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Omegle does not even try to disguise their tyranny anymore. When a female gets banned for trying to have decent conversations she sees a white screen notifying her of her supposed wrongdoings. when a guy gets banned for trying to have decent conversations the white screen is quickly followed by forced exposure to a Camegle model. The company does not want us, who are comfortable in our bodies, to interrupt their psychologically corrosive methods of mind control. Omegle is a front for Camegle, Bongacam and many other sex sites. Spread the word. don't let them put you down and make you feel filthy and/or unworthy. Don't beg for their forgiveness or try to qualify yourself for their acceptance in any way. They are corrupt, coercive and use bait/switch tactics to manipulate people towards their ends. And what is that? To sexualize every grown adult that uses the site. children sometimes get caught in the crossfires of daddy/daughter scenerios which happen to be very popular right now, exhibiting sexual behavior themselves. I suppose it's good for business. So next time you are banned from Omegle or are on Omegle and wonder why no one is talking to each other, know that Omegle themselves are largely the reason for this. It is because of them that epidemic proportions of men can be found on Ome Chat from all corners of the globe masturbating for anyone willing to watch them. They need affirmation sexually, something which can (ultimately) only be given to them by a Canegle model. Bongagcam too. Oh and Ome TV is doing pretty well at confusing people lately too, blurring the lines between children and adults, conversation and transaction, freedom and oppression. Great job Leif. Keep exercising your freedom to exploit people under the pretense of 'free will for all'.

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