Omaha SteaksBad Company


On December 7, 2010 I saw a christmas gift assortment from Omaha Steaks advertised on a popular morning show for a fraction of the retail cost which included a $20.00 e-Reward certificate with each purchase. I purchased a gift assortment for myself and later purchased one for my mom. The e Reward code for my mom's purchase was sent however I did not receive the code for my purchase of several hundred dollars. I called customer service and was told that it take 48 hrs after the order ships to receive the $20.00 Reward. It seemed a bit odd considering I had received the code for my mom's purchase but i waited the 2 days which turned into a week. I emailed regarding the issue and was given several conflicting responses from Omaha Steaks Customer Care reps: A Jones and J Davis. I was told the eReward code had been sent already to my email, I said I have no record of receiving my email please resend the original communication. I then received the response that, we sent it to a different email address, which was connected to my mom's order. I explained it was my mom's order however it didn't matter because now it was one eReward per household. This was two completely separate orders, households, emails, shipping addresses etc. The common factor for each order was I paid for them, my mom does use a computer so of course I made both purchases. Omaha Steaks apparently cross referenced my name/info for some unknown reason, possibly to defraud customers of advertised offers. The orders were placed primarily due to the offer including the $20.00 e-Reward code. The meat was not exactly the quality I was expecting considering the price of their products. BUYER BEWARE! PURCHASE FROM OMAHA STEAKS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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