Olivia J. Murphy / facebook behavior and harassment from olivia murphy to tanya filipino

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To Whom it May Concern,

Here are the screenshots as we discussed today about Olivia J Murphy's R. R. T. (Email Murphy.[protected] behavior, harassment towards a cancer patient, discussing Tanya having cancer and receiving treatment at the Mayo. You can see her unprofessional behavior here. Nurses (respiratory therapists) have to follow a code of conduct, correct?

I believe Olivia Murphy looked into her records at Mayo.

In these screenshots you will see that she states...

1. That she's sitting on the patio at Mayo where a cancer patient that she has been harassing goes to receive treatment.
* I believe she was referring to hoping to bump into Tanya or that she's waiting for her??? Sounds threatening.

2. Instructing people that Tanya is lying about her cancer because she doesn't see her port and she's in public after my chemo.

3. Her disgusting conduct by using Facebook as a platform for hate and bullying while she is an employee at the Mayo and Tanya is a cancer patient at Mayo.

4. Her disgusting harassment against Tanya by calling her a [censored] and other things.

You can see she's not concerned about losing her job stating that she is contracted at Mayo, that's appalling to think that you can bully, harass, commit liable and speak about a cancer patient at the hospital that she works at and there are no consequences. Surely The National Board for Respiratory Care will take this complaint seriously.

If this is how a Mayo employee can treat a cancer patient at the Mayo then this coming chemo session this should be her last chemo sessions there.

She has told me that she doesn't feel safe continuing her treatments there now with this employee speaking about her like this on social media and potentially threatening her by saying she's there.

I'm actually sick to my stomach with reading these.

I would also like know how to report her to the nursing board please.

Thank you for your help.
I'm deeply saddened and scared to see this behavior from a Respiratory Therapist that is supposed to care and respect patients and people.

Kind Regards,
Dan A. Smith

Olivia J. Murphy
Olivia J. Murphy

Jun 25, 2019

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