00 every month to maintain the bloody website. Most of the information they claim to be proprietory is part of this US40.00 per month package. So what was the US4000.00 for? For 8 bloody phone calls??

    For the bulk of us who feel we have been ripped off, what action is available to us?

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  • Bu
    BUCKHUNTER Jun 17, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I am a sales rep with a multi-media advertising company and I am a victim as well. I signed up for this [censor] with omni while my wife and i were in a financial hardship in our life. I HATE this company. And for the person who commented that they are making money, they are full of [censor] or work for the company. I have been with this bs for 15 months now. I was told that I should make my inital investment back within 45 days. I have not had one sale through my site. I have put 15 hours a week into my site almost week in and week out. "did the work as you phrased it" and I'm still foolishly doing the work because of the 5000 dollars i initially invested and the 40 dollar hosting fee. I do feel there should be a class action suit against them. Take a look at my site. It's appealing, and has reason for people to buy. The prices are very competitive. I have sent them emails and phone calls and all they offer me is more classes...[censored] the classes. I have put 15 months of time into this for nothing. I want my money back. I just got off the phone with a sales rep there telling him the issue and he completely treated me like [censor], telling me basically too damn bad. I think I am going to have my lawyer send them a letter. I WISH SOMEONE with some damn authority would get involved with a lawsuit against this company. They should be shut down. I've reported them to the BBB and that's done nothing.. But look at my site and tell me what you think of the appearance. Unfortunately, we're limited to what we can make the website look like. As in the template. Well I guess it's expected out of this company.


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  • 1a
    1and1 Internet Blows Jun 25, 2010

    BuckHunter Dave,

    Your site looks terrible man. If you have been working on that site for 15 hours a week for the last 15 months...jeez. You either need to take their damn classes, or (if they taught you to make it look like that) you need to never take another class with them again. Just sayin'...

    If you want something to fix, you can start with your return policy on your site. You don't take returns? How the hell do you expect people to shop with you online if you have a "Zero return" policy? Way to go man. You want to sue these [censor] for ripping you off, and at the same time expect people to visit your site which looks like crap, and buy something on faith that the distorted picture does the product justice, and then if they want to return it for a refund, too bad, because you have a "no return" policy. Makes perfect sense.

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  • Ja
    JannetR1 Jun 08, 2011

    I also was scammed by a similar company and I found a company that claimede me any upfront fees! The company is called “BCA Recovery” – guy by the name of Michael at [protected] Ext. 401 or his email is [protected] …. the process wasn't as quick as they maid it seem but i sure enough got my MONEY back from those thieves and of course i paid them AFTER they would get me back my MONEY which seemed promising that really turned out to NOT be a fraud and did NOT charg i got my MONEY back. All in all they were fantastic people to work with. THANK YOU!

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