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Once again, I've been banned from this site merely for having a conversation. The site indoctrinates people into a sexual lifestyle. The many erect phalluses, like the ads for Omegle-owned sex sites, proliferate on the site. But we who use the site to connect with people are continuously banned by Leif's oppressive AI which is designed to groom males (including children) into becoming virtual 'johns' and females into being virtual 'prostitutes'. When males are banned, they are told that they are vulgar and disgusting (in so many words) and thrown into a room with a sex model as punishment. When a female is banned she is given the address of a sex site, a site where she may familiarize herself with the fantastic opportunities Omegle offers her: offers to extend her prurient interests beyond Omegle and into the sex industry. Prurient? Yes, she mentioned making love during the conversation. The AI picks up on these sorts of things. Plus she looked good in a blouse and pair of jeans. Lot's of potential there. The male? He seemed like he had his mind in the gutter. Or he could. He just needs the motivation. Now that Omegle banned him from having conversations with people, he can familiarize himself with the 'unmoderated' side of Omegle where men are shown more explicit ads directing them to Omegle-owned sex sites. After all, men all want the same thing. Notice they play with themselves while hitting a next button. That's normal. You do that. People like you. Eventually you'll find a way to happiness.

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