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Hi everybody. I STRONGLY recommend and advice you to STAY AWAY from Omega Relocation Inc & Globus Israel packing, moving, relocation and shipping, they just made our moving experience extremely terrible! My family & I relocated from the U.S. back to Israel and decided to use the services of the same company who shipped our container from Israel to the U.S., which turned out to be a HUGE HUGE MISTAKE. The owner of the company, Ygal Aviani came to our house to inspect our possessions and to advice us which container size we need. Ygal has advised us that we need a 20 feet container that will be just enough to hold our stuff. And so my dad got the offer from David Lewis which is the company Marketing manager, for a 20 feet container which will cost us $5, 085 + extra expected fees of $1, 000 in Israel. My dad SIGNED A CONTRACT with the company FOR 20 FEET and was required to pay 30% before the shipping of the container. On August 9th, the packing team came to the house WITHOUT the container to pack everything. On the next day, which was Friday August the 10th, the container had arrived to the house in the last minute before we MUST move out of the house. When we looked at the container it looked MUCH MUCH bigger then 20 feet and no company representative appeared to explain this matter. The container was not that the size that my dad & Ygal Aviani had agreed on but we did not hear from him that day that we were so busy to watch the movers pack everything. The container had arrived to Israel on Septmeber 11th, and before the delivery to the house my dad got an invoice for $9, 080, which is $3, 000 more then what he signed in the contract. When he received the invoice, he contacted David Lewis and apparently they decided to charge us for a 40 feet container, which is a violation of the contract. David Lewis threatened us that if we do not pay the full amount, we will not get our stuff, which is just a complete violation of the contract, harassment, blackmailing and a FRAUD. Since they “pointed a gun to our head”, we had no choice but to pay the full amount which we did not have in order to receive our belongings. The container was arrived only on October 4th, ALMOST A MONTH after it was supposed to get to our house. Any company that respected her reputation will not dare to do something like this to their customer. Omega Relocation Inc & Globus Israel are a ridiculous company of cheaters, thieves, ###, ###, greedy, criminals’, and predators that catches easy targets like us and then drain their pockets. PLEASE PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

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