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Olive Gardenmanager was not professional

we went out to dinner to olive garden.
we were 8 persons.
there werent too many costumers that night.
we had our table, the waitress and also manager took our order.
she got us the bread first a couple of plate, 15 minutes later she got us one bowl of salad for 8 people, but no salad plates.
so, only 3 of us ate salad.
we never got more salad, we got the rest of the salad plates tough.
so, more than 30 minutes past and we were hungry and impacient, so we needed our bill.
the manager brought the bill.
she charged us 8 drinks and $5.60 per person for the salad, salad that only 3 people ate.
the total was $66 for 8 cokes and a bowl of salad!
service was terrible and the manager was not professional at all.
what a bad experience.
i bet that salad was like $3.00 from sysco!
if anyone know how to let the regional manager knows about the incident i will apreciate it!


  • An
    Anonymous Mar 29, 2010

    So you went to the Olive Garden with seven other people and you only ate salad?

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  • Og
    OGservergirl Jun 09, 2010

    You get free refills on the salad... why didn't you ask for more salad???

    Also... the breadsticks should always come out with the salad and soup unless you ask for it ahead of time...

    Also... I am sorry to break this to you, but...

    I am a server. If I have a table who is just eating soup and salad (or just salad, in your case) and I know it's going to be a cheap tip... and I have two other tables who's bills are raking up, I am going to spend more time and give better service to the tables with the higher bills. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. It's a business. Not that I will ignore my "cheap" tables, but when you are waiting on upwards of 12 people at a time, money talks.

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  • Ar
    AREUKIDINGME Aug 12, 2010

    That is absolutly correct $5.60 for 8 people is $44.80 . For ALL YOU CAN EAT SALAD AND BREAD STICKS... and if everyone got drinks its about $2.80 per person which is $22.40 for 8 ALL YOU CAN DRINK ... SODA, TEA, or what ever you ordered...which comes out to $67.20... your lucky they didnt put the 18% gratuity then it would have been would have complaned about that too ... WE WATCH OUR TABLES AND IF YOU SHARED A SALAD WE WILL CHARGE EACH PERSON THAT EATS IT... AND THATS WHAT THEY DID... DONT GO OUT TO EAT AND PLAN TO GET STUFF FOR FREE

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  • Se
    ServerForYou Oct 15, 2010

    Number One: You are illiterate and I wouldn't waste too much time on you either.

    Number Two: Only idiots take 8 people out to eat at a restaurant and only order salad.

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  • Hu
    HumanJoe Feb 24, 2017

    We eat soup and salad, but tip very well. If they offered more vegetarian or vegan options, it would be nice.

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