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R Oct 27, 2018
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Hi. My name is Rana Uzair Riffat. I am a resident of United Kingdom. On the 27th October 2018 at 08:25 Am I have been travelling from London Heathrow Airport to Lahore, Pakistan on the flight number WY0104 with the E-Ticket number of E-TKT9107218330440. The flight landed on Muscat International Airport 18:20 local time. I have found out that there's an airline layover time for nearly 15 hours and I would have to spend the night at Muscat airport. I have approached the information desk after some struggle. I have been dealt by a gentleman called Yasser and he advised me to wait and he would see after contacting his manager what he could do for me. I had to wait over 1 hour on the information counter for Mr. Yasser to get a response from his manager where he refused to provide any sort of help; I.e. overnight hotel or food.

There were few more staff available on the information counter and Mr. Salim Alsherigr started dealing with my query. I have noticed his behaviour was extremely rude and he dismissively given me my boarding card back and said that there is no help available for me.
I asked him what shall I do with this boarding pass? He replied; "It's up to you whether you tear it". Upon this I asked him nicely if he could through me to his manager but he reluctantly said that; "There is no manager here. We deal with customers like you on a daily basis and we don't give food or hotel. There are many types of tickets. You have economy. You don't get anything". He was extremely rude and his behaviour was dismissive. Upon this I asked him if he could provide me Oman Air headoffice number as well as inquired about the complaint procedure. He said there is no complain procedure. I asked him if he could provide me his name. He hid his Name badge and refused to provide me his name. It was extremely disappointing. I never lose the patience and inquired again about the airline complaint procedure. He, Mr. Salim Alsherigr, then whispered something in his colleagues ear and came back towards me and snatched my boarding pass from my hand, took his smart phone out of his pocket and took a picture of my boarding pass and handed back to me. Now he shouted on me that there is a website for airline. Google search it and do whatever you want. I left the counter without any argument.

I have been humiliated and disrespected by the Oman Air Information desk staff at Muscat airport. The staff members were extremely rude and dismissive. I have never been treated like this ever in my life. I request the Airline customer service department to take notice of this ill human treatment and take proper action against the staff involved.

I would appreciate if you kindly keep me updated via my email address about the outcome of this complain.

My contact details.
Rana Uzair Riffat
Email: [protected]

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Rana Uzair Riffat

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