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McDonald's / service... food

Oct 20, 2019

Waited in drive thru at least 30 min. One windo open. When I received my food I pulled to the side and checked my bag. Food was totally ice cooled !!! Went in and asked to speak to the manager and it took forever fo her to come to the counter!! I told her just give me my money back and she......

Biolife Plasma Services / discrimination

Oct 18, 2019

Biolife made me give information about my mental illness to them from my doctor. Then after they had all of my personal information they declared that I wasn't a "good" candidate because of my Bi-polar disorder. Their actions I felt were unlawful. The date of this incident was 10/18/2019......

Rent-A-Center / unethical behaviour

Oct 18, 2019

Me and my mother have been getting harassment from Supervisor Shane. We call in letting him know that we are going to be late on our payments and if he hold on a other week and I just take over my mother account and never got told how much it was going to be and now I'm at work and Shane......

Taco Bell / my nachos

Oct 18, 2019

okay i ordered a nacho bell grande BOX and i said it 3 times when i was speaking made it very clear i wanted the box and you guys gave me the regular nacho bell grande so that's only 1 problem then i come home and get my food and and find that you guys didn't put any sour cream on my nachos. Also you barley put any beef and refrained beans on my nachos....

Menards / handicap customer service

Oct 17, 2019

I went in to the Fairfield Twp, Butler Co, Ohio (#3274) store as I do at least 3 times a week. I needed a plumbing part so I went in the first door where I know the plumbing supplies are. My wife and I are handicapped and cannot walk long distances, so I parked in the handicapped spot......

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / pharmacy

Oct 17, 2019

I get refills every month for my anxiety medication I receive emails about a reminder to fill it which I pretty quickly figured out that it's not able to be filled for a couple days after that and that's why I call the store and ask I'm not good with remembering dates I am......

Steak and Shake / my order

Oct 16, 2019

I placed my order from the drive thru window for two items also gave the person my coupons she tells me I did better w/o the coupons but yet I'm charged more than what it should have been. I don't like the dishonesty at all nor is it right not to honor the company coupons. Thi......

Cracker Barrel / food and service

Oct 15, 2019

I called in at 4:48pm on 10/15/, placed the order for two meals and was told I could pick it up in 15 minutes. Arrived at 5pm, paid and was told by the lady at the counter that my order would be right out. I stood in the lobby and saw three take out customers who was not there when I......

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Company / all day dining pass.

Oct 15, 2019

Hello. My name is bryan walsh. I attended the park on sunday october 13, 2019. Before coming, I purchased an all-day dining pass as a $31.99 ad-on to my season pass. I was aware that it would be busy over the columbus day weekend. I planned accordingly. I got to the park an hour before you......

Great Wolf Lodge / manager

Oct 15, 2019

We are here for a family vacation and arrived on 10/14 and didnt plan on checking out until 10/17. We had asked for a certain room closest to everything here due to our 8 year old son being autistic and having a lot of items to accommodate to his needs. My wife called the office and......

O'Reilly Auto Parts / refund was given to a person and not put back on my credit card

Oct 14, 2019

On 9/25/2019 I was going to get my car fixed and the mechanic I had had an account with O"Reilly so I spent $214.10 buying the items for my car so the guy can fix my car. The mechanic acted like he used to work there he was going behind the counter and everything. My car just didn't seem......

Harbor Freight Tools / customer service

Oct 14, 2019

Bought a generator from Harbor Freight on a Friday evening tried to return it Saturday morning because it was to heavy for me to get out of my trunk. Was told 20% restocking fee even if was never open or remove from my vehicle. Was told by store manager their policy was on my receipt. When......

Ford Motor Company / sync-no longer works with cell phone. date 10/9/19 or 10/10/19

Oct 14, 2019

I took my 2015 Ford Taurus to Liberty Ford. It was determined that the Sync System needed an update and there would be a charge. Sync was then updated and my phones work well with system. I paid the charge of $106.75. My issue: Why was I charged for a system update for Sync. I did not me......

Great Wolf Lodge / security

Oct 14, 2019

On 10/11/19 my husband and I went for a night stay with our two year old son. We were having a wonderful time until our child wondered off in the arcade area. It was not even 15 seconds before my husband realized that our son was not standing next to us. We immediately went to the......

The Salvation Army USA / discrimination

Oct 14, 2019

I am a African American and It is unlawful to harass a person because of that person's race or color. Harassment can include, racial slurs, offensive or derogatory remarks about my race or color, or the display of racially-offensive symbols. Or because he or she is darker, lighter......

Save-A-Lot / cashier

Oct 13, 2019

I am a frequent shopper at this location as I live only two blocks from the store. I shop here a minimum of three days a week. There is a new cashier working here that I hadn't seen there before, she might be from another store even, I don't know, but the name on my receipt said Melissa. I......

Bob Evans Restaurants / host or hostess

Oct 13, 2019

The experience we had today on a Sunday was just awful. There were at least 10-15 tables open and no one sitting hut on a 20-40 min wait. When asked why no one sitting we were told because of staffing. The hostess was so slow and no care in the world. Would disappear for long periods of......

Circle K Stores / employee/ customer service

Oct 13, 2019

I have been to the Circle K located on The corner of S. Arlington Rd. And Wilbeth Ave. many times but the last 2 times I visited this store were horrible and I won't be back! At least not to that Circle K location anyways. Both times I came there were in the middle of the night, when......

Save-A-Lot / one of your employees

Oct 12, 2019

There is a employee u guys have in your wellsville store that harrassed my brother in law about his criminal charges then went threw the store and told other customers about it.i will never step back into your stores again i will be contacting a attorney about his actions.i will shop at......

Chipotle Mexican Grill / the service was horrible

Oct 11, 2019

I visted the Cedar Road Chipotle on 10/10/2019 during lunch. I was so surpised because it wasn't busy. I walked right up and started ordering my daughter's lunch so I could drop it off to her school. Everything was fine until I asked for a side of lettuce and told I would have to pay......